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Comparison Video: Virtua Tennis 3 360 vs PS3

The PS3 versus 360 side-by-side showdowns keep rolling out, with GameTrailers mixing those versions of Virtua Tennis 3 together. This comparison may be even more interesting because those versions were developed by two studios (Sumo for 360 and AM2 for PS3). Or maybe that difference makes the comparison about each developer instead of a straight 1080p hardware shootout. (PS3, Virtua Tennis 3, Xbox 360)

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Imknow1  +   3168d ago
I totally see the difference between the two and the secret is going to the tv settings and adjusting the brightness :P Totally see the difference Gametrailers :D
bung tickler  +   3167d ago
these are direct signal feeds. the only time these images are ever on a display are when you are watching them. it has nothing to do with how the "tv is calibrated" they arent taking a camera and playing these things on a tv and recording that. WHY DONT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS!?
kingboy  +   3168d ago
The ps3 version looks more lively
Imknow1  +   3168d ago
You could be right. Cause I just seen a video comparison for Oblivion on the two platforms that shows the PS3 having that same brightness affect. But then again, it's coming from the same website so I'll stay optimistic on this one for now.
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peksi  +   3168d ago
How the hell can you compare 1080p games in a stamp size badly compressed video? Gimme a break.
PSN Starfleets  +   3168d ago
Let me guess..tv contrast again?

I think the PS3 version looks sharper and more focused. Looks better.

But wait..is it the TV contrast? *rolls eyes*
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overrated  +   3168d ago
i will go with?
none because im not a petty gamer and buy into this sought of stuff

Add Me on my PS3

AllroundGamer  +   3168d ago
overbright overkill in the PS3 :) they should calibrate it first...
Kyur4ThePain  +   3167d ago
In that case
ALL comparisons (included screenshots) should be considered useless from now on.
darx  +   3168d ago
I think the 360 version looks better.
richie007bond  +   3168d ago
Again the color and lighting is better on the 360
weekapaugh  +   3168d ago
PS3 is starting to win most of these comparisons, but the differences are so minor.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3167d ago
Not really they look identical to me the only difference I saw was the 360 was brighter and had more color, the color of the court for the PS3 wasn't even the same color. Also, the PS3 version is better quality look at the 360 one it's all scratchy and stuff. But nonetheless this is so stupid who cares the game plays the same
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3167d ago
the only comparisons i've seen the PS3 win are when developers have extra time after the 360 version drops (Fight Night, Oblivion, Madden, NBA 2k) all other games that drop at the same time look identical or slightly better on 360.
DEIx15x8  +   3167d ago
I think this thread is pointless for comparison since they are two different game since they were made by different developers!
gnothe1  +   3167d ago
I dont care what any of you sony boys say, the PS3 runs its games through bleach before they hit the screen. there's no reason games should look like there faded an the xbox360 colors look very vibrant. then you guys complain about calibration, why cant they just pull a PS3 out of the box hook it up with HDMI, then pull a 360 out of the box an hook it up with component an compare games on default settings. its not just 1 or 2 games, its all of them. NBA street, Armored core, oblivion,VT3,madden,THP8. they all look faded on the PS3 but you guys claim it to be more life like, thats B.S an you guys know it!! when these company show off there new HD TV's they dont show off faded colors, they show off the most vibrant colors ever, deep blacks, deep red reds,very colorful. I bet when you guys play a blu ray dics the colors will almost jump off the screen because there so colorful on default settings so why cant the PS3 games look like that too!
THE TERMINATOR  +   3167d ago
Okay if its bullshit how come every site that has reviewed Oblivion says it looks better on Ps3. I would rather believe them than some mindless xbot who cant take it now because the 360 is starting to show signs of weakness. Just imagine the difference in a years time. Im sorry byt its all over the 360, buy another console.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   3167d ago
It`s Stupid To Compare These Two Titles Because....
They are developed by two different studios. I have to also add that AM2 is an awesome dev! And they did the ps3 version. AM2 has been with Sega forever and are responsible for many BIG titles! They have Yu Suzuki for christs sakes! He makes Virtua Fighter and my beloved Shenmue LOL!
Odiah  +   3167d ago
I think....
I think the PS3 version looks a lot better, it's a lot sharper and brighter.
specialguest  +   3167d ago
Prime example of why forced dark constrast isn't always a good thing
Look at the crowds on the 360 version. You can't even see them because it's so dark. Also, the water containers shadow is black instead of the natural dark blue.

Of course this can all be adjusted on the TVset, but like some of the 360 guys stated; you shouldn't have to adjust it.

edit: I used the HD version to base my judgements on: http://www.gametrailers.com...
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techie  +   3167d ago
If you look at the eurogamer comparison they loook to be the same brightness and the graphics are comparable - go have a looki and read what people say when they have a 1080p hdtv. Otherwise these tiny videos mean nothing.
Dusk  +   3167d ago
Conan -
I wouldn't use Oblivion to promote the PS3, if I were a Sony supporter. The PS3 version is being released an entire YEAR later. You can only really compare games with the same development cycle. Once the cycle changes, the games are no longer comparable as developing techniques advance over time just like anything else. Additionally, more time spent on something simply means more time to make it better. What would the 360 version look like today if Bethesda spent the past year working on it? However, on the flip side, the PS3 version (with its extra year of development time) barely looks better than the 360 version and I've yet to see a comparision with the enhanced graphics patch for the 360.

As for all of these comparisions, personally I think the PS3 always looks way too bleached, with washed out colors. However, as many have stated, this can be fixed with a simple change of the TV settings, just like the 360 can be brightened for those that think it's too dark. So in the end, the differences between the two systems on cross-platform games boil down to contrast/brightness settings (with a few minor exceptions). Hardly ammunition for each side to use on each other, but this is a far cry from the PS3 being "the most powerful gaming machine the world has ever known" as it was hyped to be.

Sony fans need to admit that the PS3 was over-hyped, while 360 fans need to accept that the PS3 is still a fine machine at the hardware level. Besides be forced to pay extra for Bluray on the PS3, the real differences between the two come down to services and game line-ups. This hardware debate needs to come to a close as each console's hardware positives and negatives result in the two being a wash. I think the debate is still open on game line-ups and services however.
THE TERMINATOR  +   3167d ago
not really your talking out of your ar$e
lil bush  +   3167d ago
looks pretty much the same to me
Odiah  +   3167d ago
I heard....
Virtua tennis on the PSP is identical to the console counterparts.

Anyone else think the game could have been sick on wii?

Heh, we get Rafael Nadal tennis instead :P
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3167d ago
I think the..................
Dreamcast version is superior too both the 360 and PS3 versions! :~)
power of Green  +   3167d ago
Need to do a better job capturing lighting conditions equally on both versions. Anyways VT looks brighter than this on my LCD, the PS3 version must look like a LCD with its contrast turned up to 90%. PS3's lighting is too yellow and over baring.
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donscrillinger  +   3167d ago
man thats a shame again the ps3 game looks wash out or something but thats just how it looks you Sony fans need to just get over it an 400$ system out shines your piece of shyt 3 again
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SDS Overfiend  +   3167d ago
Did i mention?
did each game was Has Different developers? PS3 was done by Sega itself and The Xbox360 version was Done by a Brach-off Studio.

I did'nt really notice no Differences Except that the Sky on ps3 is brighter and the Maria Sharapova Appears more Angelic. While on 360 She has a More Shadows on her to show more textures.
FirstknighT  +   3167d ago
This is the first time where I really dont see much of a difference. Usually you see the 360 version far superior than the ps3. But you have to say that the 360 wins these battles because the ps3 was supposed to kick the 360's butt in graphics, but more and more of these comparisons and you can see that it's not.
Dragonopolis  +   3167d ago
I agree with most of the comments that suggest they are comparable however......
Something I have been noticing lately in all screen shots regardless if it is a comparison shot or not is that the PS3 screen shots tend to show that the PS3 seems to handle lighting better than the xbox 360 - specially when displaying sun light. The first part where the stadium is shown and the sunlight in the sky the PS3 just seems more real. There are other games where I see this as well. Perhaps the PS3 is able to use real lighting effects on the objects on the stadium and the developers haven't yet got use to it. Probably use the same colors as the xbox 360 but when using a more realistic light the engine might make those same colors less vibrant.

Just a thought. I've notice that my xbox 360 games tend to be a bit too vibrant in colors even when it probably didn't call for it. It will come down to preference. For me sometimes I like it vivid, sometimes I don't. In a game like this I prefer less vibrant. I watched live tennis games before and life just isn't that vivid.

Actuall color saturation was one of my first real issues when HD sets hit - the Picture was too colorful to the point where it was popping out at you - sort of like shoving it in your face . I saw a Discovery HD demo at a Electronics store and the flowers and humming bird looked way too vivid. I've been to Gardens before and flowers, which do look colorful, are not "that" colorful. When I was window shopping for an HD set I notice that a lot of the HD displays were like the demo I had scene before. I thought maybe it was a trick in store but I usually ask if I can play with the remote to feel the menu out and the first thing I play with is the presets which were not played with and were at default settings. When I finally got to see my first HD set in the living room, it too had way to much color for me (it wasn't as bad as the store displays and it is amazing how much a difference settings make on TVs).

But that's just me....

I guess it comes down to why some people only buy certain color clothes and some people like earth tones while others like pastels etc..etc....

As far as gameplay and frame rates they look like they play close to identical except of course online vs no online (unless something has changed from the reviews PS3 doesn't have an online option - I don't plan on buying this version of the game this time - just joining in on the chatting and comparison)

Developers for both consoles are just starting to get use to the new technology. These processors and graphic chipsets are a tremendous leap from what they had to program for last generation. Give them a chance (which is a good two to three years) to get used to the systems before we start to criticize the console.

God of War on the PS2 is an incredible game for the PS2 graphic wise, but it took developers awhile to reach such a pinnacle point in its long existence.

A game reaching such a pinnacle point on these new machines could take time. It could very well be the same fate for the PS3 and perhaps even the Xbox 360 that happen to the PS2.

Let us hope we gamers don't have to wait 5 years this for such a game to appear on our new powerful machines
Skynetone  +   3167d ago
This is a tennis game shond'nt it look like real life footage
IPlayGames  +   3167d ago
After watching a couple of these 360 is a lil darker but who cares its tennis.
ChefDejon  +   3167d ago
versions looks like if the whole game was in the shade
power of Green  +   3167d ago
I agree the 360 version looks like the pics/vids were taken only in the shade and PS3's in the light but like i said i put it on my life that the 360 version on my 42 " LCd does not look all dark and i even said to me girl friend DAM! this looks to bright; light skined players looked almost to glaring when the sun reflected of their skin and the the enviroments looked plenty bright compared to what i'm seeing in these vids/pics, PS3 would look unbarable if it was on my set-up.
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