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Submitted by -EvoAnubis- 2494d ago | news

Watch Cops And Robbers on Crash TV

DeAno Jackson at PSLS writes - "I've just been informed, via Twitter of course, that Episode 30 of Citerion's Crash TV is live! In this episode, they go further in depth about the upcoming Cops and Robbers DLC pack for Burnout: Paradise. Check it out after the break!" (Burnout Paradise, Burnout Paradise: Cops and Robbers Pack, PS3, Xbox 360)

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drummerx2709  +   2494d ago
So does anyone know if traffic pulls aside when you turn your sirens on? Cus that would be sweet!
-EvoAnubis-  +   2494d ago
That WOULD be pretty cool. I don't know.
M4I0N3  +   2494d ago
they should've called it something original like "cops and racers" or something.

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