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Cajun Chicken3141d ago

I think we all know what this is!

Kain813141d ago

Heilige Scheisse muss haben

Sorry but i had to do it**

Blackcanary3141d ago

Hope ur right man WarHawk in space would be wicked cool.

InfectedDK3141d ago

Sh!t so many games for the PS3 I have to choose from AAA titles.
I'm looking forward to this one too. Have to se it. Warhawk is great.

Killjoy30003141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )


lol Just kidding but that is a great name and I'm glad Incog is continuing their work with one of the most frentic online multiplayer games I've ever played. But I was also looking forward to a nextgen debut of War Of The Monsters. Oh well.

MisterNiwa3141d ago

Heilige Scheiße, indeed.

Deviant3141d ago

"Heilige Scheisse muss haben "

Trollimite3141d ago

who want people to stop doing this. it would have been better to find out when sony announced it.

if these guys dont stop doing this there going to make a law

Stubacca3141d ago

I'm glad to hear about this now! It's great news for the Warhawk Community.

I'd love a space shooter in the vein of Star Wars Starfighter/Battlefront!

Chubear3141d ago

This may just have a Single player campaign too. WoW! Not a big WH fan but if this has SP, I'm all over it for sure.

ThanatosDMC3141d ago

Hmmm... flight in space might end up being that other mode of flight... I like flying my warhawk on the default mode. I cant wait to find out more about this game! Give us lots of people, lots of vehicles, lots of weapons, lots of bigger ships! Fighters (warhawks/starhawks), Frigates (dropships or whatever), cruisers, mechs, tanks, turrets, etc!

QuackPot3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

As a diehard Warhawk fan, Warhawk 2 is needed rather than Starhawk. Space gameplay will be significantly different to Warhawk.

Warhawk is now a brand name synonymous with awesome online experience - for those who know the game well.

It's not a perfect game but it's one of the best MP online out there. But it can also definitely be improved with a sequel - not taken into space.

I'd like to see Warhawk 2 remain land based but now a FPS with sprint, roll, climb function, more weapons and vehicles(make the look more awesome), epic maps AND bots, bots, bots. And even make it 64 players online.

If Starhawk is Warhawk in space then SONY will be starting a new franchise. Think of it as being so.

rockleex3141d ago

People will come here trying to say Starhawk is just a ripoff of Starfox... -_-"

rockleex3141d ago

Zero gravity maps?

That would be awesome! It would be kind of like the battle rooms from the book Ender's Game. >:D

Uzesgelen_Goo3141d ago

no man no need FPS. if you played Star Wars Battlefront 2 it's saome way very similar with Warhawk. (personally i want online only SW:BF3 like Warhawk) i'm now Major on Warhawk and very excited hearing this StarHawk i hope it's goes way of the Warhawk not freaking fps.
psn Tseska_922 (^_^)b

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OGharryjoysticks3141d ago

Only Buck Rogers is a NPC and you control his buddy Hawk with the funny helmet.

shadow-sentinel3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

It will be great for this game to see the light of day only on the PS3 as Sony never fails to deliver. 2009 is shaping up to be a good year for the PS3 with a dose of Uncharted 2, Tales Of Vesperia, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, M.A.G, Infamous, God Of War 3 and superior multi-platforms. Microsoft can do nothing but constantly buy mediocre third-party games and exclusive DLC. I feel sorry for the mind controlled butthurt Xbots.

It is clear that PS3 is the choice for true gamers who wish to have best gaming experience with free online that will soon make Xbox Live bend down.

Keep suffering Xbots, Microsoft will do nothing but make you suffer even more. Me and my fellow droids will enjoy the sight.

blackbeld3141d ago

Yep.... we got another EXCLUSIVE PS3 GAME!!!!!!

Karum3141d ago

Sequel to Warhawk set in space!

I'm hoping for a single player campaign with this one too, assuming ofc it is a Warhawk sequel.

QuackPot3141d ago

Warhawk is well known now as a MP only game.

Time should be spent on perfecting MP/Coop online rather than SP.

Plus if a sequel gets clever bots then SP not needed at all - just awesome weapons, vehicles and epic maps.

Jampy1513141d ago

sniping while using a jet pack in space will be cool

Max Power3141d ago

it makes you wonder how they are going to alter the weapons, lasers?

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