GrE Review: Flock! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

Gamesareevil writes, "Flock! is essentially taking the childhood nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep, and taking it ultra high tech. Think of it as Bo Peep was abducted by aliens, had babies with them and her great grand children are back to continue her herding ways. Herding is the basic premise of Flock but the game offers so much more."

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bgrundman3320d ago

Great review for a great game!

CrAppleton3320d ago

it did score really well.. I may have to get this one tonight

supercharger51503320d ago

it was a great game to review! Just got a code and got to it. This is a good game for people who want a bit of puzzle and to beat something but not having to invest lots of time.

InfectedDK3320d ago

It's quite fun. A lot of levels and level creator.
But it can be irritating at some points when you really want that "perfect abduction" and a sheep gets stuck at some lame point.

I would rate it 8/10 - Great fun! A bit pricey but still worth the buy for some great puzzle. Motherflocker!

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CrAppleton3320d ago

FLOCK! looks like a pretty cool game actually.. I was expecting much less from it

bgrundman3320d ago

Normally when Capcom does it, they do it right... unless you are counting the RE5 multiplayer that is.

Neco5123320d ago

Ya, where they raped everyone? Lame ass Capcom