Toward a Definition of 'Cheap'

Gamer Limit writes: "As is true of many, I trust, the preceding three weeks of my life have in large part been given over to Resident Evil 5, upon which I've lavished a touch over one hundred eleven in-game hours (or so its records inform me).

Upon completion of the demo shortly before the game's release, a friend of mine had confidently asserted that we, fans of the series that we are, would play RE5 proper very nearly to unseemly excess - and, indeed, his prediction has if anything proven conservative."

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chrisjc3534d ago

I didn't find RE5 hard at all until Pro, and that requires another friend who's good at the game, granted.

Clance3534d ago

I still need to play it.. I struggled on the demo at first but I guess practice makes perfect!

AcesAndEights3534d ago

Also only played the demo, only heard bad comments and wasn't exactly awed by the demo so it'll be something I play eventually.

DlocDaBudSmoka3534d ago

RE5 was not hard at all. Sure there may have been a few difficult sections on pro, namely that ogre thing,but it wasnt hard. Jus took concentration. i thought RE4 was harder with having to save ashley.

Fullish3534d ago

Heh, nothing is too hard in the right hands.