Datel Boost PS3 to 160GB Hard Drive Space

Datel has revealed 'six' new products for the PS3, the majority of course are what like to call 're-used' from previous console projects. One product which will perhaps grab your attention is the 'MAX Drive 160', promising to boost the storage space of the PS3 to 160GB.

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ER1X3835d ago

will be releasing a new SKU in a few months to top this. ;-)

It's a joke guys.

Kyur4ThePain3835d ago

I have a $130 320 Gig external HDD hooked up to my sexy right now.

SmokeyMcBear3835d ago

yeah i got a pretty expensive 750 gb external hooked up right now, cost me about 300 at costco. But it will be cool to have a big ass hd installed for when you want to take the little baby somewhere. I heard you can fit up to a 250 gb hard drive in the ps3, that would be nice with my external, a TB of space, who knows if I could fill it up

Merovee3835d ago

I've already got a 160gig internal. You can use any sata 2.5" so why would we need this.

Halonator3834d ago

thats tru for u guys...i wish ms let us do that

Says you3835d ago

You guys dont have a 320GB or a 750GB considering both of you
guys are just trying to top one another to see who has a bigger HDD External which you guys dont.

IPlayGames3834d ago

At least you wont have to buy a whole new console.