Killzone 2 DLC adds 12 new Trophies

The upcoming "Steel and Titanium" DLC pack for Killzone 2 will also add 12 new Trophies to the game, all Bronze. Two two maps will feature six Trophies each, encouraging players to utilize all the various classes and tactics available in multiplayer.

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talltony3102d ago

6 bucks for 12 trophies is fine by me.

ps3gamerkyle3102d ago

Nothing like adding some extremely easy trophies to motivate buyers. Regardless, day 1 purchase for me!

cLiCK_sLiCK93102d ago

Agreed. I would've still bought the Map Packs regardless.
If i wanted to buy trophies I would've bought Linger in Shadow for 3 bucks.

PirateThom3102d ago

I'm looking forward to the Vekta cruiser. It was one of the locales I had wanted as a muliplayer map. These extra trophies will definitely ensure they get play.

Kleptic3102d ago

yeah its a nice touch I guess...they are pretty easy it seems...but the game seriously lacks mp trophies as is...out of 50+ trophies for the retail game, only 10 are for mp...

I hope each wave of dlc adds more trophies...I loved that about burnout paradise (a bunch of which I need to go get, even though I already have the platinum trophy)...

tomorrow is the 3 extra ranks patch too...wandering what exactly they are...

Relin3102d ago

A rank for 5,000 points, 10,000 points and 100,000 points each. Nothing special, just bragging rights. Sorta like the prestige ranks in CoD4, except you don't lose your unlocks.

Bren863102d ago

great now my 100% platinum will prob drop to around 86% platinum. These trophies are to easy/pointless and just a ploy to get people to buy the DLC, well not me.

TooTall193102d ago

Well I doubt the thousands of ppl enjoying the dlc will miss you Bren. I knew I was getting this before I found out about trophies. Trophies are a nice bonus to sweeten the deal.

Marceles3102d ago

You'll cave in sooner or later lol, seeing that 86% next to Killzone is gonna be pretty annoying after awhile. At least your percentage will match your name

Bren863102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Marceles lol this is not my psn name

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