10° Review: Astro Tripper

"Astro Tripper began its life many years ago, as a downloadable Windows/Linux game called Space Tripper. At that time, I was heavy into PC gaming, buying games from as many Linux-supporting companies as I could find. Upon discovering PomPom, I was treated to two of the coolest hardcore shooters that hearken back to retro gaming - Mutant Storm and Space Tripper. I actually prefer the latter, but if you have the means, don't pass up Mutant Storm, as it's a pretty crazy twin-stick shooter, with PomPom's unique feel and flair.

After a time, I gave up on Linux gaming, and moved back into the console world. I had to leave behind my beloved PomPom games, and had all but forgotten about them when I heard the news that Astro Tripper was coming to the PlayStation 3 by way of the PSN. I was pretty excited, but could this polished up remake hold up to the fond memories I had of days gone by?"

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