9 Ways to Improve Call of Duty's Multiplayer

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (and, by extension, its skinned WWII clone Call of Duty 4.5: World at War) have some of the best multiplayer gaming on any console.

But they're not perfect, by any means. So what can make it even better? We rattle off 9 (because 10 is just too many!) suggestions that we believe will go a long way to improving the multiplayer experience in upcoming CoD/Modern Warfare titles.

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socomnick3080d ago

1: keep vehicles off multiplayer, nobody wanted the stupid tanks in waw.

Bigrhyno3080d ago

I agree. If I want vehicles, I will play Battlefield.

Chuk_Chuk3080d ago

1.Proper Clan system. something like killzone 2 clan system
2.Revamped perk system and an arsenal of new perks not just 1 or 2
3.Dedictaed servers. you can ripped us off on DLC at least get some dedicated servers
4.New maps and more of them.
5.Bigger maps with more alle ways and back streets and make them vertical as well.

JeffGUNZ3080d ago

A perk that disables the kill cam. What is the point of finding a great sniping spot to have the first person you killed, see where you are in the kill cam and then immediately spawn and throw three grenades in the location you were hiding. Give us a perk that disables enemies kill cam, so when you kill someone, they just see static, like a lost signal. I think that would expand the sniping and make it more enjoyable.

Josh113080d ago

Go hardcore then... But that could work as a perk.

Joe29113080d ago

just keep looking down the scope after shooting them, then they just see scope and not your surroundings

N2NOther3079d ago

So what you want to do is be a coward and camp? That would absolutely RUIN the game. Maybe if sniping was so easy and actually required skill then it wouldn't be so bad. I never snipe and can easily get kills with a sniper rifle when I pick one up. So what you want to do is hide and kill people from a distance and never be able to be seen? Yeah, that's a great idea.

What they should do to improve the game is limit the amount of snipers per team or actually make sniping difficult so we can eliminate the people that hide in the back and get easy kills.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I find sniping to be a cheap way to get kills. Way worse than martyrdom.

Bodidley3079d ago

totally agree N2N snipers are cheap unskilled cowards, however I do think they have a part to play in the overall game but think limiting the amount per game is a great idea. to remove the kill cam for snipers is the lamest idea i have ever heard, it juust shows how cowardly these guys are, the fact they have the advantage of a zoom sight means it has to be balanced for other players, if i happen to get sniped then i love nothing better than creeping up on the coward & stabbing him in his cowardly head!!!!

TheChosenWon3079d ago

I dunno about you guys, but every COD match I play where a team is heavy on snipers always lose. Sure they may get their thrills "sniping" people, but in the end their team goes down in flames because you just can't accrue kills fast enough when you snipe.

And admit it, there's nothing better than sneaking behind a bunch of snipers roosted on a balcony somewhere, scoped in ready to shoot someone down, and then stabbing them all in the back one by one.

Viva la snipers! ;)

JeffGUNZ3079d ago

Are you kidding me? How can you call sniping a coward?! First of all, why do you think they wear the ghillie suit? It's not a fashion statement, it's for CAMO, so they CAN'T be seen. I RARELY use the sniper. I am tenth prestiege with all the golden weapons besides the sniper, because I prefer run-and-gun in this game. But, sniping like A REAL SNIPER is impossible in this game because the kill cam. Maybe have a MAX of 3 jammed kill cams per life, but something to make sniping more covert. Picture you actually finding a spot that no one really uses and people keep walking by you laying down and you can pick them off. That's what a successful sniper can do. Planting clamores and sniping isn't fine, because once the calymore is gone, then what? Watch out because here comes 3 grenades coming your way. Walking then scoping and shooting real quick is not what sniping is about, it's about laying in cover and killing the enemy, confusing them, taking the attention off of the real objective and placing it on you.

Dude, do us all a favor and don't purchase Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, because you wouldn't last 10 seconds in that game play.

I work law enforcement, I shoot shotguns, rifles, and sniper rifles, and pistols throughout all my training, so I understand how each SHOULD be used. That is how you snipe, laying in the unseen and being patient for your kills. Just because YOU don't prefer it, doesn't make it a stupid idea. Grow up, you sound like a high school kid.

N2NOther3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The reason the Kill Cam exist is because of how easy it is to snipe. Otherwise it would be cheap kill after cheap kill. Getting sniped in the arm is an insta-kill in COD. In order to balance this, we get a kill cam so we can see where we were shot from so we can flank and remove the sniper. This isn't real life, it's a VIDEO GAME. One where everyone should have an equal advantage. Camping RUINS shooters, period.

You mention the Ghillie suit? Really? It's so they can't be seen? You mean HIDE and get kills? Hmm...That sounds pretty cowardly to me. I'm not talking about a real life situation. I'm talking about a VIDEO GAME. And you have no idea how long I would last in any game because I think sniping in COD is cheap. I play all kinds of games and I play them well because I don't play them like COD if the gameplay demands a different tact. So please stop assuming you know anything about me.

Again, if sniping were more difficult, taking into account wind, velocity, you know, physics? Then I can understand the lack of kill cam. But when you have maps like Overgrown, Block, and Creek in which you have 4 snipers, BECAUSE sniping is so easy, kill cam is absolutely essential to balance gameplay.

Asking to be hidden while you pick people off from across the map without actually having to work for it like real snipers is, in fact, cowardly. You can defend it all you want, but all your doing is proving my point. I can guarantee you that if you had to actually work for your kills like a real sniper you wouldn't do it. But instead, you want to be able to hide, pick people off easily (whether you have to wait or not has nothing to do with how easy it is to get sniper kills) and remain there for the whole game? Good snipers, in the game, take kill cams into account and adjust accordingly. Again, it's a game and it's all about balance. Sorry if you don't agree, but frankly I don't care. IW isn't going to pander to your cowardice by removing kill cams in non-hardcore objective games. Because they know how easy it is to snipe and they know the kill cams offer a balance as to not git anyone that much of an advantage. Kudos to them. Behold their success.

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Josh113080d ago

DEDICATED SERVERS! Most important thing for the online play.

Some of these ideas are good, not perfect, some are not so good.


lawrence360x3080d ago

Do away with juggernaut !!!

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