Australian PS3 Launch Shindig covers the official midnight PS3 launch event in Sydney, and sums it up with simply "What if Sony threw a launch party and nobody came?"

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SmokeyMcBear3899d ago

wait i got a question, so here in the states, at least where I was going to go on launch night, but didn't there were 50 people in line and there were only 10-15 units available and it was madness, in AU, there are 60 people in line to get it, they all leave happily, and its a bad thing. That seems logical

FordGTGuy3899d ago

Its whether anyone came at all and looking at that picture I would guess not. BTW you should have more then 50 people at a launch party.

Loudninja3899d ago

They already tryign to spread FUD.

kingboy3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

just got back from launch party here in France and it was awesome didn`t get me a ps3 though,not so safe at night ..

Violater: lol i don`t just say whatever man, and if i`v got time i`ll show u more than a photo proof on youtube

Violater3899d ago

Pictures to prove that awesomeness

TheMART3899d ago

Yeah Kingboy, post some photo's of the MS loveboat that came by!

PimpNick_19803899d ago

Hello Blueray(Beta),
All you PS3 fanboys love your s**t salads. do you really believe everything Sony tells you. PS3 just plain sucks deal with it.

Lex Luthor3899d ago

Even the x360 launch in japan was MUCH better than this.

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The story is too old to be commented.