ConceptualGamer's Resident evil 5 DLC ideas Part 1

After playing the new versus mode DLC that was recently released for Resident Evil 5 ConceptualGamer gives us his ideas on what he would like to see as more DLC in the future.

A lot of people were complaing about the versus mode DLC not really being that big of a deal and not really adding a great deal to the game. ConceptualGamer explains how he is enjoying the DLC a lot but feels that maybe Capcom could do more in order to please fans of the game.

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TrevorPhillips3508d ago

i got more to that list, leon, barry burton, rebbecca chamers heck all the characters should be there plus every character should have there own special moves just like how wesker u click the right stick hee does his special thing.

CPmonkey3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

I’m trying to stick with characters relevant to Resident Evil 5. Hunk isn't really a main character in any of the games so i'm including him also as he is sort of a bonus character anyway.

It would be cool to add Leon and others from the main storylines of previous games but i imagine Capcom would like to keep those for future games.

Let me know if you agree with my choices or perhaps who you would like to see included.

Stay tuned for part two which will follow shortly.

Myst3508d ago

For some reason I would have really liked to use Irving in one of the modes. His laughter that he makes in the game would be an interesting taunt to use especially in Vs. Mode :p. Other than that DLC, I wish they would make more maps at least or something to use in mercenaries (since it can't be really used for story mode)

Also I would like it if they could have a survival game mode (no time limit, but get to the goal and have limited herbs and unlimited ammo is not optional.) Now that I would love to see, especially if they had a Raccoon city map that they released. RE5 could become a great game (or better to those who already love it) if they do (Could?) do something like that.