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Submitted by UNCyrus 2492d ago | article

Starhawk: Is Sony Biting off more than they can Chew?

The Power Review: This game has a lot to live up to, as its predecessor still remains one of the most played games on the PSN, and this is over 2 years after its initial release. Fans of this series are going to expect a lot out of this title, and Sony has chosen to be extremely ambitious by setting this title in space where there is seemingly limitless potential. However, are they shooting themselves in the foot by trying to attempt too much? And what new obstacles does this change in scenery present for this new game? (Culture, PS3, Starhawk, Warhawk 2)

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-EvoAnubis-  +   2492d ago
You have got to be kidding me.
They have a name of a game, and a concept for the game, and here come the articles already. How's about waiting until we have....I don't know....actual information......until we start talking about it? Let's try that.
iHEARTboobs  +   2492d ago
I agree
At least lets wait till we hear that Starhawk is actually a sequal to Warhawk!

Edit: I did read the article.
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FPShooter  +   2492d ago
I Agree.
seems as if people cant wait to shoot down a SONY title. Its getting ridicules.
UNCyrus  +   2492d ago

I'm just stating that this game has a lot to live up to... there are really high expectations, and it's a very ambitious title....

I would LOVE to see Sony pull it off, I would play the game until my PS3 burned out, but I'd just like to see them pull it off first..
PorcelainGod   2492d ago | Spam
Trollimite  +   2492d ago
@ PorcelainGod
lol. bubbles.

we dont even know any thing about the game and it already shot down.

this is how overhype starts

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ThanatosDMC  +   2492d ago
Holy crap! It's gonna rape my grandma?!! AAHHHH!! She's 6ft under all ready... bless her soul.
Megaton  +   2492d ago
How is it an ambitious title? All it is right now is a title! Nothing is known about this game. NOTHING! This is f**king absurd. Classic N4G.
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sonarus  +   2492d ago
@Evo Anubis
I came in here with the same WTF reaction as well. This is why blogs need to die
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ThanatosDMC  +   2492d ago
Just more damage control. Just like when MAG was announced they were saying how crappy the graphics would looks like and when in-game screenshots came out, they stopped talking.
Shadow Flare  +   2492d ago
This is what the writer of this article did:
- Turns off his xbox 360 and puts it in the fridge to cool down

Checks gaming news on the internet. "Oh, looks like a new game is being announced. StarHawk. . . . . . . Sounds cool."

Begins to write his article and decides upon the title:

'FINALLY, a next gen space sim title'

. . . . . Ok, lets see what platform this new game is on. . . . Play....Station.....3.

-Edits article title-

'Has sony bitten off more then it can chew?'
InfectedDK  +   2492d ago
"However, are they shooting themselves in the foot by trying to attempt too much?"

- Simple answer: No it's the PS3. I know it's hard to believe all this. But it is the PS3.
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name  +   2492d ago
The rape my grandma comment made me laugh out loud and confuse my girlfriend.
Marceles  +   2492d ago
sigh Cyrus...

cmrbe  +   2492d ago
Well you can never please everyone
If they just announced Warhak2 set in the same environment as warhawk they would complain that Warhawk 2 will not bring anything new.

Most game journalist are not thinking straight these days. Recently i commented on an article which ask weather Sony is afraid of Prototype lol!.

I love the fact that Sony at least are trying to bite more.
Rainstorm81  +   2492d ago
Sony is doing exactly what they need to do by keeping the games coming.

Personally i hope StarHawk is to WarHawk like Starcraft is to Warcraft
we will be in for good times. Looks like they have games well into 2011.
f789790  +   2492d ago
1.1 Of course its the a sequel of some sort
Starhawk and Warhawk? Starhawk sounds idiotic but its obvious that it is related in some way to Warhawk.
morganfell  +   2492d ago
The poster that ripped the writer a new one in the comments section of the article makes a valid point. When has Sony not raised the bar recently? They met and exceeded expectations on the highest goal possible. On the goal far too many felt they could not possibly achieve. Killzone 2. Sony has shown they can aim high and hit high.

And though I feel there is a very good chance this game is a sequel to Warhawk that is something as of yet we simply do not know.

Kudos to the writer for taking the dumb way out and joining the ever expanding club of question mark journalists that believe metaphor is another way of saying 'why I encountered her'.
II-Reaper-II  +   2492d ago
They havent even said its a Warhawk sequel for crying out loud.Next article will probably say ..Is Sony being stupid for developing so many AAA exclusive titles?Itll probably be a HHG article.LOL
Araceae  +   2492d ago
Already trying to tear down the game before any information is available… great job. This is why people complain that gaming journalism is biased. There is absolutely no reason to attack this game, as there is nothing to even attack yet. Extremely lame.
drummerx2709  +   2492d ago
Is Starhawk the actual confirmed name of the game? I think it sounds to similar to Starfox
UNCyrus  +   2492d ago
nothing's confirmed...

The title was registered as a copyright to SCEA the other day... With the rumors going around about the sequel being in space, it would only make sense that this was the case
krauley  +   2492d ago
@ UNCyrus
"nothing's confirmed...

The title was registered as a copyright to SCEA the other day... With the rumors going around about the sequel being in space, it would only make sense that this was the case"

or it could be a game about a bird in space. you know StarHAWK but then sony would be bitting off my then they can chew cause you know the physics collision of feathers in space wouldnt be realistic. and how could a bird breathe unless it had a spacesuit but na thats not gonna really happen....uh sony what are you doing? spit it out!
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2492d ago
Reported for being
totally f'ing lame post. Has Lightbox or SONY confirmed that Starhawk has ANYTHING to do with Warhawk.

What? No?

Oh...then STFU.

(Maybe it is a remake of

How the hell does this garbage get approved...I did a test ... didn't the rest of you?

KionicWarlord222  +   2492d ago
lol report for being lame? lol you really grind my gears.
UNCyrus  +   2492d ago

XXXRATED  +   2492d ago
actually the programmer from warhawk dylan jobe left incognito to work on a similar warhawk type game based in space.


this has been talked about several times on n4g

as it may not be anything to directly do with warhawk it most likely will be very similar
MysticStrummer  +   2492d ago
If the game was called Warhawk 2, this article would be :
Warhawk 2 : Is Sony afraid to try new things ???
Max Power  +   2492d ago
they'll go throw back and make it Warhawk 3
ps92117  +   2492d ago
I never really being a fan of space theme, so in my opinion warhawk2>starhawk, though starcraft>warcraft2, hey maybe we will get both.
xaviertooth  +   2492d ago

^ geeezz, n4g is on a flood right now of that fvcking symbol!
roflmuffins8  +   2492d ago
Choo choo...
Everyone hop aboard the hype train. I can see mountains of articles like this popping up on the web in the near future.
ps92117  +   2492d ago
People seem to forget that Incognito still exist. Lightbox is a descendant of Incognito, but that doesn't mean that Incognito all the suddenly disappeared into thin air, lol.
NegativeCreep427  +   2492d ago
Its so hilarious how a PS3-exclusive gets the dark end of the Optimism stick even before any kind of, oh I don't know, SUBSTANTIVE INFORMATION has even been released for the game!

All that we know about it is the proposed title for the game. That's All!!!

But oh well, all the PS3 doom-and-gloomers are saying to themselves: "Forget about such stupid things as substantive information. Lets just run our mouths now to make it look like it won't have much a chance of being a good game"

Sony Biting off more than they can Chew huh? Why didn't anybody say that about Microsoft going a$$-around in a different direction with Halo Wars???
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-x.Red.x-  +   2492d ago
starhawk announced!?
I should have never left my apartment...
threepy  +   2492d ago
People are a little desperate to write an article when nothing has been announced...and they're just going on a patent.

For a start-better graphics won't be too hard. I liked the Warhawk graphics, but they're not award winning.

Personally I'm wondering how they'll do ground combat, because I wouldn't be interested in a flight-only game which this may become. Though I'm not going to write any articles on it until I've seen some screenshots or a trailer...

As a guy said above, there's a chance this game has nothing to do with Warhawk. It's a good guess to assume they're connected, but with no announcement, it's very possible.
Miraak82  +   2492d ago
this guy is spiteful cause he's still waiting for "Alan WHAT you talking about"!!!!!
supremacy  +   2492d ago
lol this never gets old.
i.....wish this game would like warhawk only with a starfox element in actaully fighting big boses and touring different planets that be cool, but ofcourse keeping it more realistic ofcourse.

or imagine you go onto a planet you can get off your ship and ride some fancy ground vehicle or on foot? then hop back into you air craft and go back to outter space and shoot more baddies and huge boses?

that be cool, just saying though.
bob saget remix  +   2492d ago
its funny people are already trying to put down this game
Yet sony nor incognito have said one word about the game at all. Nobody really knows what its going to be like.
xabmol  +   2492d ago
I love the smell of FUD in the evening.
Especially FUD aimed at Sony. It's just too funny. xD
Bathyj  +   2492d ago
"However, are they shooting themselves in the foot by trying to attempt too much?"
That the Sony way. They always shoot for the stars (no pun intented).

Sometimes people think they try too much, like putting in expensive tech like Cell or an unproven format like BluRay, but then, when all is said and done, you can always look back at Sonys practices and safely say 95% of what they set out to do, they deliver on.

This is why Sony, and Playstation is so good. They could have easily made a PS2.5 and just cashed in on the name, but no, they strive to raise the bar. The same was true when going from PSOne to PS2 and the incredible power in PS2 which was unheard of at the time for a console is what made Nintendo and M$ try so hard. I give full props to M$ for making online so crucial to consoles but aside from that, Sony are the only ones advancing the industry.

Please give as a Single player game. This could be better than Colony Wars.
morganfell  +   2492d ago
Ha ha ha somebody finally let these dirtbags have it over this ridiculous question mark attempts at journalism.
Unicron  +   2492d ago
Yet more proof that game "journalism" has nothing of substance to discuss.
poopsack  +   2492d ago
lol man cant even register a title anymore.
ironmonkey  +   2492d ago
wow now even trying to do much is a bad thing? lol man is this suppose to be the next gen or not haha sony is doing what their suppose to and thats to make games. things are looking very awsome for ps3 and putting its current/future console to good use
SmokingMonkey  +   2492d ago
I hate when people say "it's too much"/"bit of more..." etc
these are video games, we want NEW things. Remember the whole Killzone2 "not being original enough" fiasco?

IF this is another iteration of Warhawk, and i hope it is exactly what we all have been picturing in our heads. Then I hope it supports as many players as possible!
I hate when people say 8 on 8 is perfect, that's lame...and last gen. Socom3 was 16 on 16 on the PS2.....SO, we should expect/pray developers
"bite off more than they can chew"
i_i_n  +   2492d ago
well, i doubt they're biting off more than they can chew. i believe that it is safe to assume that this will be a sequel to warhawk; to me that just makes sense. i could be entirely wrong, though, and this game may not be remotely close to warhawk in any way, shape, or form.

if this is a sequel to warhawk, i can expect there to be upped graphics, better atmosphere.. pretty much everything involving gameplay will be improved.

let's not get skeptical about what the name implies though, we'll find out in time. warhawk II sounds lame, and i think starhawk seems legit as a title.

they can't call it star war, anyways... lucas would mmaaaaad. and hawk hawk sounds too... well... you know.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2492d ago
This sure has pissed off the droids, tears are flowin and everything.
mirroredderorrim  +   2492d ago
I want to print this article out and wipe my a$$ with it.

This article is a prime example of how the degradation of game journalism is in full swing, with an aim right into the a$$hole of ignorance.
grantps3  +   2492d ago
all anybody knows is the name "starhawk". which could be a codename or a temp. name till they find a better one.

confirmed ;)

-the max number of players is 2v2
-no vehicles except bicycles
- all weapons are removed and replaced with mayonase
- instead of playing as a human you play as a crazy omeba.

wait till we get details before people put out articles about how the game will suck.
bviperz  +   2492d ago
all this for a name? Wow.
ion666  +   2492d ago
these type of ppl should literally take two steps back and........ phuk there own face.but on a lighter note i crave some colony wars type of action.who knows this could be colony wars big return.
SlyGuy  +   2492d ago
"The same cartoony graphics just won’t be acceptable for this new game. Expect sharper textures, and GREATLY increased range of visibility on the horizon for both the environments and players."


1. I actually like Warhawk's graphics style.
2. GREATLY increased range of visibility? Warhawk still has one of the farthest line of sight I have ever seen in a console game.
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