Assassin's Creed 2 In Medieval Manhattan? OXCGN Unearths More Information


"Medieval Manhattan. That's what the little walled hill-top town in Tuscany named San Gimignano is often referred to for its many medieval towers.

Seen from afar the towered town looks like a smaller medieval version of Manhattan's skyscrapered skyline. These towers were built by competing families both for protection from each other (think Romeo & Juliet) and to show power and prestige.

Assassin's Creed 2 will be set in Renaissance Italy and specifically Venice and Florence. However, recent reports and photo scans from the upcoming Game Informer issue shows two shots of particular interest that show that Tuscany's countryside and towns will also be locations the new protagonist, Ezio Auditore de Firenze, will visit."

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Superfragilistic3538d ago

I love that Ubisoft is exploring periods rarely seen in video games.

I'd love to see Bologna in it as well with its ancient university and crazy ass towers that make Pisa look like a baby. Although thats's a self centred choice given part of my family originates from there! hehe

gaminoz3538d ago

Never been to Bologna, but I've been to Pisa, Florence, Volterra and San Gimignano...Beautiful area for sure. I'd love to go back.

I agree totally that it is good we aren't always going sci fi, or modern-near future, WW2, or fantasy all the time in games.

Godem3538d ago

I've never left Australia so im happy to see anything haha

David Hasselhoff3538d ago

Mmmmm, Bologna is a delicious food for cheap skates like myself.

Freak of Nature3537d ago

Yes that is a very interesting article.

The first game I have said many times was a "flawed masterpiece".A very good game,but one that never reached it's potential.This one really looks to be striving to reach it's potential.

The fact sheet promises lots of improvements.IMO,the #1 thing they needed to do was avoid anything even remotely close to repetitive gameplay,looks like they have listened to us gamers...

Flight/swimming are two major additions,and will add a whole lot of extra gameplay options/choices.

This game looks like it's ready to be a true AAA title,and is high up on my most wanted list....

The settings are beautiful and they made a great choice on locations.I look forward to more details and indepth coverage....

allegionary3537d ago

Yes Assassin's Creed was an amazing game...the only down was the repetitive missions. This onen seems to be trying to get the balance right.

Those photos are spot on! Even if they don't call it San Gimingnano in the game it clearly is based on it! Nice spot!

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gaminoz3538d ago

Those medieval towns in tuscany would make great places to plan assassinations. The towers do look very similar...certainly not like Venice.

Superfragilistic3538d ago

Yeah I don't understand why some people think it'll just be in Venice!

Just like the first game there's sure to be multiple cities, which if Ubi know what they're doing should include obviously:

Rome for some Papal assassinations and Roman dealings.
Florence (Tuscany) for the Medici palaces and gardens.
Turin for the baroque architecture of the palaces and churches.
Milan for the massive marble Duomo.

Naples, Bologna, Genoa, Perugia and Padau (a walled city) would be awesome locations to!

Immortal Kaim3538d ago

An interesting quote from the Game Informer scans "Altair was only in the middle of this long timeline"...

Could we see the descendants reaching back into Ancient Greece or other locations well before Altair?

Either way, I can't wait for AC2, the environments Ubisoft re imagined are breathtaking to explore, Italy will be no different.

XboxOZ3603538d ago

The linage of the Assassin is very long and deeply guarded by many over the centuries. And understanding the lengths Ubisoft have already done with the first iteration, you can be sure this will not be a simple swim around Venice. Gamers that think in one dimension need to open their eyes and and be open to the possibility that games can be more than run-n-gun slaughterhouse feasts.

We can expect a deeper story line this time which will lead into the following game, and eventually to modern day, and even into the future, as the Anibus is capable fo traveling into the future based on the facts or the past, so who knows where the franchise will lead us.

Snake Raiser3537d ago

Kratos. That is before the assassins became stealthy!

Bren863538d ago

I just want to glide around

allegionary3537d ago

Yeah...can't wait for their announcement and what they will show at E3!

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