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Stop Hyping Games. What Ever Happened to the Sleeper Hit?

Remember the days when you were actually surprised by the popularity of a game the you previously had no knowledge of. What happened to those days? It seems that nowadays, gamers know so much about games before they even release that there are hardly any surprises. Whether its the fact that any game that shows a spec of potential that it gets hyped to astronomical proportions, or maybe gamers are so involved in the industry that they've sucked all the fun out of playing the games themselves. Whatever the case may be, this is an issue and it should be addressed. (BioShock, Culture, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Left 4 Dead, PS3, Xbox 360)

TiLL i DiE  +   1950d ago
yeah i remember ps2 days, no one was hyped up crazy for games, they just bought them when they found out about them
Marceles  +   1950d ago
Yeah even then there wasn't as much media coverage and blog/"gamer analysis". I remember all I had was Gamepro, EGM, and GameInformer magazines to look at...that was it. Now it's overkill
jvillan  +   1950d ago
yea man
how things have changed
Spike47  +   1950d ago
Hmm, this makes me wonder about the sleeper hits this year
which there haven't been any yet. If infamous turns out to be an AAA game it will be a sleeper hit. I mean it hasn't recieved much hype.

I don't know about any other sleeper hits, I wanna name a few but the know-it-alls will jump on me.
jvillan  +   1950d ago
infamous has the ability to be a sleeper for this year
Johnny Rotten  +   1950d ago
blame it on the internet.
Scruffy_K  +   1950d ago
Valkyria Chronicles says hi
George Sears  +   1950d ago
Yup and Dead Space winks back at ya.
Ninver  +   1950d ago
LOL "stop hyping games. Whatever happened to sleeper hit?" Sorry to break it to you bud but where were you when the media and the 360 extremists where hyping Halo 3 and Gears as the best thing since sliced bread?

Funny how this wasn't an issue back then huh? And why does this article seem to be directed at Sony and the ps3. It's not their fault they release games and ones that attract the haters in swarms. Retarded American journalism at it's finest. LOL more like hiphopslamest.

Please unless you're talking about real next gen games (aka killzone2, uncharted, rachet etc) that truly deserve the hype, then do gamers a favor and leave your nonsense at the door.
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Ninver  +   1950d ago
Oh yeah and Dead Space was the first sleeper hit if you didn't know.
naeroled  +   1950d ago
bioshock came out in 2007... dead space 2008... maybe you are confused with the ps3 version of bioshock.. what a noob
Ninver  +   1950d ago
LOL @ ^^^

Talk about the return of the unducated turd lol. Bioshock was hyped to the s%*thouse with all major websites, magazines and fanboys claiming it's victory before the darn game was even in their hands lol. Yes Dead Space was release in 2008 but that isn't the issue we are discussing now is it?

Next time i hope your dad doesn't loosing up the leash so blatantly lol. Epic fail on your behalf noob.
naeroled  +   1950d ago
bioshock was not hyped dude...but i didn't expect you to know this since you wasn't even aware of the fact that it released b4 dead space... bioshock wasn't claimed to be anything, but lair and heavenly sword were hyped unashamedly
kewlkat007  +   1950d ago
It's tough for games to be sleepers these days, they really have to be somewhat un-noticed with little hype and squeek by fanboys radar
since a lot of sleepers or not attempting Technical feats, like the best Graphs eva...

So what kind of games can be sleepers?

Games with..

-Little to no hype
-Not Graphic powerhouse
-Tend capture the imagination with great Story telling/presentation
-Distinctive art style vs maximum pixel counts
-Fun-factor can reigns supreme(regardless of little flaws)
-Something of a cult infatuation/satisfaction/genre
-Tend to sell over time through recommendations\Forum discussions(Not so much reviews)

I think there are some games today that fit the mold. Not the hottest games or neither were they hyped to death and had Big budgets. A few that come sot mind.

Sleeper of last gen: for me was, Shadows of Colossus, ICO, Riddick.

This gen: Dead Space, Lost Odyssey, L4D,

Future games: Prototype, Borderlands, Brutal Legend, Bionic Commando, Ninety Nine Nights 2,
MidNite  +   1950d ago
Beyond Good And Evil 2!

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