Top 7 Reasons Why PlayStation Home Will Succeed

When Home first opened to the public late last year, the public reaction was skeptical and negative. There really wasn't much to do beyond customizing your character and walking around. It seemed like nothing more than a glorified chat system.

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Silly gameAr3537d ago

Streaming video of TV shows or movies, the ability to play my own music ipod style and more mini games and than in my opinion, HOME would be a mega win.

It is coming along nicely though. I just wonder how big it will be next year.

ChozenWoan3537d ago

I can't wait to see if Sony does the in-Home E3 event again this year. I saw pics for last years and I've been waiting for an event like that to happen again just to see how they pull it off.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I still need to pull out my shades and go check out the Godfather2 space to get my poker on.

Blaze9293537d ago

well i dont think anyone is saying it will fail. its just the way it is now, its kinda boring, at least in my opinion. But its changing and its growing and eventually, all the promised features will arrive. The question is just when that eventually will come. Slap "beta" on it all they want, that will continue to be everyone's excuse

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ThanatosDMC3537d ago

Not this article but... why do they keep bashing Home? When the competition has those silly avatars or miis to compare?

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ultimolu3537d ago

It's an amazing concept.

BWS19823537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

And it was released in beta form to naive idiots saying it already failed. Would they rather have had Sony wait a couple years from now, when virtually everybody could agree it was an integral part of online gaming in like 2011? This way *WE* gamers can forge it over time and grow with it, not let it sit in the oven ad nauseum and come out overdone and burnt.....A work in progress beats nothing, and logic beats fanboyism.

IrishRepublicanArmy3537d ago

but it will really get good when every new game releases a home space!

Blaze9293537d ago

you know haha, that would be actually really cool. Even cool to have all three press conference rooms re-made and have the ability to even watch the competition's press conference.

The show floor would be nice to but that might be asking for a little much. Unless what'll be cool is that each booth is a booth from a company and of course you cant play the game, but videos would be nice. Its like your THERE...but not. haha man, who at sony do we gotta talk to lol

budbundystyles3537d ago

I was excited about HOME as anyone, however at this point I cannot see it turning into anything truly worthwhile. For many reasons; charging money for clothes, having to wait way too long to play any of the arcade games, unacceptable load times from area to area. I would love to see it succeed, but once again Sony has promised the world and delivered a small one horse town in the middle of nowhere.

Redempteur3537d ago

"charging money for clothes"
This is optional ..also In the EUR HOME some clothes are free or must be earned . Haven't checked the others Home servers yet ...
"having to wait way too long to play any of the arcade games"

since there are more spaces now the arcade space is not as full as before only the bowling is still full, you can now play the arcade games you want .

"unacceptable load times from area to area."
This was fixed the DAY 2 after the beta release ... After you downloaded an area , the loading times are fine ..If 5 to 7 seconds is to much , please realise that HOME is not a streamed MMO ..

"I would love to see it succeed, but once again Sony has promised the world and delivered a small one horse town in the middle of nowhere."
Yeah that's why spaces are coming at a steady pace and that updates are coming too . you are forgetting that HOME is in a Expanding beta state ...Growing and getting bigger each week ...

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