ONM: Dementium: The Ward Review

ONM writes: "It would seem that the main man in Dementium: The Ward has suffered the same injury as the drummer from Def Leppard. Surely the only explanation for him being unable to carry a torch and a handgun at the same time is because he's lost an arm? Maybe it was chewed off by a zombie?

Whatever the reason, it's slightly annoying because the lights have gone out in this hospital and you can't see enemies in the distance without the aid of a torch. Yet if you want to shoot a zombie you'll have to put your torch away, equip your gun and either take a pot shot or wait for the beast to slowly crawl towards you. It's even worse when worms burst through air vents in the ceiling as, although you know they're in the vicinity, you have to wait until they're swarming around your ankles to shoot them down."

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