9-year-old Damori Miles dies in jump off Brooklyn apartment, may have been imitating video game

From the Daily News A 9-year-old wrestling fan jumped off his Brooklyn apartment roof wearing a homemade parachute in a fatal imitation of his favorite video game character, friends said.

The broken body of Damori Miles was found on the ground outside the Albany Houses about 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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SinnedNogara3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

It isn't that the boy was inspired by the game, it is that he was kinda....uh, what's the word...retarded.

Seriously, if you have a IQ over 75, and are over the age of 6, then you should be able to know that doing wrestling moves off buildings is BAD!!!!

ShadesMoolah3257d ago

I don't ever recall the Hardy's using parachutes to perform their moves, looks like another case of 'blame the game'. Condolences to the family, but that door should have been locked, not the game.

Timesplitter143257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Don't you understand? Video games INVENTED accidents. No one ever died before the 1980's because they couldn't copy those satanic games.

Milky Joe3257d ago

Pong alone wiped out pretty much 50% of the World's population.

SinnedNogara3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

@ Milky Joe

LOL, bubbles for humor!!! (even though you're swimming in them).

I would like some bubbles now.

On Topic: You see, you don't give "slow" children video games. They just copy it, like a little 2 year old and cuss words. I feel sorry for the family. He died for a stupid reason.

WeaseL3257d ago

I'm surprised they haven't linked Pacman to the increase in drug users over the years.
Keep eating those pills people especially the ones that allow you to eat ghosts.

thesummerofgeorge3257d ago

Video games don't raise or take care of your children, parents do.... Not to mention a 9 year old had no business playing that game. Tragic yes, but it has no relation to video games... Even if a child was imitating a game like that, it's still not the games fault, parents need to teach their children the difference between entertainment and reality, and then teach them good judgment, and THEN start buying age appropriate games for them. And how the hell would his friend know if he was imitating jeff harding if he wasn't there? Lets use this childs tragic death to take shots at the gaming industry. If he had have been watching wrestling instead of playing it, would we blame tv? WHERE WERE THE PARENTS!?

jadenkorri3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

darwin award winner... why you say, a plastic bag and string says it all

i loved this part "The roof door was open Wednesday morning, and the alarm that should have gone off was broken, neighbors said. "

yeah rather than blame the superintendent/owner of the building, lets blame a video game he always played, a game that has no flying people let alone someone in a parachute....

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-EvoAnubis-3257d ago

I'm sure the kid just played the game and never.....I don't know....ACTUALLY WATCHED WWE WRESTLING. So sure, blame it all on the game.

I'm sorry this happened, but once again, let's not be pointing fingers here. Can someone please explain to me why a nine-year old special education student was allowed to roam freely around ****ing Brooklyn? Also, can someone please show me exactly at what point in the game (or even in actual wrestling) where someone dropped off of a building with a parachute?

Can parents PLEASE start taking some goddamned responsibility here? Why is that so hard? You had the kid, so be responsible for him/her, and stop making excuses when something like this happens!

My heart goes out to the family here, it really does, but I can't condone finger pointing. That's bullsh*t.

Max Power3257d ago

most certainly blame cartoons more than i would videogames, because i am sure there are some instances of cartoon characters doing exactly what that poor child did, without any consequences or even failure of the stunt.

Mindboggle3257d ago

I was patiently waiting for this story to come on N4G and how fabricated it was going to end up.

The whole story is a joke...Like a WWE spokesperson said, noone in WWE or their games jumps off 13 story buildings with parachutes. It was obviously a combination of bad parenting and a very disturbed kid.

thebudgetgamer3257d ago

but he wont jump off of building because he knows thats retated. but i do feel for the family.


Xander-RKoS3257d ago

Who was watching him? The mother said she was at the store...basically meaning she was using the video game/ TV as a baby sitter for a special education child. Parental Responsibility FTW!

hatchimatchi3257d ago

this was mother natures way of saying, you don't belong here stupid. Being 9 years old and not knowing how gravity works=epic fail.

Incognegro3257d ago

a lil harsh huh? I mean... yea even though he was 9, but he was obviously a special needs kid. or atleast just a little slower. even though it wasn't the smartest thing to do... that's still kind of a rude statement even if you didn't know the kid.

hatchimatchi3257d ago

it's not like you knew the kid either. Laughing at other people's expense is one of the best things about the internet.

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