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Submitted by Sucks2BU 2493d ago | article

LittleBigPlanet has Failed Its Main Goal

While LittleBigPlanet has been well received critically and has sold respectively, six months after its release as it actually achieved what it set out to? This gameplayer article explores the notion that the utopian online community of avid level designers LittleBigPlanet hoped to harbour does not exist and that ultimately, it has failed to achieve its prime objective.

"Simply put, LittleBigPlanet isn't really the Everlasting Gobstopper we expected it would become, and at this stage it might be impossible to rescue from the precipice. It was Media Molecule's intention to rebrand LittleBigPlanet as platform, as opposed to a videogame, but at this stage it's pretty easy to argue that movement has been a failure." (Culture, LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, PS3)

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Sucks2BU  +   2493d ago
Some good points
I know the fanboys will probably leap at the headline without actually reading the article, but I think the guy has a point. He clearly loves the game (there is a link to his 10/10 review), but like him I find myself never having the time to actually go in and make use of the editor and the custom levels.

I remember originally Media Molecule did not even want to put in their own maps - so glad they did, otherwise I never would have played it!
HowarthsNJ  +   2493d ago
The author doesn't have a clue....
about the LBP community. It's going as strong as ever.
Sucks2BU  +   2493d ago
not having a go
But if you are in that community, then you probably cannot see how it is perceived from outside of it.
Genesis5  +   2493d ago
This is a great game for adult gamers to play with children. I still play mine at least once a week with my 8 year old daughter. We just like to go online and check out and play some new created levels.

Trust me this game will be around for along time.
HighDefinition  +   2493d ago
Shows what`s wrong w/ gaming. People are getting away from having fun w/ games, only wanting violence. Don`t get me wrong, I enjoy FRAGGING as much as the next guy but I always go back to games like this, and absolutely love them.
morganfell  +   2493d ago
Actually has failed it's main goal.

Also gameplayer acts as if they know the goal Sony had in mind. They do not.
TheTwelve  +   2493d ago
Facts prove otherwise:

Again, I wish there was more news on this site than bullcrap.

Baka-akaB  +   2493d ago
What's your point then ? That you dont find the time to go in the editor ? How is that the game's fault .

Not grilling you , i dont have time neither , i bought it , and looking at my list of trophies and how i havent finished the main campaign yet , i know i made a mistake buying it .

But it's my mistake , i didnt think it through a i'm busy with already too many others ps3 games (right now , demon souls , sf4 , killzone 2 , rockband , guitar hero, PES ) and knowing a few other games i expect are coming .
Killjoy3000  +   2493d ago
Well as far as I'm concerned the game has sold more than 1 million copies, stands at a metacritic score of 95, and has some of the most creative user created content I've ever seen.

I'd say it has met its goal, and then some.

And morganfell is absolutely correct. Since when has Sony come out and explained their goal for LBP?

I think this guy believes that internet hype is just as impactful as a press conference or keynote.
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TheExecutive  +   2493d ago
So because this one random journalist lost interest in the game the entire system has failed? Narcissism at its best.
Killjoy3000  +   2493d ago
@ The Executive
Well said. I find it funny when these "Journalists," take pride in overgenralizing an entire group of people. More than 1 million people at that.
anh_duong  +   2493d ago
the title "LBP has failed"

does he know that lbp is still selling 100k copies a month worldwide?? does he know that lbp sales in japan have increased week in week out for the last six weeks in the row?? does he know that the game has sole more than 2.15mio copies thus far - one of the most successful new ip launch this generation?? does he know that there are more than 3/4 million use levels created?? does he know that new dlc to be released will make lbp levels even more creative (and you don't even need to pay to take advantage of this dlc)?

shakes head at how journalist this generation resort to sensationalists headlines to whorehits

and then they complain about fanboys...

it's like george bush blowing the heck out of iraq and then complaining why muslims don't like him..

they just don't get it: antagonistic sensationalist headline =/= does not make good journalism

wonder when the games journalism will extricate itself from the excrement it rubs itself with day in day out.

another case of a million monkeys with a million keyboard. why are there so many monkeys in the video games journalism industry???
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anh_duong  +   2493d ago
and don't forget that everything media molecule achieved with lbp was done on the back of a studio with only 25 permanant employees!!

25 freaking employees went to create a new ip that sold 2.15 million copies and won more awards then some studios ten time their size have achieved in their whole lifetime.

the return on capital of media molecule on the back of lbp must be absolutely incredible.

yes lbp is a failure /sarcasm

the only thing that is a failure is the author of the gameplayer article

in credit crunch times like these i wonder why people like the author still have a job..
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t-dizzle  +   2493d ago
@ 1.4 - HighDefinition - Umm have you heard of the wii???
Last time I checked, Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports have sold an almost insurmountable amount of games. I think people still like to have fun outside of first person shooters. Just because people did not accept this game, does not mean they are not accepting others. Fun still rules this generation!
robertspangler  +   2493d ago
Failure is relative to the goals. One can aruge one way or the other, but never reach a consensus.
Stubacca  +   2493d ago
Good article. But I disagree
I too don't get a lot of time to make levels. Killzone 2 has me playing Warzone till the early hours.

But I went back on it last night and really enjoyed all the new levels that have been made such as Metal Gear Rex vs Ray. And was also delighted to see my Empire Strikes Sack level has well over 1000 plays:

Little Big Planet is a gem. It succeeded in being an addictive, creative game that will be around for years!
Montrealien  +   2493d ago
shame on you gameplayer! 40 people here on N4G dissagree!

I enjoyed the game, I bring in a rental every now and then to check out the new stuff, but nothing more. It is a great game, is that not enough? Who cares if gameplayer thinks it failed, or that only thousands, and not millions play it every week, as long as you enjoy it, that is all that matters.

Look at mega man powered up, to this day there are new lvls being made every week, and I expect little big planet to have a community years from now. However if anyone was expecting this to be a world wide phenom where everyone makes new lvls all the time was wrong. creative games like this are a niche market, always have been, always will be imho.
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theKiller  +   2493d ago
some info
LBP sales is at 2,000,000
Levels created and available is at 750,000

every day there is new levels and this guys saying it havent met its goals??? so what?? i wish every game doesnt meet its goal and make something creative and fun as this!!

the game is still evolving and still selling very well, i will buy is when i get the ps3 along with MGS4,uncharted,KZ2,MT:PR!!!
HighDefinition  +   2493d ago
Mario has the name, Wii sports is a gimmick, although it is fun for a few Hrs.
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Saigon  +   2493d ago
This was posted before
but as an April fools joke...seriously...if you think this game fails because you don't like to create things...whos fault is that...look at the community new designs and levels come out all the can't get enough of this game...
Eddie20101  +   2493d ago
There is over 700 thousand user created levels, does Halo 3 have that many. Just because the person that wrote the article does not create levels for the game does not mean that there are not many others who are.

Thats the problem, many people write articles or comments like there the only one who's opinion counts or there the only one who is playing the game or not playing the game, as the case may be.
Freak of Nature  +   2493d ago
Speaking of fragging and LBP....Lets see....

I frag to my hearts content in Horde mode of Gears 2 and with killzone....Love them both! But LBP is my favorite,stylish,unique,creati ve,fun.

I want more from Media molecule,more LBP content and a new full blown new IP action/platformer from them.

Hear me MM,get on it....

LBP = Fantastic....
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Dark General  +   2493d ago
Isn't the main goal making sure the game is fun to play so that people will come back and play it?

But really i think the game does a great job at doing what it does. Now i don't play LBP daily or bi-weekly but when i do hop on i can easily find a few 4 or 5 star rated levels that's been played by a few thousand people. And those levels usually end up being pretty good. Same way i can go into someones first time level and see what they tried to do and their "angle" of how they wanted their level to flow etc.
Nike  +   2493d ago

"LittleBigPlanet needs to be seen for what it is: A platformer with a phenomenal physics engine and a powerful design tool that emulates anything from Mario to Gradius. The art style is lovable without being too cutesy; levels can be built and shared at the drop of a hat. There’s no denying that most mods have only scratched the surface of what the tools are truly capable of. The most important thing, however, is LBP’s quality. It’s fun, fresh, innovative and at the same time, easy to pick up, accessible to all ages. It must also be seen for what it isn’t: A means for measuring one consoles’ superiority over the other, next to games several genres apart from it.

"Failures in the game industry happen all the time, and happen to the best of titles. However, as long as one can enjoy it without any fan-boy prejudices, as a gamer who’s always looking for an excellent title, one that eats up the time usually spent on schoolwork, family and friends, then no matter what the numbers, Sackboy and the very essence of gaming he stands for, will never die."
Sucks2BU  +   2493d ago
As usual
The n4g crowd has completely misinterpreted the article. You guys are damn good at that. Not sure which of the above points is more worthy of chastising (for all the good it will do me).

1.)Waving around sales figues is stupid since the article is not calling its sales a failure
2.) Saying that one journos point of view means nothing, but then waving around your own expereince like it is a counter-point that proves him wrong is just hypocrtical drosh.

And @ morganoff. I think a games site that had amble face-to-face interviews and meetings with Media Molecule would have a pretty decent idea of what their goal was. Not to mention that in every interview I read with them they went to great lengths to point out that they WERE trying to achieve the goal that this article suggests they failed.
Dark General  +   2493d ago
I wasn't trying to discount the writers opinion from the article. I was just saying for ME, my experience is that they meet that goal. Using the game as a platform for both creators and players. Just look at some of the points he makes in the article. Time consumption, level quality and rating system. You can generally tell which levels are great by looking at their star rating and how many people rated it. Not to mention the heart level/author tool. If you like certain levels made by one person why not heart them and play some of their other levels? Or use the "find similar level" button? Not to mention you can take a look at what quality levels people on your friends list hearted that you never played through. That's why i don't think it's hard to find good level quality and why the rating system works in my opinion.

As for Time, that i can agree with. I tried creating a level but i just couldn't sink as much time into it. I invited a few people from my friends list over to play the unfinished version and they liked what they played but the fact was i just couldn't sink 3+ hours a day into creating my level and working at level design flaws. That i can agree with. NOW with that being said is it perfect? No not at all. It can definitely use more touchups to the rating system and maybe have different level tiers of popularity so you can wane out the crowd favorites and search for hidden gems if you want. Also they could give us a few more tools a bit more often such as the paint gun.
Electricear  +   2493d ago
The only thing I think LBP needs
is the ability to check multiple search options for some form of a Boolean search. I want the ability to look for platformers AND also ones rated with the most stars AND also ones with the most hearts. I just don't understand why the search system can't locate just the best of a user specified kind of level.

It would also be nice if they had options to pick a range of star ratings. For example what if some ones level only averaged 3 stars, perhaps that individual may only want to see other 3 star levels for comparison. With between .75 and 1 million user made levels out there, giving people more tools to locate specific kinds of content can only benefit the game.
Nike  +   2492d ago
"(b) Saying that one journos point of view means nothing, but then waving around your own expereince like it is a counter-point that proves him wrong is just hypocrtical drosh."

Using points is fun! Let me try it:

1. Never said it's wrong or means nothing.
2. The counter-point i posted is from an article from my colleague's site. Found those particular two paragraphs relevant in describing my stance on the matter.
3. Counter-points have existed in popular media for decades now, be it TV, radio or newspapers. They're not going anywhere and they won't stop appearing on the net.
4. Calling some one a hypocrite if he actually DOES prove another wrong is entirely misleading. It only means that the original person's opinion wasn't that strong to begin with.

The whole thing is very relative in terms of what LBP set out to do. On one hand, there are a large number of community users. On the other, many of them (as evidenced from above statements) just couldn't sink in the time and patience required or demanded from them. If MM were to take a series of surveys of customers across different demographics and post the results, you may get a wider view as to what the game HAS achieved since it's release.

As such, games can be whatever we want them to be. When the debate is going on about how games can be art because they require craft and skill to make, as well because anything could be art, then who's to say they can't fulfill whatever we want them to fulfill? For some, a game like FF7 could be a love story. For others, it could be a solid RPG. For still others, an adventure epic. For another group of others, the best means to rear Chocobos.

Even if MM has stated that the game hasn't achieved what they wanted, well, a writer or painter or film-maker's desire is often irrelevant when they net either financial success or failure. It doesn't matter what they wanted - so long as their paying customers got what they wanted. Have the paying customers got what they wanted out of LBP? Some of them here say, "Yes". :)
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prunchess  +   2492d ago
With failures like this....
Who needs success!
commodore64  +   2493d ago
From the article:
"a mere five months after I fell in love with the game, getting motivated to plough through what may or may not be a plethora of ill-designed and weakly implemented user-created levels hardly gets my heartbeat racing."

That speaks volumes!
earwax  +   2493d ago
LittleBigPlanet has Failed Its Main Goal
And so has KZ2,Uncharted,Lair,HAZE,MGS4 ect.... ect..... and the DEFEATS keep on coming. NONE of these were "system sellers"
commodore64  +   2492d ago
Wow look!

I got 14+ disagrees just for quoting the article.
Grow up, Children.
rekonizakilla  +   2492d ago
That's because we're more than capable of reading the article ourselves.
commodore64  +   2492d ago
would it be, perhaps, that you didn't like the quote?

Yes, that seems more likely.
moose4987  +   2493d ago
didnt fail... completely.
It didn't fail in the respect that it is a hugely entertaining game that i can play with my friends, or my little brothers. It may not have sold as many copies as they would have liked, but it's still an extremely fun game. So maybe it failed in sales, but the game itself is a win for sure.
Baka-akaB  +   2493d ago
No failure at all rather .

I know it was a much advertised game yet , but let's be honest with ourselves guys .

Platform games dont sells in bigger quantities currently , unless it's from nintendo .

Every genre have or had a period to shine , and right now the time isnt ripe for platform games . Fighting only barely made it back to the top , thanks to SC4 and street fighter's success . Those few last years , outside of 3d fighting sims such as tekken and VF , the fighting games genre was pretty much a niche , and it's games like sc4 and mostly SF4 that made it mainstream again .
And it probably wont last .. blaz blue and kof are as niche as it can be , and tekken 6 is still far away .

So back to the point .
I dont see how is everyone expecting huge sales or any better from non Nintendo platformers in this era . Braid made some breakthrough via online stores , and Ratchet sold pretty well . And so did so far LBP .

I'm baffled everyday to see people act as if a million unit wasnt a lot , especially at today's prices for games .
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myothercar  +   2493d ago
The problem with gamers today- they want to play the exact same game/maps/modes 24/7/365. LBP is too fresh and dynamic for the masses (idiots)
Nuclearfish  +   2493d ago
If the game had 'failed', there would only be a few people still playing it, it definately wouldn't have sold over 1 million copies, and all of the levels would be rubbish.

Just because one journalist doesn't have the time to make a good level doesn't mean the game has 'failed'.
Droid Smasha  +   2493d ago
I thought lbp was supposed to change gaming forever
Has it changed it yet? I blinked and might of missed it
GayStation3  +   2493d ago
Moving along, nothing new here.
Anything associated with the Turdstation is automatically a failure.
theEnemy  +   2493d ago
Hey! how you doing
Open-Zone-Only boys ?
deathray  +   2492d ago
this article is pure flame-bait. fail.
theEnemy  +   2493d ago
I think
LBP's main goal was to entertain, let the gamers be some sort of a developer, let the user-created levels be enjoyed by everyone playing online, and most of all, make these gamers have fun as much as they want.

And LBP has delivered all that.
rawd  +   2493d ago
LBP community is stronger then ever. MM is releasing a new toolset to make custom levels even better. This article fails nicely
bob saget remix  +   2493d ago
stupid article
techie  +   2493d ago
Says one man who doesn't seem to have done any research into the LBP community.
tdrules  +   2493d ago
the time i care about sales is the time i stop gaming simple as.
the facts are that great levels are being made six months from release, and thats all that matters to me, to have fun
vilmer  +   2493d ago
The LBP community is thriving and doing very well. I have no idea what this guy is trying to get across.
Montrealien  +   2493d ago
I am curious, is there a place we can go see how many people play it, or log on and check new lvls ect?
Dmack79  +   2493d ago
This article = FAIL.
But I guess we need an anti-PS3 article once in awhile, just to appease the poor jealous xbots. Here you go xbots, enjoy! XD
MysticStrummer  +   2493d ago
ummm... what?
Over three quarters of a million user created levels since release... yeah, total failure. LOL
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butterfinger  +   2493d ago
You're right...
the problem with this article is the ONLY thing they are basing this on is the fact that THEY do not feel like playing it anymore. They provided NO statistics or ANYTHING to prove that the LBP community isn't thriving. Using the picture of "LittleBigFAIL" screams flamebait, and comparing the community to that of Halo's makes you look foolish. Either play LBP more or don't, nobody really cares.
Sucks2BU  +   2493d ago
That it comes from the perspective of someone who loved the game and was wholly behind it. And it comes from someone who plays and writes about games for a living... you know, instead of just a Sony fanboy latching onto hope, of an Xbox fanboy just tring to bring the hate.
butterfinger  +   2492d ago
@ Sucks2bu
This comes from the perspective of someone that supposedly loves LBP, but doesn't want to play it anymore. It also comes from someone that writes about games for a living on a site that not many people care about. I get that you are probably the actual author or work for this site or something, but the fact is this person provides NO facts whatsoever for anything he claims. Where is your counter argument? Where are the numbers? If you review my past comments you will find that I am not a fanboy of any console. I'm just someone that respects quality journalism, and this is the exact opposite.
koehler83  +   2493d ago
I agree it is still too hard to sort through the crap in LBP and there is a lot of it.

Why is it that even after the search overhaul, searching "Highest Rated" still yields nothing but garbage? Trophy whore level after trophy level. Clearly the user base is given far too much freedom with their use of gold stars. If users don't want to add their own opinion, their ratings shouldnt default to the status quo. They should be omitted completely.

There are many problems with LBP, definitely, but the biggest has to be whatever is keeping the good content from floating to the top and the crap from sinking to the bottom, like it should.
Baka-akaB  +   2493d ago
What would you do about that ? It's inherent to any "youtubesque" community . Just like in singstar you'll see a lot of crappy videos , it's part of the game of community content imho .
ActionBastard  +   2493d ago
This Article has Failed Its Main Goal
The sheer amount of content and user levels (Pixelation 1.0, LBContra, etc) contradicts any points the article attempted. Fail...just fail.
#14 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Miraak82  +   2493d ago
i love the pixelation levels as well as anti-color levels , those are so cool
Jockamo  +   2493d ago
What's Little Big Planet?
ReBurn  +   2493d ago
I bought LittleBigPlanet upon release. The editing tools are very powerful, but designing and implementing levels is very tedious. There have been a handful of truly awesome levels that others have designed, but most of the stuff out there is just cruft.

I rather enjoyed the levels that came with the game and without the ability to create your own levels I still think that it would have been worth it, though. Especially with the ability to play online with friends.
josephat84  +   2493d ago
This game...
sucks after playing it for a while. I bought this and sold it. Great idea, just not implemented very well.
Jockamo  +   2493d ago
Sackboy was advertised to be the PS3 posterchild...
Baka-akaB  +   2493d ago
Or it was just a hyped game that actually succeeded well enough in sales and critics...

But obviously guys like you would see the "Sony mascot" in every new game being hyped .

hell i remember people going on about Crash being sony's Mario , back in the days where Crash bandicoot was released and did matter .

Sony never had a mascott or representative , and was never known for ONE guy or hero , like Masterchief , Sonic or Mario .
#18.1 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jockamo  +   2493d ago
"I" didn't want Sony to have a mascot. I could care less if they had a Mario. But, THEY said in interviews that they were aiming to have Sackboy be the figure to be associated with the PS3.

I blame the lack of success of this game on the waning popularity of Sackboy.

I think they should have used Sly Fox or something like that as their poster character. Not Sackboy. ...sounds like a character made out of a scrotum or something...
GarandShooter  +   2493d ago
What lack of success?
MetalProxy  +   2493d ago
compairing Halo3 to LBP? LMAO This guy is a idiot.
gotta love the hate articles, and I cant wait to see how the M$ boyz spin this one *facepalm
Sangria  +   2493d ago
It reminds me when LittleBigPlanet was available only in beta, an article of a guy saying that LBP was a failure because he couldn't manage to create a horse.

It just take time to make levels, but that's kinda obvious, we can't create a level in a snap. Even in TimeSplitters, it was taking time to do it, but if you have the imagination, there's no reason your level would suck. Of course there are garbage levels, but is it LBP's fault, giving too much tools, or players fault, that make levels because they feel they have to without giving a QA?

There are millions of users, thousands of levels and many of them are really ingenious, i have big fun playing and there are regular updates and DLC. To me, LittleBigPlanet succeeded perfectly.
#20 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ballsofsteel  +   2493d ago
is this guy complaining the he isn't compelled to make his own level/ play other user made levels or that there are no good user made levels either statement is completely stupid. a game can't be blamed for your lack to interest in it especially one so accessible as LBP. Also After a couple months new levels are continually going up i admit i don't play hours upon hours of LBP but that was never the intention of LBP it was suppose to be a game the you use check up on every couple weeks and play for an hour or two
DJ  +   2493d ago
I'm gonna have to scratch my head on this one.
2 million in sales. 750 thousand user-generated levels. Yet Gameplayer claims it's a failure? I'm a bit lost for words.
Unicron  +   2493d ago
As I said, people toss around the terms fail and flop WAY too easy in this day and age. I think this also goes to show that people more than ever want INSTANT gratification and are afraid to work for anything, be it creating a great level, seeing the final boss, etc.
maverick1191  +   2493d ago
gaystation its entertaining watching your bubbles go down
SWANN  +   2493d ago
Gaystation is gay!
It's funny how people keep writing articles like this in a poor attempt to make the PS3 look bad, which is a fail within itself & this guy named "Gaystation" that has a picture of a pink PS3 as his icon. You tell me who is gay with a pic like that?
Sonyfanclubpresident  +   2493d ago
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ultimolu  +   2493d ago
...I don't know what to say about this one.

I respect the fact the guy doesn't like it or whatever but that doesn't change the fun factor for people who do.
DelbertGrady  +   2493d ago
"While LittleBigPlanet has been well received critically and has sold respectively"

Say what? For a game hyped up to be the next Super Mario Brothers it's sales were pitiful. It only sold 2 million. And it was bundled. In comparison, Fable 2 - a game that didn't receive half of the hype, marketing or reviews that LBP got - has sold around 0.5 million more units.

Embarrassing. LBP was a failure indeed. I feel sorry for MM. They should have released it on 360/PC instead. Would have sold much better.
ultimolu  +   2493d ago
Why don't you get something called a life, play some f*cking games and shut the hell up about sales?

I don't recall Media Molecule being upset over the sales of the game. Two million is very impressive for a new IP.

You're a failure for even being here talking crap. -__-
ActionBastard  +   2493d ago
Fable 2 has double the console user base and only sold 500k more? Than an original IP platformer? HAHAHAHAHA. It's sad you think that amounts to, well, anything.
Man_of_the_year  +   2493d ago
For someone who doesn't care about sales - you sure do like to tell people to stop talking about sales....
#26.3 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2493d ago
For someone who claims he isn't a fanboy, you sure do defend people to who talk crap on a daily basis.

I never cared about sales. I hype games based on the gameplay and what I've seen. I've been in the beta of LBP and what matters to me is that it's a fun game.

Sales isn't going to help me in life.
#26.4 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
DelbertGrady  +   2493d ago
@ultimolu/juuken/panda tits
"Sales isn't going to help me in life."

Only God knows what will, and he's as non-existant as your sexlife.
#26.5 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Sonyfanclubpresident  +   2493d ago
Juuken is
a sad little fat girl.
3rd place doesn't make her very happy,along with LBPs lackluster performance.

Go sit in yer corner.
Shane Kim  +   2493d ago
And you two virgins are as close to a woman you'll ever be.
Droid Smasha  +   2493d ago
Soda - 1
ultimolu-the-hutt - 0
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Sonyfanclubpresident  +   2493d ago
Yeah Shane,
yer the woman.
Man_of_the_year  +   2493d ago
@ ultimolu
So truth about sales numbers is now Crap to you? So anyone who talks sales is crap and anyone who argues with sales numbers which are pretty concrete factual information is considered supporting people that talk crap when they use factual sales references?

I am lost. So now Facts are crap?

I have stock in Sony and MS since both their shares are so damn low now. I didn't invest much but atleast i have stocks in sales numbers on both sides actually matter to me and maybe a lot of others who do invest in the market to attain gains for their future retirments.

So to me SALES are NOT CRAP. People who try to hide sales from me in regards to sony and MS are CRAP to me. So go Play your games while i worry about my investments and money and future prospects in LIFE!!!

You know that thing you tell so many people to get...maybe you should get one too and then respect what SALES actually have to offer a person.
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ultimolu  +   2493d ago
*snore* What's that sound?

Must be the sound of crying bots.

My sex life is none of your f*cking business. I'm surprised you guys haven't even been with a real woman but instead you take turns giving each other blow jobs over there.


And Soda, you think you're big and bad insulting a female huh?

Just because I told you sales don't matter? You're sadder than I thought. :o

I have better uses for my time than to deal with immature asswipes such as yourself. :)
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DelbertGrady  +   2493d ago
@Shane Kim
I'm always close to women.

@ultimolu - Since when are you a female? Nice try.

"I have better uses for my time than to deal with immature asswipes such as yourself."

Apparently you don't. If you did you wouldn't have replied to me to begin with. Your lack of intelligence is striking.
#26.12 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2493d ago
Since when you are a man Soda? Seems to me that you're just a pansy little boy who thinks he's all big and bad insulting a female.

I eat insults like yours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't take crap from nobody. Not you, not any one of the little trolls with their many, many accounts.
DelbertGrady  +   2493d ago
Is that so, juuken/ultimolu? ;)
#26.14 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2493d ago
Oh, good one Soda! I don't use juuken anymore. I changed to this account to change my name.

You just keep failing. D:

Adios "tough guy". I got games to play. :)
Man_of_the_year  +   2493d ago
@ ultimolu
LOL you contradicted yourself so many times in this one thread i almost lost count.

First you tell people to get a life rather than research sales facts and play games (yet self improvment in knoledge is considered more admirable than playing games), then you say you have a life and that you are off to play some games (aparently your living your so life by playing games when LIFE =/= playing games).....then you say to others that they are multi-account trolls yet you admit that you are a multi-account user and going by your history of posts....looks like you can be a bit of a troll yourself...LOL.

Also November 22nd i am getting married at a really awesome resort in cancun if your comments were directed towards me, then i just wanted to correct you. here is a link to the kicks a$$

Reap what you sow baby...Reap what you sow.

@ darkpower - Actually lost and damned did very well. The first of 2 DLC has had 1 million downloads for a total of around $20,000,000.00 of revenue over a total of what 3 weeks. Pretty darn good for DLC...lets see how KZ2's DLC compare shall we?
#26.16 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   2493d ago
Umm, to the 360 assholes... this WHY you were banned from the Gamer Zone?

It's sad that she knows more about being a gamer than any of you idiots put together. You must be SO insecure about your own masculinity that you have to attack someone else's womanhood over something so f*cking STUPID!

And since sales did Lost and Damned do again?

@Man_of_the_year: I mean in regards to PROJECTED sales, jackass.

Not like you have any way to prove numbers that you pulled out of your ass, anyway. Since, you know, MS never even RELEASED the sales figures for LAD!

And PLEASE don't try the KZ2 DLC route because...well, IT ISN'T EVEN F'N OUT YET, YOU DOUGHNUT!
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DelbertGrady  +   2493d ago
darkpower is ultimolu/juukens third account.

"New Message:
2 hours ago | By: ultimolu | Block
Why don't you stop using your multiple accounts to disagree with me? You know, sales don't matter to me as long as I have fun with the game."

That's why the he-she so eagerly accuses everyone else of using multiple accounts.
#26.18 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2493d ago
You're an idiot Soda.

I love how I have two disagrees already. You're using multiple accounts Soda.
#26.19 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   2493d ago
@Soda Popinsky

Now I KNOW your delusional...either that or desperate to prove you're somehow CORRECT!

Do me a favor and talk about the GAMES instead of doing this petty bullshiet!

EDIT@sack_boi: Yeah, that's right. I wouldn't know life without my PS3...or my Wii...or my 360...or my PC...


Okay, well, let's say it THIS way. Her response:

"Why don't you get something called a life, play some f*cking games and shut the hell up about sales?

I don't recall Media Molecule being upset over the sales of the game. Two million is very impressive for a new IP.

You're a failure for even being here talking crap. -__- "

Notice her talking about MM not being upset over the sales (which is what you brought up to begin with).

YOUR response?:

""Sales isn't going to help me in life."

Only God knows what will, and he's as non-existant as your sexlife. "

Followed by a snowball of other people who joined you in attacking her GENDER, which is rather funny. Why? Because why in the blue HELL would a male on a site that is about a hobby that is geared towards a male demographic would lie about being a FEMALE? Usually it would be the other way around (you know, because some people don't want to think that females can be gamers at all).

Soda, you're failing MISERABLY and you're obviously very happy with digging that hole even further.

Go back to what you do best, which is create some fake outrage over HHG or the "SDF" or something like that and leave us the rest of the gamer's alone.
#26.20 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
sack_boi  +   2493d ago
@Soda Popinsky
Dark Power is a Notorious PS3 fanboy. I don't think he's Juuken/Ulti's alternate account.
Juuken/Ultimolu on the other hand is an internet transvestite that really, really love his PS3.
DelbertGrady  +   2493d ago
Great comeback.

@darkpower - My first comment was about GAMES.

Blame your b!tch for going off topic.

@ultimolu - Pls, send me some more confused, paranoid pm's about multiple accounts. They really reek of desperation. You think everything you say is the absolute truth, that's why the disagrees get to you. Maybe we can work together and try to establish your gender/species?
#26.22 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2493d ago
*smacks sack boi* -_-

Soda, you're still an idiot.
Droid Smasha  +   2493d ago
Back to your hole ulti
you have been OWNED enough for today

ultimolu  +   2493d ago
Hey Droid, why don't you head back to Greenburg's house? He's not done with you yet.

You guys are disagreeing for what? My comments are still here. darkpower's comments are still here. You're not going to magically make us change our comments.

Proof that fanboys have no lives whatsoever.

EDIT: Yeah but you can disagree right? Ya damn coward. The words struck your poor little soul didn't it?

Why do you call yourself Droid Smasha? You didn't smash jack sh*t boy.
#26.25 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Droid Smasha  +   2493d ago
Is that the best you could come up with Jabba?
How about I wont respond on this post and Ill even let you edit yours into something better. Deal?

Edit: Should I address you guys (darkpower & ulti) as one or just keeping playing along that this is two seperate people. lol
#26.26 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   2493d ago
@Droid Smasha
And you're not allowed in the Gamer Zone...WHY, exactly?

EDIT: Trust me, unless I got a sex change (which I didn't least the last time I CHECKED), I'm not her. Go ahead and look at my profile if you want proof. I've been here for a GOOD while.
#26.27 (Edited 2493d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2493d ago
You guys are so mucho picking on one female lol!. Dam, i never knew you bots are so pathetic.

I have never seen anything like this before anywhere. There is a saying in my country that kids miss behave and forget about manners when their parents are no longer around. Do any of you idiots have sisters or daughters?.

Soda. How do you feel if i ask you mom, sister or daughter about their sexlife?.

I feel sorry for all of you losers.
1ikedamaster  +   2492d ago
Ultimolu has the worst comebacks I've ever waisted my time reading. Seriously, don't post anymore.
mastiffchild  +   2493d ago
I have nothing but praise for LBP. I play with my two lads and my 13 yr old daughter meets her mates to play each others levels every other night.

Some of the levels seem "crappy" but remember that some of them , many in fact, are made by very young kids just starting out making things at all and their ratings and tastes are different to us addled and cynical gamers in general.

It's a huge success if you consder how stuck in their ways most gamers are. Remember the fuss this year over two games because the controls weren't like every other single game around? KZ2 wasn't enough like COD4 and SE5 enough like Gears or L4D. Resistance to change is at an all time high in our passion. Think about it, the most successful(in sales) game outside of anything starting with Wii is Halo3 and exactly what did that bring to the table that was new?
Forge-and nothing else at all-in fact in SP some of the things I liked best were culled yet it sells like mad due to the above and the Halo hype train MS foisted on us.

LBP bucks the trend for not innovating(though oddly Killzone2 got crucified by some for not innovating enough in the same breath as they moaned that the controls were too hard to grasp because they DID add something). It does seem that there's more of an imperative for Sony games to innovate while Gears and Halos last outings did little to furnish the games world with much fresh content-so, imo, LBP has done far better than it could have hoped for.
divideby0  +   2493d ago
what is the point ?
LBP community is thriving, the game was well received, when the game drops in price even more will buy it takes time to make a level....maybe in the LBP2, the editor which have obviously evolved to make design faster.
Lastlivingsoul  +   2493d ago
I think now more than ever, there is some great user-generated content. I stopped playing LBP for awhile...due to fallout3 and killzone2, but I've recently been playing a lot more. It's great for when you have friends over. I am consistently surprised by what I see in this game every single time I put it in. What else could you want in a game? Media Molecule says they have some game changing dlc coming soon...I really can't wait to see that.

One more thing; Halo sucks.
dash--  +   2493d ago
This article is BS
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