Stop Hyping Games. What Ever Happened to the Sleeper Hit?

Remember the days when you were actually surprised by the popularity of a game the you previously had no knowledge of. What happened to those days? It seems that nowadays, gamers know so much about games before they even release that there are hardly any surprises. Whether its the fact that any game that shows a spec of potential that it gets hyped to astronomical proportions, or maybe gamers are so involved in the industry that they've sucked all the fun out of playing the games themselves. Whatever the case may be, this is an issue and it should be addressed.

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TiLL i DiE3110d ago

yeah i remember ps2 days, no one was hyped up crazy for games, they just bought them when they found out about them

Marceles3110d ago

Yeah even then there wasn't as much media coverage and blog/"gamer analysis". I remember all I had was Gamepro, EGM, and GameInformer magazines to look at...that was it. Now it's overkill

jvillan3110d ago

how things have changed

Spike473110d ago

which there haven't been any yet. If infamous turns out to be an AAA game it will be a sleeper hit. I mean it hasn't recieved much hype.

I don't know about any other sleeper hits, I wanna name a few but the know-it-alls will jump on me.

jvillan3110d ago

infamous has the ability to be a sleeper for this year

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The story is too old to be commented.