Somebody Found Some XNA Games That Don't Suck

Ryan Rigney of covers an interesting development, in which bloggers are taking up the mantle on XNA Community Game reviews since no large sites are doing it.

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RKRigney3196d ago

Yeah he probably got pretty dirty digging through all that muck.

RKRigney3196d ago

Apparently. I've never really looked for myself though. That'd be a little bit like sticking your manpart into a pit of snakes.

hombrehambre3196d ago

Apparently along with all those snakes there are one or two little stacks of gold.

RKRigney3196d ago

Little stacks of gold that slowly fill up my overpriced hard drive. ;D

hombrehambre3196d ago

Lol virtual gold. In FLAC format.

GWAVE3196d ago

I want to check these games out. XNA has been a pretty big waste so far, but I still check every once in a while to see if a diamond surfaces.

Montrealien3196d ago

one word, Groov, one of the coolest shooters I have played in a while and my first purchase ever from the community games.

And whether you like it or not, these games are there and available for you, and it is a very cool concept, many might suck, some might actually be good, like Groov.

ambientFLIER3196d ago

Yes, they exist, dumbass.

cherrypie3195d ago

There are many many quality games on Xbox LIVE Community Games. The quality -- and quantity of titles is growing very fast.

As developers get used to the (new) tools, they're only going to get better.

Have a look yourself;

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PrimordialSoupBase3196d ago

Groov and CarneyVale Showtime are ill.

KionicWarlord2223196d ago

those are good. and weapon ex.damnn whats that game with the girl with the face and orbs. thats good too. theres alot.

ParanoidMonkey3196d ago

You mean Rumble Massage isn't the cream of the crop? What about Kittie's Mazes? Fireplace?!

PrimordialSoupBase3196d ago

Lonely gamers and Rumble Massage... the game ain't taking place on the TV screen, I can tell you that much.

n to the b3196d ago

lol did u notice on Community Games if you filter by 'most popular' both Rumble Massage and its clone Rumble Masseuse (actually I don't remember which came out 1st) r both on top!

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pixelsword3196d ago

so you're going to get the good and the bad, which is great that people are reviewing them to tell others the difference.

XNA is a really nice concept, and I hope that some really great people get their fair start from it.

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The story is too old to be commented.