M.A.G. Will Convert 360 Owners To PS3 hiphopgamershow 4/12/09

* XNA Is The Future Of Xbox360
* Home Will Drive 3rd Party Sales
* Bethesda Software New Title This Year
* Game Review - MLB'09 The Show

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Chubear3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

It's that time of the week again I'll be back in an hour to check all the hater comments. They're indeed great comic relief. I love seeing how mad they get cause they dont' want to support the HHGS but it's just too good to resist every Sunday LOL.

IrishRepublicanArmy3506d ago

the hhg have an account on n4g??

irish-leprecaun3506d ago

i say we get a big gang of us n4g's together and take him on!!!!!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

"Sir Ken Kutaragi DOESN'T want PONDLIFE 360 Owners To Convert to the PS3"
(We don't want or need them)
SirKenKutaragiShow;) 4/12/09

AngryTypingGuy3505d ago

Metal Queer Solid 4
Queerzone 2
Queers of War

In continuing the fine tradition of N4G users in associating exclusives of the opposing console with homosexuality, allow me to introduce


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MAR-TYR-DOM3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

EDIT: The truth is the truth, he gets his news from N4G. Anyone who says otherwise is just fooling themselves.

LMFAO!! Does anyone else think hiphopfail just read the article about MAG today and made his show on that? LOL i think soo. All hiphopgamer does is just rehash news/articles from N4G. Completely useless and waste of time.

But i guess the man needs hits. A lot of people have figured out he's nothing more than an experienced blogger.

bmatthews3506d ago

does he force you to view his show? this guys is entertaining, end of.

stop hating and appreciate his efforts, idiots like you always bad mouthing just because of jealousy.

HHG gets my support.

003506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

have to watch it to make fun of it/him. :]

3506d ago
LukaX233506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

HHG haters FAIL.

CaseyRyback_CPO3506d ago

and you know how the mods are.. so uh.. lets lighten up a bit. Its a fun hub for "news" but most of the time its all just flambait articles to irritate each side of the fanboy wars.

HHG does have a right to blast his nonsense just like everyone else. He just needs to pace the BS, its a constant flow lol. Every single brainfart is a story. I enjoy the guy though, as entertainment.

If you don't enjoy him.. uh... either make a website yourself.. or..

S T F U.

complaining only gets you disagrees and -bubbles :)

Aquanox3506d ago

Yup. A Game without a prequel and about which nobody knows anything except from 3rd parties preview will convert Xbox 360 fans.

Typical of HHG.

dantesparda3506d ago

Shut the fvck up! Im sorry but this guy is an idiot. And sh!t i cant believe that for once, i agree with that douche Aquanox

And is it just me or is N4G really getting boring as hell nowadays?

original seed3506d ago

but im looking forward to MAG. I might give it a go. I really dont like PS3 controller but if this game turns out o be good, then i'll be online.

barom3506d ago

has anyone ever seen a HHG predictions go through?

Ninja Blade better than Ninja Gaiden 2? NOPE!
Capcom going PSN exclusive? NOPE!

Those are the ones I can remember but I'm sure none of the others went as he predicted it will.

terrandragon3506d ago

Jealous of what? Reusing old news and making stuff up out of pure speculation? Sure, MAG might convert a few, but way too early. That's like saying Section 8 (if that works out or is exclusive) will convert PS3 owners, who obviously don't want it.

The_Beast3506d ago

you fail... and this shows how retarded you are..

the fact that you hate him and keep watching and commenting on his show proofs what a dumbass you are

3506d ago
JokesOnYou3506d ago

Keep it coming HHG, no matter what they say n4g really loves you.


Ausbo3506d ago

does anybody know anything on mag except the amount of players in the game? As an xbox only owner, it wouldn't convert me. Games like god of war and mgs would but right now i don't think anybody knows enough yet to say that about Mag. I respect hhg but i disagree with him on almost every show.

Rampant3506d ago

Seems like only yesterday that Killzone 2 was ps3s savior.

morganfell3506d ago

Wasn't that the same day MS said they had fixed the hardware issues in the 360?

MAR-TYR-DOM3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

who the FCUK said i watched this fuc*ed show? From the headline i can tell that this show is stupid and only purpose it has is to appease flmaebit hungry dipsh!ts like you. You are part of his loyal following that approve this mediocrity of journalism.
Do you know the definition of Journalism?

"Journalism is the profession of writing or communicating, formally employed by publications and broadcasters, for the benefit of a particular community of people. The writer or journalist is expected to use facts to describe events, ideas, or issues that are relevant to the public."

USE FACTS is the key, something hiphopfail doesn't.
Dont need to see it to bash it.

gaffyh3505d ago

Lol, that interview with one of his staff at the end is hilarious. That dude has got a very very hard Irish accent, lol, I'm from UK and I can only just understand him. LMAO.

Good show though HHG, but I wouldn't say MAG would convert 360 owners to PS3. They definitely will be missing out on an amazing online experience though. People are still doubting MAG, but from what I've heard (and I'm guessing it's at E3), it sound really really good.

CaseyRyback_CPO3505d ago

in the words of someone more famous than i,

dance puppets, dance.

emitsomla3505d ago

This guy is AWESOME at FLAME BAIT!!!!!

At first when i heard this clown, he used to piss me off, and all i wanted to do was break his face. But his journalism is soooo horrible it is a joke. and now all I do is laugh at him. This guy is funny!

T3L3PROOF3505d ago

I started cracking up when he said end the show AKAKAKA!!

But still hes alright, sometimes he likes PS3, sometimes he perfers the 360, but its his oppinion, and if you were smart you would have stopped watching it the first time you noticed, not kept watching and pointing out everything he gets a bit biased on.

FlameBaitGod3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Didn't halo do that to PS2 owners ? Ty and the people hating are really sAD, THEY ARE THE SAME ONES every Sunday. That's how much hate they have for a person with opinions, I can imagine how mentally healthy those people are. They dont like it but they have the time to click on the article and post a comment. I wonder y they dont do this with other articles.

terrandragon3505d ago

You could pick up the latest GameInformer or just ask me and see if I can find it in the section.

Legion3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

He talks about how 360 fans love 1st person shooters because of how the controller is perfectly made for FPS games. And then says that they will go to PS3 because it is a shooter with a lot of people. Does he realize that the PS3 controller just doesn't due it for 360 owners after they have had the best controller around???

The only reason that PC FPS gamers have drawn to the 360 is due to the controller and Halo config of controls. PS3 doesn't have anything that will draw either FPS gamer from their current setup.

This picture said it all to me when the add popped up for during his show. I just LOVE it... lol

Hhhmmmm... seems like the image uploader doesn't like his picture. lol

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player-13506d ago

Good show bro. Keep it up

player-13506d ago

Why all the hate 4 ma man? Seriously dude the show was entertaining.. And here come the disagrees and -bubbles.

YungXclusive2K93506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

insecure fanboys thats why they gave you -bubbles and disagrees

zaza1263506d ago

wow i just saw this article get 7 approvals within 2 minutes...
why do the mods continuously let HHG slide with all of these ridiculous flame bait titles?
we have almost not information and have seen no gameplay footage of a game so ya lets just assume that this game is the next killzone 2 killer just like killzone 2 was a halo killer
im not saying that any of these games are bad but like its been said a million times, they are different games and they each excel at different areas and thats what makes them great
so please lets not hype this game and just make our own decisions about it and please if hhg is going to have his articles on n4g at least give them appropriate titles and not like the crap that is there now...

cliffbo3506d ago

why is suggesting that 360 owners may move over to the PS3 because of M.A.G flamebait?! if he thinks that, then he's allowed to express that. first everyone that didn't like a particular console was labelled a fanboy by the real fanboys that can't deal with anything opposite of their views and now every article that doesn't agree with peoples views is being called fanbait. this is nonsense. i don't agree that M.A.G will make people move over. that's my response

MAiKU3506d ago

No, every article that tries to piss people off is called flamebait.

Example? "M.A.G. will convert 360 owners to PS3"

Try paying attention to most of his posts, you'll see that the only answer for his stupid claims is just getting hits and support for even more hits. That isn't journalism, that's just some fool running around trying to gain popularity.

Saying it's his opinion is nothing but a scapegoat. He is nothing more than what we consider those magazines to be with the big foot interviews and real alien neighborhood residents.

belal3506d ago

this is thruth, many 360 owners will buy a ps3 becous of mag, its an fps and the game is going to be huge.

Xeoset3506d ago

Sorry, I had to comment. You honestly think that one game is going to create the divine shift in sales the PS3 needs and all it's retarded fans (just the retarded ones, not all of them) keep begging for?

Because it has 246 odd online players? Bit(h, please.

Like MGS4 was going to convert them all?
Like LBP was going to convert them all?
Like Killzone 2 was going to convert them all?


STEVIE_3506d ago

and I could not give a rat's arse about this game.

Sanhlami3506d ago

no sir, that is not "thruth". its a mere speculative opinion. which IMO is not true (about MAG).

MAiKU3506d ago

How do you know? It's not even out yet. I only have a ps3 and even I DONT'T THINK THAT.

RememberThe3573506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I'm sorry but no one thinking that one game is going to cause a mass migration of people from one console to an other. This is not complicated...

The point is that this game is looking like the type of game that the majority of 360 owners would be into. If it's well executed, this game could cause many such 360 owners to seriously consider picking up a PS3. With the great library of exclusive games out, or coming out, for the system this is not hard to see that happening. Not everyone is a fanboy...

I can't believe that I have to explain this to you...


if 360 owners were going to convert, they would have done it with killzone 2.

Hayabusa 1173505d ago

Sorry, but I don't even think it looks like the "kind of game" that 360 owners would play. Looks more like another game where Sony are trying too hard to out-do the 360. Looks more like Warhawk e.t.c. Nothing wrong with them ( /s) but they're not the kind of games that convince 360 owners to start playing a PS3.

End of the day, it's gona need more than 200 players online to actually be a good game. it's gona need something called GAMEPLAY.

(flamebait disclaimer: I'm not saying it won't have gameplay, I'm just saying that it will have "sh t" gameplay)

s'up witness...

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