Myhphone Review: Virtual Villagers-Build up your village

Myhphone writes: "This is a cool little game, and has just the right controls and screen layout to be really playable on my n95. You take control of the little villagers as they collect food, research inventions, construct buildings and reproduce(!). The game is kind of open-ended, but there are thirty or so tasks to complete, and once you've done them all there's really not much to keep you playing. Having said that, it took me a couple of weeks or so to complete all the tasks so the game is good value for money. It has the option to let the villages continue to develop while you're not playing, and this can be useful sometimes, but I found it was usually better to keep a close eye on them because they don't work efficiently if left to their own devices. The game contains a few mini-games which you can play to help the villagers complete whatever task they are currently doing, and so speed up their progress. Every now and then a message in a bottle gets washed up on the beach and these provide clues and hints about what else to do in the game."

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