Target offering video game reservation cards for $1, with $5 GiftCard on purchase

Target is getting more aggressive on it's video game pre-orders and offering a great deal on its in-store video game reservations. Today Target announced that it would start a new video game reservation program, to begin this weekend, Sunday, April 19th. Upcoming video game releases can be reserved when you purchase a $1 Target Reservation Card, which features a design based on the game. Although it will cost you $1 to purchase the reservation card, upon returning to purchase the game you will get a $5 Target GiftCard. It's good towards a future purchase. So it comes out to a $4 savings.

Details from Target:
"Beginning April 19, Target guests can purchase a collectible reservation card, only in stores, for $1. When they bring the reservation card back within seven days of release to purchase their game, they will receive a $5 Target GiftCard to put toward a future purchase."

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hitthegspot3290d ago

Companies are more than happy to hold on to your money for you while you wait. It's finally time they get smarter and give you something while they earn interest on your cash.