Console Monster: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Demo Hands-On

Console Monster writes: "Set to continue the series with great gusto, Red Faction: Guerilla will release to the striking of sledgehammers and mashing of gamepads in Europe on 12th June. Having enjoyed a long rest from the fight for Mars, the Red Faction series appears to have morphed and evolved into a game easily distinguishable from its forebears.

So what's changed? Well the most obvious place to start would be with the perspective. Where the first two games were played as first-person shooters, Guerilla has opted for a third-person setup, which changes both the visual styling of the game and the gameplay. The third-person viewing angle was probably employed in the wake of Volition's recent third-person, gangsta-blastin' outing - Saints Row 2. While affecting the core dynamics of the game, the new perspective offers more scope and opportunity for the graphics designers to strut their stuff, particularly in the field of character design, namely the protagonist, Alec Mason..."

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