H.264 encoder coming to PS3

Joystiq writes: "Here's another way to harness the power of the PS3's Cell chip. Fixstars Corporation of Japan has announced CodecSys CE-10, the first H.264 encoder that's designed specifically for the PS3. The product will be showcased at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas starting April 20th. The CE-10 software will be installed on a PC, but will somehow allow users to access the power of the PS3 as a way of accelerating video encoding. Fixstars is promising "ultra fast HD encoding" and "high quality low bit rate compression," targeted at the prosumer market at a prosumer price."

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testerg353260d ago

I think you're talking about a codec/decoder.

y0haN3259d ago

What was jack's original comment? PM me!

CoxMulder3259d ago

Will Bloodmask write a blog about THIS kind of ignorance??

Well, I guess we all know the answer to that question...

frictionini3260d ago

the only problem is pirates will take advantage of this. Ripped blu-ray copy made easy

Lumbo3260d ago

It is not free, it is not even cheap. Prosumer market = high price. It will just not be priced like professional equipment. But still much higher than the average movie pirate would care to pay, as they tend to like to pay nothing to begin with.

FamilyGuy3259d ago

There is already software that is optimized and designed specifically for that already. It's called MkvToVob and it's a, PS3 owning, pirates dream come true.

uie4rhig3258d ago

yeah well.. Windows used to cost £400, yet many people who didn't wanna dish out that kind of monies, had it installed on their PC :P
just a headsup.. the tubes does a lot these days :)

Lumbo3260d ago

It's interesting for ambitioned video amateurs. The application won't be as expensive as professional equipment, as its targeted at "prosumers" aka consumers who want near pro results and are ready to pay more than normal consumers for it. Its a semi-pro market.

The basics seem to be a selfbooting YellowDog embedded linux on a flashmemory that has the encoder software preinstalled. You stick that into the USB of the PS3 and boot otheros. Your PC gui can then access the PS3 via network as an encoding station.

free2game3653259d ago

Encoding from a GPU would be a lot faster and cost less.

ogwilson3259d ago

But the GPU is locked down to the Linux OS

vitz33259d ago

Encoding from a GPU
from a GPU

Bloodshedder3259d ago

well another thing i have no use for on my ps3... but i still have MGS 4 Killzone2 uncharted Heavy Rain!!!!!!! GoW 3(God of War 3 not gears you fools its GoW for God of War stop using it for gears!!!!:@!!!) and many many more!

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