Xbox 720 will beat PS4 and Wii 2 in race to be released first


"Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have consoles currently on the market and all are likely to produce a new on and bring it to market in the next few years. But which company will blink first? We recently ran a poll asking which of the Xbox 720, PS4, and the Wii 2 will launch first. The results are below.

This generation of games consoles is my favorite for a good few years. I'm not quite sure why that is - the striking differences between the three home consoles, the range and diversity of games, the online capabilities of gaming being truly realized at last. But whatever it is, I'm really enjoying it. However, I'm also keeping one eye on the future and what it yet to come."

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MGOelite3482d ago

how is this actualy a good thing lol? sure they might get a few early sales and a lead but then you will have to wait the games to be developed and theres proably gonna be a fault with ur console

euchreprof3482d ago

PS4 will be the best and beat everyone else! I can't wait!!

arika3482d ago

don't you guys see a trend here. xbox 360 can't compete with the present and upcoming line up of games and cool features for the ps3 so they want to go to future and dream.

well, there is no harm in dreaming.

zag3481d ago

The only people talking about 720xbox are 3rd parties.

Even MS have dissmissed the new xbox a few times, even if 1 was to come out it'd be an online only console where you only buy games from MS themselves you'll never goto a shop ever again to buy games.

Alas though MS have done all bar remove the xbox div from MS, all that is left is a couple devs and a couple of managers probably trying to hold their jobs otherwise it basicly doesn't exist anymore.

Bill Gates isn't there and steve is under major presure to get the stock back up to spec other wise get chucked out the company.

If Xbox got kept people should expect themselves lucky to have any support left.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

m$ is just digging a deeper hole for themselves.

everything microsoft does, BACKFIRES on them MISERABLY.

1 year head start, dlc, timed exclusivity, hddvd, nxe, dvd9, propietary hdd, disc scratchin, lemon lawsuit AND MANY MORE have caused nothing but setbacks for m$.

poor microsoft gaming division. 2 aaa titles in 4 years.

Lifendz3481d ago

look what being first out did for them this time around. Next generation of consoles will be very interesting. What type of optical drive will be used? Standard HDD has to be a must since everyone thinks digital distribution is here.

DaTruth3481d ago

It doesn't matter! Sony can viably use all the components from the PS3 in the next console and have a more powerful console at prices the PS3 brought down. Multi layered Bluray, 2 cells and XDR ram are all low priced now and Devs are familiar with the tech. Microsoft will need a complete redevelopment and will have to go through IBM and similar expensive companies to get it. Sony owns their tech and in the case of XDR, are owed a lot for mainstreaming it.

MAiKU3481d ago

If it gets released first, instead of RROD it'll probably turn into Pandora's box or just explode.

SaiyanFury3481d ago

Even if Microsoft releases a new console and is first to market, will developers follow? Games already cost at least as much a low budget movie to make and triple A games cost even more. That's the current generation of games. If MS tried to release a new console in a faltering economy I seriously doubt that major developers would start developing on a new console when the current consoles offer so much processing power. You can speculate about the next generation of consoles, but seriously at this juncture what's the point? Let's all enjoy what's available now instead of trying to envision the future.

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TrevorPhillips3482d ago

This is going to be a big disaster between those 2 consoles the 720 and the PS4, and Judgement day will begin. But forget about the Wii2

sunnygrg3482d ago

Amen, although Nintendo wont be far behind.

Montreafart3481d ago

Some of you delusional idiots really need to get your head out of Shane Kims ass.

Here is some reality check for you, ok.



Idiots. Sorry but thats just plain old reality. Suppose your car needs new brakes. Do you go to the local butcher to get that done or are you going to someone who actually knows what he is talking about.

AngryTypingGuy3481d ago

Fart, wait until the next Xbox is released before you pass judgment. MS knows that the next Xbox will make or break them as far as reliability goes in the eyes of the public. I really don't think that they'll release the next one until they know that it will be reliable. If I'm wrong, then Sony will reap the benefits.

Montreafart3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

If MS is better at Manufacturing than Sony, then Sony, Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia, Philips, and all the other manufacturing companies would be out of business seeing how a SOFTWARE companies can outperform them.


Companies specialize into that what they are good at in the real world. In YOUR FANTASY WORLD, MS is king and capable of everything. In the REAL WORLD, companies are only good at THAT what they specialize in doing. For instance, you wouldnt call JP morgan chase if you wanted to buy a HD TV. Those are bankers, you idiot.

Just like how people would laugh when you claim Mike Tyson can be a better golfer than Tiger Woods or how some stupid basketball player can outperform a soccer player in a soccer match, you are a moron for claiming how "MICROSOFT knows". Im sure Mike Tyson played golf before. There is no way in hell he can compete on the level of Tiger Woods however.

Yea so Microsoft "knows" Your point? Microsoft also knew about its defective 360 design. Didnt stop them from rushing it out ANYWAY.


cryymoar3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Microsoft won't swallow their pride and switch to BluRay for games, they would rather try to either stick with DVD or push their many gigs of content online.
Broadband speeds are not fast enough to cope with DD, and many telecommunications companies are looking to cap people's bandwidths. Also, DVD has already shown its limitations this generation for the xb360, and those limitations spilled over to the PS3 (so no fanboys are hurt) with games like GTA4, possibly FF13. Many games could have been a lot better and bigger with more game time if they could be on bluray, but thanks to Microsoft for crippling the industry.
With that said, Sony laid out a HUGE foundation with the PS3, to give Bluray, Cell, and XDR a strong foothold in the industry. Cell is here to stay, and BluRay is thee physical media format of choice. There is no way any xbox fanboy can honestly and logically think otherwise. Otherwise you're just jerking yourself off.

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Droid Control3482d ago

Its expected. They were first yast time, it makes sense for them to go first this time. Its either going to be announced at this years E3 for a nov 2010 release, or next year for a 2011 launch.

I think most people with an XBox 360 WANT the 720 as soon as possible. Its a chance to offload the crap we have for something better. Thats how i feel anyway.

gambare3482d ago

every time you write something it feels like this:

cryymoar3481d ago

xb360 owners want to pay MORE for another system to make up for the xb360's faults, which is basically to have a working system like the PS3, yet call the PS3 expensive.??

BWS19823482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

is the first to become old. DVD9 says hi.

I'd rather have them wait if possible, I'm a gamer and want to have 3 awesome consoles next gen. Traditionally most gens have a "new guy", and then offset by a year or so is their prime competitor(s) (NES->Master System... Genesis->SNES.... Saturn/PS1->N64... Dreamcast->PS2->Gamecube /Xbox... X360->PS3/Wii) it's not unexpected to have a 1 year gap, but MS better have their head on right this time, as all eyes will be on it, just as they already are with Windows 7.