Project Offset new images

Offset team unveils eight new images for their high-end PC game Project Offset. Enjoy!

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urban bohemian3284d ago

Don't know why they've chosen to release these now. The game has been in development for years!

DeadlyFire3284d ago

Game was in works from 2005-2006 up until 2008. Intel Bought them and now there is a complete reworking of the game engine to include Intel's new API and Havok Physics. All the stuff before 2008 were just demo and test things. They are starting fresh with Intel backing them. Game's vision is staying true to its origin though. Only a handful of people were working on the project then and it took that long to make that stuff work. Now Intel is backing them. This game will be awesome in 2010 when it releases with physics, amazing graphics, and tons of other things about the game.

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fezthabest3284d ago

Some of those screens looks amazing if in game! The first, fourth and fifth are they concept art? Or CG?? Man those one that i said are amazing! If this is ingame/ engine screens the textures for some of the stuff are fantastic.

The fourth picture to me looks absolutely amazing. I mean i dont know if thats concept art/ gameplay/ CGI but man amazing.

EDIT: OKAY NVM concept art

DeadlyFire3284d ago

All concept art, but I say at least 3 of the images are possible though. Remember DirectX 11 is coming out soon and likely development team is working hard on making this game look amazing. I know Intel is probably aiming their game for their new API, but remember their new API is set to emulate DirectX 11 and Open GL 3 as needed as well as do its own thing. Intel's new API is yet to be showcased. Its coming soon though as the first Intel Larrabee card is set to launch by end of 2009. So I say its possible. If Crysis is anything to go by and Offset is one of the next High end monster games. They I say the Street Image with the two guards might could be done and maybe the two village images. Some people will say no way could that be done. I say what why can't it be done. Its not like we have reached end of graphics era. That day is coming though as we see closer and closer photo realism in game engines.

Foxgod3284d ago

This game will squash anything that will be out on the ps3.

- Ghost of Sparta -3284d ago

Canceled for 360. Apparently they needed 14 DVD's.

Foxgod3284d ago

I didnt say this game will be on the 360 (you just assumed i meant that), i will play this game on my Pc.
And it will squash everything on the ps3.

Antan3284d ago

High end PC`s will out perform the PS3, and 360 for that matter.

Foxgod3284d ago

High End pc's already outperform consoles for years =)

Faztkiller3284d ago

High End pc's may outperform consoles in graphics
but i have yet to have as much fun playing any pc game as i have playing
GOD OF WAR 1&2, Uncharted, MGS, HALO 3, Forza, GT5, Or LBP

Antan3284d ago

"High End pc's may outperform consoles in graphics"

Yeah, im just talking in technical terms.

Bigbangbing3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Crysis (from 2007) is already squashing any game on ANY console xD

theox2g73284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Sorry but console games aren't the only games that are fun, they both compliment each other, just because you've had more fun with consoles doesn't make pc games any less fun, just because crysis is only the game you've heard about doesn't mean there aren't other games, I liked Crysis but there are far more games that appeal to me, My 2 year old machine plays it like this(worth like $500 today)

For every MGS4, Uncharted or worthwile exclusive that isn't on pc, there's a

Stalker/Clear Sky(one of the most realistic most immersive fps rpgs)

Zeno Clash(fantastic artstyle, cgi quality abstract graphics)

Cryostasis(best ingame water ever, very atmospheric)

Pyroblazer(fun racing game)

Necrovision(amazing shooter with wolfenstein setting)

Dawn of War 2(RTS with amazing attention to detail and battle zooms)

And these are a just a few to mention, The only difference is most worthwhile pc games aren't hyped to oblivion due to the niche nature of the platform and it's always been that way, Doesn't mean the games aren't there, popularity =/= quality, Not to mention the 360 exclusives available on pc, so yea playstation is awesome but pc is no joke, the 2009 Lineup is packed too just like the ps3; already released Empire Total War, Dawn of War 2, Braid, Cryostasis, Necrovision, Zeno Clash, FVR, Aion, Demigod and upcoming Starcraft 2, Shattered Horizon, Collapse, LoneWolf, Global Agenda, Forged by Chaos, Lightspire, Battleforge, Culpa Inata 2, Drakensag: Dark Eye, Blade and Soul, Tera, Dragonball Online, Killing Floor, Delta Force: Angel Falls, Painkiller: Ressurection, America's Army 3; all promising games(look them up) then multiplats like Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 etc.

Oh and by the way, God of War is now fully playable on pcs with full HD natively no upscaling whatsoever, thanks to emulators, ps3 can't do that and it's a shame because it would've been really awesome, Just look at how much better it looks with improved lighting through the emulator on pc in 1080p, My own screenshots

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labwarrior3284d ago

The visuals are amazing though

forumcudude3284d ago

'' High End pc's already outperform consoles for years ''

No it isnt! Tell me one game that its better than Killzonw or MGS4 or GT5P on the pc!? Just one game please!

Foxgod3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Crysis warhead and Crysis (2007 and 2008 games).
Soon Project offset.
I also dare to say that the Sims 3 isnt possible on the ps3, because of memory limitations (Sims 3 is a open world game with a huge amount of objects all rendered in real time).

Also MGS4 isnt anything special on terms of gfx, even assasins creed looks better then that.
My I7 with 6 gb Memory and Gf280 XT makes your puny ps3 look like a calculator.

Cartesian3D3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

lately you become an extreme fanboy with more stupid comments...

I have a quad core AMD (phenom 9950) ,4 Gb ram ,4850 ATi(amd) and I played both MGS4 and AC (I didnt finish this game till 2 or 3 days ago) on same monitor (LG W2261V FULL HD with HDMI)

and MGS4 looks far better in term of polish ,character models,animations,sound... etc. and its ok because AC has more characters on screen(but with horrible animations and 3d models) the only thing that is amazing in AC is the animations for MAIN character and the sun lighting(the only problem is shadows dont exist when you are in a building).

I played AC at 1920x1080 in full details( atleast 30 FPS in all scenes)

btw good for you .. you spend millions of dollars on a pc , and soon(how much soon?) you will enjoy ONE game that use your pc ..

Fishy Fingers3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

"My I7 with 6 gb Memory and Gf280 XT makes your puny ps3 look like a calculator. "

No offense, but what does that mean for the 360, an abacus? Generally, people with good rigs (like myself) dont feel the need to compare them to the faaaaarrrrrrrr cheaper consoles. Either of them, not just the ones you dont own.

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