PlayStation LifeStyle: Unreal Tournament III Review

Unreal Tournament is a series that has been around since 1999 on the PC, 2000 on the PlayStation 2 and 2001 on the Dreamcast. I remember losing hours of my time to this game with a bunch of friends huddled around the television. Being deemed "Godlike" with everyone around to see how skilled you are is so satisfying.

This popular series finally made its way over to the PlayStation 3 back in December of 2007 in the form of Unreal Tournament III (3), one of the few games that came out on the system before releasing on the Xbox 360. While it was a good game when it released and had mod and online support, there was no splitscreen and trophies were not even a consideration at the time. If I had reviewed it when it first came out, I'd have given it a 3/5. But with the recent Titan/2.0 patch and DLC content, this game is seeing a lot more playtime on my PlayStation 3.

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Cajun Chicken3505d ago

The Titan Pack makes this a lot more enjoyable now, still not the best in the UT series (UT2K4 for me) its still a great blast to jump in on.

T3mpr1x3504d ago

I sort of agree, but then I didn't play UT2K4 nearly as much as I've played UT3. They're both extremely fun though.