Myhphone Review: SPORE Origins

Spore for mobile is a great companion to the awesome PC game. Like the original PC game, the game focuses around the character that you create and you guide it through the levels. The levels are divided
into locations such as muddy water or primordial ooze and you make your way through them by eating smaller cells.The mobile edition zeroes in on the tide pool segment of Spore's five-stage evolutionary cycle. You grow a single-cell organism to the point it can escape the primordial waters and start a new life on land. Leaving the ooze is not going to be easy, though. Its survival of the fittest in there, and some pretty nasty-looking rivals try to out-Darwin you every step of the way. The main fundamental of the game is that you eat cells that are smaller than you and once you eat three, you gain a heart and grow. But it would be nice if your creature looked bigger. The game actually makes all the other cells smaller so it feels less rewarding. As you progress through the levels you randomly collect evolution points which can be used to upgrade your character with new evolutionary advances such as small wings that help you turn better, or a spike which can pop bubbles and stun enemies. For the purposes of the game it does everything it sets out to do well.

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