Review: Castlevania- Symphony Of The Night

Symphony of the Night, with its dank 2D walls, brooding orchestral soundtrack and Street Fighter-esque special moves stole across videogaming's busy vista mostly unnoticed the first time round. But not completely unnoticed. Those with eyes to see its exquisite design, extraordinary scope, aesthetic elegance and coherence were quick to evangelise. The game's underground following bustled and grew until copies of the game were changing hands on ebay for £60 and upwards. Symphony of the Night had made the celebrated canon and every discerning games player wanted a look.

Standing ovation 9/10

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Rooted_Dust3953d ago

This is probably one of the best games you could ever get.

neogeo3953d ago

This is on my top 3 best games ever play in my life. Up there with Mario 3, super metroid and Zelda

Armyless3953d ago

If you haven't had a means to play this, now's your chance. Don't miss it.

BIGBAER3953d ago

Haven't played it yet? I highly recommend it; the game is a true classic!

Another great addition to Xbox Live Arcade!

Skizelli3951d ago

You can't please everybody's tastes, but this game is a gem and what games are all about. It's a pitty that some people disagree. Definitely worth the 800 points.