Rumor Killers: Perfect Dark Remake XBLA? Halo Mobile? Factor 5 Wii Projects

Perfect Dark remake coming to XBLA? A mobile Halo game in the works? Factor 5 working on Kid Icarus for the Wii?

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stewie328872870d ago

Perfect Dark remake huh? Could be cool. The 64 game was pretty sweet.

SlamVanderhuge2870d ago

WOuldnt mind a Perfect Dark remake myself...

A HiFi2870d ago

I would love a PD remake but, as tehk1w1 said, there are issues.

tehk1w12870d ago

Unless Nintendo and Microsoft work out the problems that prevented Goldeneye from being released on XBL, I don't imagine we'll see Perfect Dark anytime soon.

akohut2870d ago

Since the Goldeneye problems were to do with who owned the rights to the Bond franchise, I'll go out on a limb and say they probably won't apply here.

Xi2869d ago

There wouldn't be any issues, all MS would have to do is change the name to something like perfect dark redux.

Shnazzyone2870d ago

I still wish nintendo could get back rare. Perhaps if they produce one more unsucessful game for 360 nintendo can buy em' back. Worked with factor 5 i guess.

PotNoodle2869d ago

I think it is more the fact that there are very few of the original rare crew still there.

ihaten4glol2870d ago

Perfect Dark XBLA WOULD be nice, but it probably won't happen.

shoinan2870d ago

Seems like an odd one to me, but could be cool.

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