DoG: Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Review

DoG writes: "Wanted: Weapons Of Fate is disappointing not only for its derivative and occasionally sloppy gameplay, but also because it feels like a missed opportunity to explore the relationship that exists between films and games. Although its attempt to tell a unique story is commendable, after the credits roll you may wonder whether a product based more faithfully upon Mark Millar's original graphic novel would have yielded more compelling results. License aside, the gameplay is serviceable enough, but there's an overwhelming feeling that developers GRIN were simply using this to pay the bills whilst working on the far more promising Bionic Commando for Capcom."

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DelbertGrady3294d ago

This site has got some very talented writers. Great review!

"Despite the game clocking in at a brisk five hours or so, killing wave after wave of identically cowled enemies becomes a chore fairly quickly."

And then there is nothing more to do. No multiplayer, no new modes except for the "play the same story with a boss skin" option.

Btw, it only took me 3 hours to complete it on normal "assassin" difficulty. Not acceptable.

Shendow3293d ago

You know this game would have been much cooler on PS3 and using the sixaxes power? I mean come on, it would make shooting the bullets about the same if you shot it from a gun and they could max it out on the PS3's Bluray disc.