5 Reasons why the PS3 controller is better than the XBOX 360 controller

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Sadly my counterpart co-host from the Couch Mercenaries is a biased fanboy and has a poster of Bill Gates proudly tacked to his bedroom ceiling. After reading the "news article" he posted about the XBOX 360's controller being superior to the PS3's controller… Well I couldn't resist putting BigSmooth8 in his place. This is in no way a news article. This is just one gamers two cents.

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Cajun Chicken3383d ago

I like this. Especially point 5.

chaosatom3383d ago

i say a 800 degree article.

What do u guys guess it will end up at?

gamesmaster3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

i dont understand, how do these "top 5 reasons" articles class as news? yes i prefer the playstation controller but these 'articles' serve no purpose at all other than to divide gamers even more. do jounalists have nothing other to write about? wait for the "top 5 reasons the xbox360 controller is better than the playstation3 controller"

its an endless cycle.

gaming journalists are like sheep these days, its either top 5 this, or sensationalist headline with questionmark that.

Nineball21123383d ago

It's not "news". It's an "article" which means that it's one person's opinion.

It's not the law of the land and this person is just give his/her view of why he/she thinks that PS3 controller is better.

It's just something to discuss... hopefully in a civil manner. (Okay, even I don't believe that'll happen here, but it could!)

Alcon3383d ago

Seriously whats with those articles?
Who cares! If you got an Xbox you use the Xbox controler and if you got a PS3 you use thePS3 controler. What is the use of comparing them its not like you can choose between the two and use wich ever is 'the best'. You still have to use the controler that comes with the console.

gamesmaster3383d ago

Yea, i see what you mean, it is opinionated but i just dont see the point, its just gonna end badly, especially here on n4g. I would be interested to see a poll of reasons why people prefer it rather than just one mans opinion. i think there would be a lot more to discuss.

+bubble for your sensible response. thanks

FlameBaitGod3383d ago

Journalist this days dk what to write about huh lol

The Lazy One3383d ago

Wasn't the shape a pro for the 360 in the previous article?

soooo 360 controller shape>PS3 controller shape>360 controller shape?


Nineball21123382d ago

Thx man! Bubbles back to you...

IdleLeeSiuLung3382d ago


It is a personal opinion and so it will differ.

Are there any good adapter of some sort that I can use my 360 controller on my PS3? Not just the pad, but also for stuff like joysticks. I mean after paying $150 for a joystick, you think they would enable you to use it on both consoles.

Something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the XCM stuff.

menoyou3382d ago

only a serious bandwaggon hopping moron would believe the 360s controller is any good. microsoft pays to have it used in the public amd in the media. people who cant think for themselves will automatically take this as it being the best.

The Lazy One3382d ago

I know it's personal opinion, but in the article by the same site earlier, they said they liked the shape of the 360 controller more.

So that would mean each controller has a better shape than the other controller?

ThanatosDMC3382d ago

We knew this from way back when it was DS2 vs Big Ass Controller.

Then they slimmed it down to copy the PS controller. Check the right thumb button placement after the transition. Looks awfully familiar, doesnt it?

Now this is the 360 controller that we know today:

Where is Jeff correcting me about my complaints about batteries? I mean, i had to stop playing Dead Rising and get batteries... how lame was that?

gaffyh3382d ago

Points 1, 2, and 5 are undeniable. But points 3 and 4 are personal opinion really, some will like it, some won't.

Legion3382d ago

Put me on the bandwagon then...

5. Rechargeable out of the box

My XBox 360 controller is rechargeable out of the box too. What was the point? The difference... my rechargeable controller has battery pack that can be swapped out during game play without having to plug it into the console. I can choose to plug it in if I want or I can use my charging cradle to charge an extra battery while I play. Wow... so many choices. Question... what are you going to do when your PS3 controller looses it's recharge capability..? The battery is internal... need to get a new one. Me..? I just simply purchase a new battery pack.


Good idea... give the gaming community a reason to make crappy controls for a game that would otherwise be great with traditional control scheme. I will give you that SIXAXIS does allow for creativity and it is the fault of the developer for poorly using its functionality.

3. Controller Shape

I grew up with a nintendo and PS controller in my hands. I was so pleased when the second iteration of the XBox controller came around and more so when the XBox 360 controller finally came around. It doesn't feel so light that you feel like you are going to break it when you use it. The thumb buttons are PERFECTLY offset, for ANY game. The buttons have pressure sensativity. The trigger buttons greatly surpass the functions of the PS3 trigger mess. Using the trigger for throttle in racing games is perfect.

2. DPad Superiority

The DPad for the 360 is lacking but I have YET to play a game that uses the DPad for anything more then inventory. I don't play 2D fighters and any 3D fighters I find the thumb sticks are perfectly functional. Putting this at #2 when the DPad is one of the least used portion of a good controller is crazy.

1. Designed to excel for all game genres

Just saying that resistance and killzone are better then any XBox 360 games pegs you as a fraud. The XBox 360 controller is a perfect fit for anyone. I have over 100 games for my 360 and have used my controller on each one with no issues with any of the games. I still love the controller as do most of my PS3 friends. They wish they could use it on their PS3. Some even have it for their PC and love it.

This whole article was bias and proved nothing. It is all subjective but the masses have came back and said they prefer the XBox 360. I have yet to see an XBox player go to the PS3 controller and say "hey, I really prefer this controller" but I have met MANY PS3 players say that about the XBox 360 controller.

Article: epic fail...

pain777pas3382d ago

360 controller I like your triggers for racing games and the casing of the controller, but the PS3 controller works for everygame. I couldnt play SOTN properly and was always forced to use the analog stick. RR6 same thing. SF2turbo same thing. Streets of rage same thing. I don't get some articles some times and when I read charging station in the previous article I was appauled. Some people are to much into shooters or racers which are great on the 360 however PS3 you can play all those games perfectly aswell plus all the classics with ease. I just don't understand people sometimes its like they forgot gamings roots and think that shooters are the only important games. Try to use a 360 controller for Wipeout if the game was available and barrel rolls would be near impossible to pull off meaning the game would be broken and you could not advance with that game and Six axis support when done right with Wipeout, flower and folklore is excellent I cannot wait for GoW3 which has an opportunity to make that feature a standout in QTC as well as Heavy Rain.

riskibusiness3382d ago

The Sony controller is terrible. I would be a PS3 owner if they had a better controller.

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PtRoLLFacE3383d ago

so the ps3 controller has better shape ummm i don't think so, that's one of the main reasons i don't like the ps3 controller is too small for my heads, is made for 9 year old kids with small hands lol

Lucreto3383d ago

I have huge hands and the PS3 controller is perfect for me. The 360 cramps my hands up.

Cajun Chicken3383d ago

360 controller feels like I'm dowsing for water.

creeping judas3383d ago

You guys would have then loved the original DUKE controller!!
It was like holding onto a ten pound turkey!!

table3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

both controllers are well designed, well apart from the 360's dpad, but it just comes down to what suits you. personally i prefer the ps3 controller.

Nineball21123383d ago

They both have their pros and cons. I kinda like the analog stick layout of the 360 controller, but I don't like the shape of the triggers.

I could get used to any design, I suppose, but I do like the PS3 controller better. I totally agree with the batteries versus recharging point though. Batteries are just a hassle to have to remember to buy them, and store them, etc.

SevWolf3383d ago

@ puke face
its "too small for your heads"???? lol, I know its a typo but I couldnt resist, burst out laughing when I read it....LoL

On topic: both controllers are well designed its just has to do with each persons opinion

Brock Danger3383d ago

Yea, I was one of the few who loved the duke as well, except for the black and white button placement. The S type grew on me pretty quick, though, and the new controller is an ergonimic dream, IMO.

The DualShock 3 is definitely acceptable, and is certainly designed to work with any game platform, which is nice, but marathon KZ sessions cramp the hell out of my hands. And the SixAxis has been mostly a gimic, but there have been a couple of occasions that are absolutely awesome.

1. Shaking off camo in MGS4, feels super badass
2. Steadying and nudge aiming the sniper rifle in KZ
3. Flower - the whole game

u got owned3383d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I kind of agree with pukeface, the PS3 controller is a little small other than that i don't see any other problem with it. The X360 controller has a perfect size for me but the D-pad sucks. Both controller ergonomics are well designed and they both has flaws.

In the end is all about personal preference.

tplarkin73382d ago

It's a basterdized design that has not changed since PS1. Sony just keeps tacking on stuff every generation.

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squadass993383d ago

having played with both controllers i have to agree with the reasons.
the 360 controller has 5 reasons to hate it. one being the ridiculous placement of the sticks. the second is the D-pad. theres no question there.
and the third one is the batteries, so many times has the wireless controller disconnected during an online match.
number 4 is the width on the handles in relation to the buttons.
and the last has to be the size of it all compared to the PS3 controller.
the 360 is large and over sized. while the PS3 controller is perfect when im on warhawk.

Brock Danger3383d ago

I have to admit I don't understand your opinion. I've pretty much held every controller that's come out in the past 25 years, and the size, feel, and comfort of the 360 controller has been a dream. Especially because of the sticks, which have the appropriate amount of tension to make aiming on a console less of a chore.

The battery thing i understand, and I can't argue with the fact that to set up a solid battery situation you need to get a charging station with two spare batteries, compared to just picking up one of those cheap light-up charging stations that can charge two dualshocks at once, which i greatly appreciate.

Too_Hyped3383d ago

PS3 definitely has the best controller.

MS should at least fix the DPAD, you can't play any fighting game on 360 right now because of that.

Zeus Lee3383d ago

These 3 points can't be argued:
1)Better D-Pad.
2)Rechargeable battery.
3)Designed for all game genres.

SixAxis isn't an advantage as it's not standardized in games.

Anyways,I'm not a huge Shooter fan so the only advantage that the 360 controller has(Triggers)means little to me.Also,the Rubber and Finish on the 360 Analog sticks deteriorates at an alarmingly fast rate,my Controller was looking like a bald Britney after only 5 months of usage(And I don't even press Buttons that hard/sweat from my palms).

RememberThe3573383d ago

are the sitcks. Those are the best sticks that I have ever used.