1030° "Important Xbox 360 exclusives to head over to PS3!"

In a podcast 1up states in the next weeks and months, some Xbox 360 exclusives are supposed to be announced also for the PS3. The comment can be heard from running time 61:30 to Shane bed houses of the EGM in the Podcast 1UP Yours. It is said these titles will be titles once considered to be Xbox360 only games.

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HaHa3915d ago

LostPlanet and DeadRising.. AlanWake too me thinks :)

BrotherSic3915d ago

Lost Planet and Dead Rising are almost certain but no chance of Alan Wake as MGS are involved

MissAubrey3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

the game is published by Microsoft as for DR it could happen I'm not to sure about Lost planet though.. capcom said thats an exclusive period.

FordGTGuy3915d ago

But his also the guy that said "Devil May Cry 4 will never go multi-platform.". We all know that some of the games that have been said to be Xbox 360 exclusive will become multi-platform but don't expect all of them though.

R34GTR3915d ago

My money is on BioShock. Gimme BioShock and Mass Effect. That way I have no reason to purchase a Xbox360.

Silverwolf3915d ago

Bioshock would be very nice!

Boink3915d ago

mass effect not a chance. it is published by MS

TheSadTruth3915d ago

yea Bioshock is such a great game when compared to Halo 3.....

Vfor53915d ago

because bioshock has such a great multiplayer...oh wait, its just single player. my bad.

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gnothe13915d ago

dont count on Mass effect, but i'm sure alot of the xbox only games will indeed come to the Ps3.saints row for one that already been confirmed to be coming.but now im anxious to see what comes over!!

GaMr-3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Im looking at the word "Important" only a few games come to mind when I hear the word "Important".

Definition of "WOW": Look how I spelled shanes Last name. lmfao. Newsbot please fix that.


Thats what happens when your doing ten things at once and trying to type a summary for a story.