Pixel Verdict: Demon's Souls (PS3) - import review

Steve Power writes:

"Originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show in October of 2008, Demon's Souls turned some North American heads with the promise of a PS3 exclusive Action Role Player with a dark theme and highly realistic visuals. Developer From Software (with help from Sony's Japan Studios) have endeavored to fill one of the gaps in the PS3 library. With the game available completely in English in Asian territories, it has become something of a hot commodity with importers. With no North American release announced (or even in the cards if you believe the word from some camps), is it worth the effort to procure a copy of your very own?"

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andron6663329d ago

Too bad there's no western release yet. This game sounds really good from this review.

It can't be too hard to release this in USA and UK since it's already in english...

Hellsvacancy3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

But ive never imported a game b4 so if im goin 2 i would want the game 2 b spectacular - and so far Demon Soul seems 2 b just that

Although i think i would prefer White Knight but its any1s guess 2 when thats cummin out

(I know my wordings terrible but it is a deliberate thing)

andron6663329d ago

There are two things stopping me from importing it, aside from that it can be hard to come by.

First the review says the game is very hard, and I'm not that great a RPG player. And second he mentions that there is a slight hope of a western version. So I will wait and see...

Hellsvacancy3329d ago

Ive only played a handfull of Rpgs myself aswell

Its been a long while since i played a proper Rpg (FFX bein the last) hence y im tryin 2 find another, I loved Fallout 3 but thats a differnt kinda Rpg 2 me

Ill hold abit till i read a few more reviews (which i never tend 2 pay attention 2) 4 this game, it does look good though

andron6663329d ago

But I nearly never finish them, they are to long and complicated so I loose interest.

One RPG I really enjoyed recently is Valkyria Chronicles. It's more of a strategy RPG, but really good...

Myst3329d ago

If you guys don't like importing and live in the states a site call is located in New York I believe. They are pretty reliable and have used them quite a lot when I had my PS2. "Imported" about 5 games from them and it was pretty fast shipping.

Just in case you guys were weary about having to wait that long time of importing from another nation. One downside is though that it sells out in a matter of seconds on the site... <-- Asian Version with english support.

Fishy Fingers3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

You can always get an import from Play-Asia. Very reliable and only a little more expensive ($7).

morganfell3329d ago

I imported mine and it is a dungeon crawler par excellance. With native English support in the Asian version as well as trophies, you will really enjoy this. The difficulty is a little above the norm in the genre but it was worth every cent on ebay.

- Ghost of Sparta -3329d ago

Still waiting for my copy. Ordered it 2-3 days ago.

tda-danny3329d ago

just wanted to throw the Ebay option out there as well. I imported a Korean version for $60 USD including shipping and it arrived in 4 working days.

Full English support (Voice overs and text/menus).

Great game - in the top 3 I've played this gen!!

Seraphim3329d ago

I went w/ ncsx when I ordered Demons Souls at release. They are slightly cheaper than playasia and as mentioned previously, ncsx is located in New York. If looking to import I plan on checking them out first then Playasia from now on....

Anyway Demons Souls is a very challenging game. It's not for the faint of heart. And from what I've played is really a game you should have friends playing with you to form an alliance of different classes... It's much more like a strategic action game/rpg though. Blocking is very critical in success and timing your attacks is a must. Not sure about other classes. It's definitely a very solid game that has a lot to offer anyone interested. I don't have time to read the review atm but I'd say a 8-9 is what I'd score Demons Souls.

INehalemEXI3329d ago

My gf imported it for my B day ....she does not know that I know, now I have to wait 19 days till I can unwrap :(

ThanatosDMC3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I've never imported before. So i wanna know if there's any reliable websites and that we can trust to deliver the product.

For those who've all ready imported the game. Could you give out details on how you imported and what did you do like did you insure the product and whatever else.

Update: Link is broken

barom3329d ago

lol don't know about you guys but a 5/5 sounds a bit fishy to me. It certainly doesn't look like a 5/5 game. Could be an 4/5 or 4.5/5 but a triple A title? I guess I shouldn't judge it just by watching but I'll definitately wait for more opinions

Myst3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Thantos try ncsx

I've used them as well as play-asia and another site before it went under for about 2~3 years, importing some of the naruto games for PS2 (As well as gamecube). As well as buying a Japanese PS2 from them (Ncsx) they are pretty reliable and fast, especially if you live within' the United States. The other places are fast to; but if you have a defective product it makes returning the product that much harder if it's overseas. Not to mention the wait you have to endure sometimes :/

SaiyanFury3329d ago

Great review, agreed 100%. The reviewer hits all the major points. I'm 45 hours into it and loving every minute of it. Truly one of the deepest games this gen.

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

I was able to finally read the review and it says we cant invite our friends to play with us??? Someone fill me in on this one. I was hoping we could easily invite people from our friends list as easily like in RE5.

SaiyanFury3328d ago

People disagree with me. I invite your perspectives to argue with me. Please feel free to express why you disagree.

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LiquifiedArt3329d ago

If its got a US release, I may have to check this out.

anh_duong3329d ago

isn't there a full english hong kog version you can import from asia?

andron6663329d ago

It's back ordered a lot of places. Read the last paragraph of the review for more info...

dragunrising3329d ago

I'm in the same boat. I'll wait for the release rather than import. The game could be updated and further enhanced. Beside, the English/Hong Kong version seems to be in high demand. This review put the game on my radar. Looking forward to playing it.

raztad3329d ago

Sony better brings this game to the states! They only need to add voice over, fine tune the difficulty and the multiplayer part of it.

NNNW3329d ago

There isn't a need for voice overs. The game language is english, complete with british accents and all.

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

If it's like King's Field... then there wont be any fine tuning of the difficulty. I'm gonna try to import it and let you guys know. I hope they dont steal my money.

Araceae3329d ago

This game is a really good, and I recommend importing it if you can find it.

Xbots3329d ago

Better than Ninja Blade confirmed...

OmarJA3329d ago

LOL! so true... :D

I guess the 3FixMe is only good for flops. :D

darx3329d ago

That's not true. Anyway Demon's Souls a fantastic game.

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