Microsoft on the PS3 launch

Stephen McGill, Microsoft's head of gaming and Entertainment and Devises Division UK, speaks exclusvely to CVG about the arrival of PS3.

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shikwan3956d ago

Should be Sony's plans for DLC.

Giro3956d ago

I think in the interview the comment:

"And then from a games point of view we are the only platform where you can play Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV."

Is worded in an interesting way which I may have misunderstood here but from that comment is he implying that GTAIV is a 360 exclusive like Halo 3. Or is he just saying that if you wanted to play GTAIV and then Halo 3 on the same system you could only do it on a 360?...but if you just wanted to play GTAIV then you could do it on PS3 too.....or perhaps I'm just looking to much into this and I should get out more...if the doctors would let me of course :)

nix3956d ago

yeah... gosh hope tomorrow we don't get to see another 'breaking news' which says GTA4 is 360 exclusive. or is it?

Giro3956d ago

Great minds think a like Nix :)

nix3956d ago

my bubble!!! just spoke something about mart somewhere.. and now....

PSN Starfleets3956d ago

No he means if you like both games, 360 is the only console you'll be able to play it on.

It does not mean GTA is a 360 exclusive.

Yet. *uhem* WHO SAID THAT?!

nix3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )


he he he.. thought i'll do that before anyone does. q:

and ha ha ha.. McGill also says:
"We've got a great portfolio of games for kids, families, mums and girls. If you look at the PS3 line-up it's quite heavy in shooters and drivers so I'm pleased to say that our portfolio is quite appealing to the masses."

PS3 line up heavy in shooters and drivers....? he he he!!! i thought 360's problem was that it's known as a shooter's console. this guy is funny! q:

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