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Submitted by 1lo 2491d ago | interview

Need for Speed SHIFT – A Look Under the Hood

EA released an interview with Executive Producer Michael Mann from the EA Black Box studio to look under the hood to get a glimpse of what makes this game hum. (Need for Speed: Shift, PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

lonz358  +   2491d ago
good looking game that's going to play best on 360 because your finger won't slip off the sticks
imabeast48  +   2491d ago
wow are you just trying to piss people off?
Brixxer600  +   2491d ago
Of course the flip side to that is that if you're lucky enough to still have your launch day 360 then the game will look crap and the screen will have that "vaseline smeared" look because MS thought that they'd leave out the HDMI port , so my 360 will continue to gather dust and i'll get this for my PS3
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PoSTedUP  +   2491d ago
how bout...
it will look best on PC.

and play best on which ever console is playing it with a steering wheel.

a racing sim without a steering wheel is like a fps without a gun : /
DelbertGrady  +   2491d ago
Light gun?
Queers of War  +   2491d ago
how about....
this game will be sh*t no matter what platform you play it on. nfs is dead and has been for a long time
jBat17  +   2491d ago
slipping fingers is nothing compared to...
RRoD or E74.. btw, crapbox warranty is also extended for the E74 -meaning this issue is widespread..

oh yeah, this game has nothing on GT5.. maybe even grid is better than this POS
ottoenie  +   2491d ago
this better be good, or else ea is digging it's own grave (nfs section then).
they better announce that 4th part though, the underground type, and give the people something, undercover was a step in the right direction, it just had technical issues and the gameplay could be better, and the story was too dramatic, that really sucked, they just need to make a good racing game with a loose story, undercover wasn't about the racing, it was about missions and catching bad guys, it is much more fun being a real street racer instead of being an undercover cop imo.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2491d ago
You speak the truth. I cannot remember being so pissed of choosing NFS over Midnight Club:LA. This is NFS last stand.
BrunoM  +   2491d ago
I agree with you guys ...

But for me the 2 first NFS were the best ones REALLY FUN sence then the games have just gone down ...

does these game look good YEs willl it be good i really dont know but after the lst NFSi have to play it looks are not all a NEXT GEN game has to bring game play is #1.. but w.e until GT5 il try to give a shot to these one .
Ninjamonkey  +   2491d ago
ok 1st, lonz358 please use a ps3 controller. both the 360 and ps3 controller will be fine for this game...

also Im slightly interested in this game, though Im not going to expect much. last NFS game I played was carbon and I had had enough by then. Though it looks like theyre finally trying to change things up a bit, so hopefully this game will exceed my expectations. Id like to see another good NFS game...
HarukoHex  +   2491d ago
if you like circuit games, go with pro street, it was actually good, only people who say it sucks can stand any kind of sim in there game.
mbanatech25  +   2491d ago
gt5! am still waiting for you
HarukoHex  +   2491d ago
bring back a pro street 2, i dont care if no one else liked it, that was the best game of the series.

heck EA buy GENKI and make a real street racing game.
xino  +   2491d ago
what the hell!?
why are EA interviewing someone who is making games for them!???
free2game365  +   2491d ago
Don't really care for the Need For Speed brand that much, just happy to see a new racing game from Blimey.
hotrider12  +   2491d ago
personally Im waiting for the 4th NFS game to come I'll past up on SHIFT.... 4th game might be underground 3 or hotpursuit 3
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ottoenie  +   2490d ago
i am also waiting for it, i like this title, but if they announce an underground/tuning/cop style game, then that will be my favorite nfs.
IncredibleGames  +   2491d ago
I think i'm going to stick with GRID for right now.....a matter of face i'm going to play that now!!

ima rent SHIFT

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