It Seemed Good At The Design Phase

Gamebosh: "Ah the humble controller. A simple device that allows us gamers to escape into a world of fantasy, where we're athletes, warriors, secret agents or even plumbers. Over the years, our hands have got to grips with so many different types of controller, some that have been loved and lauded, and some that have been, well just plain horrible, as we shall see here.

While there have been a multitude of funny shaped peripherals that have ignited our wallets over the years (the likes of skateboard controllers and fishing rods regularly gather dust in attics across the world), at least these are optional luxuries. The controllers entering this Hall of Shame were all bundled with their respective console, giving gamers little choice but to put up with them."

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Timesplitter143530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I send a prayer to the Batarang every night.

Our Batarang,
Who art in heaven,
published be Thy model;
Thy boomerangs come,
Thy design be done
in our hands as it is in *censored*.
Give us this day our daily ergonomical handles
and forgive us our post-launch hating
as we forgive those who canceled you,
and lead us not into slippery hands,
but deliver us from boring controllers
In the name of the PS3, the Ken Kutaragi, and the Holy Banana,

IzKyD13313530d ago

Release the damn boomerang controller!

Blaze9293530d ago

haha i wonder how that boomerang controller wouldve actually been. was funny how everyone was trying to defend it too like ooooh, its good for the way your hands position to prevent cramps etc etc lol.

I wanna just feel it and see how it wouldve been.

Panthers3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

there you go. I had this controller in my PS1 days. Cost $50 back then too, but it was soooooo nice. Wish they would make the Boomerang controller.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3530d ago

The current D-pad is good as it is. PSP's d-pad is not. They should release the boomerang but with the current D-pad. Don't fix what isn't broken.

Oh, and BTW, Amen.

cryymoar3530d ago

i for one was excited about the controller. it was new and i wanted to see how comfortable it really would have been.
IMHO, it might have given the dualshock design a run for its money. After seeing that japanese dude holding it, it was smaller than people thought, I don't have very large hands so it looks like it would have fit in my palms nicely.

The only thing I wasn't sure about is whether it would have had pressure sensitive triggers, or just flat R2 and L2.
I think the boomerang would have been better for the SIXAXIS controls too.

I wish Sony would release a limited supply of them, i'd buy one or two in a heartbeat.

SlyGuy3530d ago

there would be a bundle with the new BATMAN game and this BATARANG controller.

How sweet would that be!

Mainman3530d ago

I wanted the boomerang controller to stay, honestly, I think the boomerang controller looks sleek and I bet ya it is comfortable too.

I hope they will still release this boomerang controller.

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hatchimatchi3530d ago

lol at the flame bait photo of a prototype controller

Timesplitter143530d ago

Flame bait? How dare you?

Batarang died for our sins

hatchimatchi3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


i didn't mean it as a fanboy comment, just thought it was funny out of all controllers the author could have put up he chose that one

Max Power3530d ago

it was comfortable as hell.

Jrome3530d ago

I for one was actually liking the concept of this controller. I was kinda disappointed when they canceled it :\. Not going to lie.

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