Gaming Age: Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Review

Gaming Age writes: "At a $9.99 price point it feels like you're definitely getting a solid game, even if it's missing the online mode that I was hoping to see, and if there's DLC support for the game in the future, then it's a pretty good starting point for the game in general. There's a lot of unlockable costume/character stuff to find, a pretty cool character creator that allows you to come up with some pretty random designs, and as a kung fu fan in general I love the design of the game, including the music that feels like a throwback to some early Shaw Bros. films at times. If you're looking for a new title on the PSN to try out, then I say you should give this one a go, and hope that we can see online patched in at a later date".

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Milky Joe3161d ago

I don't see why this game is getting such mediocre reviews. I really enjoy playing it alone and with my mates. It's a great party game and the challenges are truly... challenging. It's obviously not going to have a massive lifespan as it's a £8/$10 PSN game but I feel like I have definitely got my moneys worth.

The haters obviously have no friends XD

Pennywise3161d ago

It should of had online MP... only reason I can think the mediocre reviews keep pouring in.

FunAndGun3161d ago

no online killed this game. Selling a multiplayer game over an online network without online play is just plain dumb. That should have been priority from the beginning of the project. The PC version has online, SSBB has online, but this game does not?!

yeah you can play it with your friends, but when they go home...then what? bots don't replace online opponents. Also for older gamers like myself, I don't have many friends that play games to begin with.

It is definitely worth $10....if online play was included. they kinda kung-fu chopped their possible sales!

Pennywise3161d ago

Sony hears complaints... online will be added. Mark my words.

FunAndGun3161d ago

yeah, but it will be a year later just like PAIN. By then it will be forgotten.

Again, it should have been implimented from the start.