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Submitted by TheChosenWon 2490d ago | article

9 Ways to Improve Call of Duty's Multiplayer

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (and, by extension, its skinned WWII clone Call of Duty 4.5: World at War) have some of the best multiplayer gaming on any console.

But they're not perfect, by any means. So what can make it even better? We rattle off 9 (because 10 is just too many!) suggestions that we believe will go a long way to improving the multiplayer experience in upcoming CoD/Modern Warfare titles. (Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

socomnick  +   2490d ago
1: keep vehicles off multiplayer, nobody wanted the stupid tanks in waw.
Bigrhyno  +   2490d ago
I agree. If I want vehicles, I will play Battlefield.
Chuk_Chuk  +   2490d ago
lets see
1.Proper Clan system. something like killzone 2 clan system
2.Revamped perk system and an arsenal of new perks not just 1 or 2
3.Dedictaed servers. you can ripped us off on DLC at least get some dedicated servers
4.New maps and more of them.
5.Bigger maps with more alle ways and back streets and make them vertical as well.
JeffGUNZ  +   2490d ago
A perk that disables the kill cam. What is the point of finding a great sniping spot to have the first person you killed, see where you are in the kill cam and then immediately spawn and throw three grenades in the location you were hiding. Give us a perk that disables enemies kill cam, so when you kill someone, they just see static, like a lost signal. I think that would expand the sniping and make it more enjoyable.
Josh11  +   2490d ago
Go hardcore then... But that could work as a perk.
goflyakite  +   2490d ago
locos85  +   2490d ago
No respawn!!!
Joe2911  +   2490d ago
just keep looking down the scope after shooting them, then they just see scope and not your surroundings
Bodidley  +   2490d ago
N2NOther  +   2489d ago
So what you want to do is be a coward and camp? That would absolutely RUIN the game. Maybe if sniping was so easy and actually required skill then it wouldn't be so bad. I never snipe and can easily get kills with a sniper rifle when I pick one up. So what you want to do is hide and kill people from a distance and never be able to be seen? Yeah, that's a great idea.

What they should do to improve the game is limit the amount of snipers per team or actually make sniping difficult so we can eliminate the people that hide in the back and get easy kills.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I find sniping to be a cheap way to get kills. Way worse than martyrdom.
Bodidley  +   2489d ago
totally agree N2N snipers are cheap unskilled cowards, however I do think they have a part to play in the overall game but think limiting the amount per game is a great idea. to remove the kill cam for snipers is the lamest idea i have ever heard, it juust shows how cowardly these guys are, the fact they have the advantage of a zoom sight means it has to be balanced for other players, if i happen to get sniped then i love nothing better than creeping up on the coward & stabbing him in his cowardly head!!!!
TheChosenWon  +   2489d ago
I dunno about you guys, but every COD match I play where a team is heavy on snipers always lose. Sure they may get their thrills "sniping" people, but in the end their team goes down in flames because you just can't accrue kills fast enough when you snipe.

And admit it, there's nothing better than sneaking behind a bunch of snipers roosted on a balcony somewhere, scoped in ready to shoot someone down, and then stabbing them all in the back one by one.

Viva la snipers! ;)
JeffGUNZ  +   2489d ago
@ N2NOther
Are you kidding me? How can you call sniping a coward?! First of all, why do you think they wear the ghillie suit? It's not a fashion statement, it's for CAMO, so they CAN'T be seen. I RARELY use the sniper. I am tenth prestiege with all the golden weapons besides the sniper, because I prefer run-and-gun in this game. But, sniping like A REAL SNIPER is impossible in this game because the kill cam. Maybe have a MAX of 3 jammed kill cams per life, but something to make sniping more covert. Picture you actually finding a spot that no one really uses and people keep walking by you laying down and you can pick them off. That's what a successful sniper can do. Planting clamores and sniping isn't fine, because once the calymore is gone, then what? Watch out because here comes 3 grenades coming your way. Walking then scoping and shooting real quick is not what sniping is about, it's about laying in cover and killing the enemy, confusing them, taking the attention off of the real objective and placing it on you.

Dude, do us all a favor and don't purchase Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, because you wouldn't last 10 seconds in that game play.

I work law enforcement, I shoot shotguns, rifles, and sniper rifles, and pistols throughout all my training, so I understand how each SHOULD be used. That is how you snipe, laying in the unseen and being patient for your kills. Just because YOU don't prefer it, doesn't make it a stupid idea. Grow up, you sound like a high school kid.
N2NOther  +   2489d ago
The reason the Kill Cam exist is because of how easy it is to snipe. Otherwise it would be cheap kill after cheap kill. Getting sniped in the arm is an insta-kill in COD. In order to balance this, we get a kill cam so we can see where we were shot from so we can flank and remove the sniper. This isn't real life, it's a VIDEO GAME. One where everyone should have an equal advantage. Camping RUINS shooters, period.

You mention the Ghillie suit? Really? It's so they can't be seen? You mean HIDE and get kills? Hmm...That sounds pretty cowardly to me. I'm not talking about a real life situation. I'm talking about a VIDEO GAME. And you have no idea how long I would last in any game because I think sniping in COD is cheap. I play all kinds of games and I play them well because I don't play them like COD if the gameplay demands a different tact. So please stop assuming you know anything about me.

Again, if sniping were more difficult, taking into account wind, velocity, you know, physics? Then I can understand the lack of kill cam. But when you have maps like Overgrown, Block, and Creek in which you have 4 snipers, BECAUSE sniping is so easy, kill cam is absolutely essential to balance gameplay.

Asking to be hidden while you pick people off from across the map without actually having to work for it like real snipers is, in fact, cowardly. You can defend it all you want, but all your doing is proving my point. I can guarantee you that if you had to actually work for your kills like a real sniper you wouldn't do it. But instead, you want to be able to hide, pick people off easily (whether you have to wait or not has nothing to do with how easy it is to get sniper kills) and remain there for the whole game? Good snipers, in the game, take kill cams into account and adjust accordingly. Again, it's a game and it's all about balance. Sorry if you don't agree, but frankly I don't care. IW isn't going to pander to your cowardice by removing kill cams in non-hardcore objective games. Because they know how easy it is to snipe and they know the kill cams offer a balance as to not git anyone that much of an advantage. Kudos to them. Behold their success.
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Josh11  +   2490d ago
DEDICATED SERVERS! Most important thing for the online play.

Some of these ideas are good, not perfect, some are not so good.

lawrence360x  +   2490d ago
Please Please Please .....
Do away with juggernaut !!!
nombon  +   2490d ago
@ socomnick
i 100% agree no F%@#ing vehicles in modern warfare 2 plzzzzzzzzz, they ruin everything :(
TheColbertinator  +   2490d ago
No vehicles and a radar jammer perk.
goflyakite  +   2490d ago

UAV jammer is very annoying.
Avenged Sevenfold  +   2490d ago
UAV Jammer already exists.
mmike855  +   2490d ago
Natural Phenomena
Just a thought.

How about a level set in a city that is experiencing a flood. You have to climb to higher points in a very vertical level to escape the ravages of the water.

Perhaps a level set in a huge flying fortress, one flip of the emergency exit handle and you bait your enemy into a free fall to the ground. Also, the giant plane turns throughout the level, so the junk in the isles, as well as you, get shifted around if you aren't careful.

A level set in the middle of a riot would be interesting, with NPC's throwing molotov coctails at riot police while you fight it out with your buddies in the middle of it all.

A level where you are stripped of all armor, guns, and are in the middle of a small village. You have to use what you can find to fight one another, or duke it out in epic fist battles.

Just throwing them out there.
outlawlife  +   2490d ago
gears 2 did the flood thing already and it is kinda lame

and everything you have listed is pretty much not the way call of duty is, people like the way modern warfare plays, they don't ned game changing and possibly game breaking gimmicks

other games already do those things and not many of them ended up being that good

if they take the gameplay that is in place and evolve it and refine it the game will be great

infinity ward knows what FPS players want, i really don't expect them to disappoint or ruin what they have going, they are on the brink of launching a whole knew franchise that will blow its predecessors out of the water

i see modern warfare 2 kind of going in a graw direction but with a bit more balls and that makes for a fantastically fun game
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mmike855  +   2490d ago
There just needs to be some evolution in the genre
There is so much room for advancement in video game concepts.
Ninjamonkey  +   2490d ago
I never got COD5 as it just seemed worse online than COD4...

Though personally I would like:

1) more slots for creating classes, like 20
2) I agree with the score thoing. KZ2 does it too. You consistantly find that people who have 20 kills and 25 deaths or something. Which in my book is worse than 2 kills and 1 death.
3) team respawning like in KZ2 and SOCOM. This makes people work toghether more, and lets be honest, in COD4 although your on a team its really every man for himself...
Queers of War  +   2490d ago
no matyrdom
no last stand
no vehicles
no juggernaut
make gameplay more realistic
IzKyD1331  +   2490d ago
-Customizable characters
-Dedicated servers
-Ability to create games
-Real clan support
-Quit overcharging for maps (having to PAY for maps is one thing, but 10 bucks is way too much)
-Matchmaking should separate the skilled players from the newer ones. This is better for new players as they aren't getting raped by 10th prestige players in their first game
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2490d ago
lol this is a noob friendly game. anybody can just jump in for the first time and do good
Kushan  +   2490d ago
I thought this list was supposed to IMPROVE gameplay? Read carefully and you can immediately tell the author of this only ever plays as a sniper.
I have nothing against people who snipe, however some people play objective based games like Domination or Headquarters and STILL just sit on their arse in the corner sniping, never taking objectives. They end up with a fairly good K/D ratio, but they never ever top score.

They also miss the point entirely about Prestige. The whole idea is that it shows off your true skill, it separates the people who simply play to win and those who have something to show, something to prove. It's like complaining about achievements, enough people do that because they don't "get" them.

I think CoDs gameplay has its issues, but it's still the best online MP out there today. And I trust infinity ward to do us all proud - even with the vehicles.
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phantomshadow  +   2490d ago
Prestige is hardly about skill. There are plenty of gold cross players on COD4 who are just plain terrible. It's not hard to hit prestige levels if you know what you're doing, or if you're playing with friends.
TheChosenWon  +   2490d ago
Not sure where you get the idea that they're always a sniper, I didn't get that at all. With reference to the K/D ratio, it's true that in pure deathmatch people run and gun and rack up stupid k/d ratios just to finish first, even if their 28 deaths lost the match for their team.

Also, regarding Prestige, I don't know that Treyarch really agrees with you, since they added the additional classes with each round of Prestige the player completes as a rewards. When it comes down to it, there's really no point to Prestige mode mode as it currently stands - some of the absolutely worst players I've played are 4 levels up from me. It CERTAINLY does *NOT* prove a players skill, as you claim. All Prestige does is prove you're either good (if you level up quickly) or play a lot (if you don't) ,or both. But there's no correlation between level, prestige level, and player skill. Whatsoever.

I think more people will get into Prestige mode, and thus play more, if they attached achievement rewards for Prestige.

Infinity Ward no doubt will do a good job. Looking forward to what Modern Warfare 2 brings.
Kushan  +   2490d ago
"Skill" is perhaps the wrong term to use when talking about prestiege, what I mean by it is that those who have full prestige are out to prove something and those that don't simply aren't. You know when you fight someone who's fully leveled up but hasn't prestiged that they're probably going to be a fairly weak player, relying on some of the better weapons and perks to carry them through. At least when you see someone on level 10 prestige, you know they've put the grunt work in to get it. And that's all it is meant to be, something to show off with, something that can set you apart from others. It's kind of Ironic that you suggest to put up an achievement for prestige, because what's the point in achievements? That's just replacing one meaningless number with another.
TheChosenWon  +   2490d ago
Achievement as in reward, not a game achievement. New guns. Gun skins. New maps. Whatever.

And when I see someone with a level 10 prestige, it means nothing. It doesn't mean they put the grunt work in - lord knows they could be sharing an account. And even if they did put in the grunt work themselves, what does that do for them or me? Absolutely nothing.

I think you're missing the point. Why is prestige in there in the first place? To keep people playing. To keep the community alive and matches running. Give people a goal of "leveling up". The more people play CoD, the more loyalty there is to it, and the more likely people are to buy the next one.

But why don't some people Prestige? Not necessarily because they suck, but maybe because when it comes down to it, there's no point to it. A lot of people don't associate their skill level with what cute little badge they have next to their name. Not to mention it's annoying to start over with insanely crappy guns. But if you give incentive for people to Prestige, say a sweet gun or something of similar value that enhances actually gameplay, the more likely they'll endure the pain and keep playing.

Think World of Warcraft. Why do people play to level 75 or whatever? Because the higher the level, the cooler the drops, weapons, mounts, etc. Extend that to Prestige, and you'll maybe see where my argument lies with making Prestige more worthwhile for players that don't see it as a sign of their mythical CoD skill/worth.
joemayo76  +   2490d ago
prestige system needs a lil bit of work, im thinking the higher the prestige the more kills u need to continue to level up.

ex. In CoD4 SnD 1 kill is 50pts, i'm sayin for a lvl 1 thats fine, but for a lvl 2 make it 40, lvl 3, 30pts etc. etc. as a kill shouldn't provide equal amounts of exp if ur a higher prestige

also works to minimize stat padders as you would really have to grind to get to the top prestige level (altho im sure that still won't stop some ppl)
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Zalset  +   2490d ago
Great improvements!
As a kill streak reward I would like a nuclear missile whick blows the heck out of the map. Would be awesome dont u think!?
jBat17  +   2490d ago
more grenades!!!
martyrdom with a nuke
the chopper needs to be more accurate
more auto-aim
keep it p2p, i love getting disconnected before a match begins
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N2NOther  +   2489d ago
The best way to improve MP in COD is a lobby system like Rainbow Six. Where you have a host set up a room and can control who's in the room. You can kick out players without mics first and foremost because they ruin the game more than anyone else. It's a team based game where communication is key. Instead you have no mic using lone wolves who only care about kills. Which is fine in TDM but terrible for the objective games like Domination, Sabotage and Headquaters.

You can also kick players that go 1-30. No matter how good YOU are, if someone on your team is that terrible, you're not going to do well. Sorry, but I play the game for MY fun and MY fun is ruined when I have to spend the time avoiding airstrikes and choppers because someone on the team can't master the fundamental task of not only not dying, but getting kills.

This also leads back to communication. If people are getting picked off they should tell the team where this is happening. So someone else can take care of it.

Then you have the retards that either don't understand HOW to play and objective game or just don't care. Either way, they do nothing good for the team.

This would also eliminate the automatic loss one receives because they joined a losing game in progress or one that ends immediately with a loss. I can't tell you how many times I've joined games where the score on Domination was 150-190 to 50 and of course I joined the losing team. Thanks IW for handing me a loss I had zero to do with.

With host made games this problem is over. There needs to be more control handed to the players and less to a TERRIBLE match-making system.

Also, I think AIRSTRIKES shouldn't shake the teams camera. Just like stuns and flashbangs don't effect the team, the same should go for airstrikes.
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