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Submitted by EvilChicken 2492d ago | review Demon's Souls Review reviews Demon's Souls (Demon's Souls, PS3) 9.2/10

bigrob123  +   2492d ago
sounds epic
wow this game sounds epic any one know if this is confirmed to release in uk or u.s really like the sound of this game cant w8 to play it on my ps3
hetz15  +   2492d ago
apparently this game won't be released in NA or Europe..This game rocks.Just grab the chinese version in ebay..
rockleex  +   2491d ago
Darn it!!!
I'm gonna have to grab this game as soon as I get all the GTA:IV Trophies! >_<
Mozilla89  +   2491d ago
Really gonna have to import this game.
I'm probably sounding anal but this was a terribly written review. It had no flow at all,
axeru777  +   2492d ago
Now I'm really convinced to buy this. Good thing the Asian version is available in our country
Gambit07  +   2492d ago
Hope this makes it over, been hearing good things about it.
Rhythmattic  +   2492d ago
Challenge - 11 out of 10

just like Spinal tap.
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Nigel Tufnel: Exactly.
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Marty DiBergi: I don't know.
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Nigel Tufnel: [pause] These go to eleven. "

My mate just bought it, and supposedly you can play co-op, albeit the person that joins doesent level up...
I gonna buy this... My first RPG.
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NNNW  +   2492d ago
leveling up is achieved by trading your collected souls for stat upgrades.. haven't played as a blue phantom yet (person that joins) but as long as you are able to collect souls as a blue phantom you should be able to level up.
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Nikuma  +   2492d ago
This is... favorite PS3 exclusive thus far this gen. A truly epic game that really deserves release worldwide.
Sackdude  +   2491d ago
The Best RPG game!!
this is unique, awesome, hope it will release in EU and NA, so everybody could enjoy this amazing game.
KidMakeshift  +   2491d ago
TripleChat you're a sensationalist

I got this game, what, like 2 months ago and invested 90 freakin hrs into it. I enjoyed the game, but I'm not going to overate it like this crummy site. Here's just a little insight from my experience. Sorry if it sounds rushed because it is.

So hears the really really crappy things about Demon's Souls:

1. No checkpoints. If you die, and you will constantly, you must start from the beginning of the level all over again. The enemies respawn and you lose all your progress unless you can obtain your soul again. The only thing closest to a checkpoint is after you defeat a boss you can start the level from there in case you die. Now this wouldn't be such a bad thing if the levels weren't so freakin huge. There are 5 realms in the game and each one is basically a huge fortress. You have to go back and forth through each realm to accomplish certain things like obtaining white or black tendency which unlocks areas. It's a real pain in the ass because to get white tendency you basically have to be untouchable. Deaths penalize you. Honestly, I just think all of this is a cheap way to lengthen the game. It only becomes frustrating since a majority of the time you invest in this game is from grinding through areas over and over again because of cheap deaths.

2. Controls! The game basically plays like the 3rd person perspective from Oblivion but not as floaty. If you don't lock onto an enemy then you most likely will attack air even if the enemy is directly in front of you. Not to mention that the lock on likes to turn itself off or make selecting an enemy impossible during a crucial situation. The camera isn't bad but you will constantly be attacked and shot at off screen. The camera reminds me of the PS3 Genji's camera.

3. Visuals. This game isn't pretty. It doesn't really make sense since 99% of the environment is gray bricks. There's nothing hi-res about this game. It's about as pretty as Shadow of The Colossus but without the artistic design. There is no shadowing, no HD lighting, no anti-aliasing. However, the game has a lot of atmospheric effects like mist and fog, which definitely help spruce up the environment. On the other hand, the character creation is just downright ugly and limited. There's no real point sense you'll only see the back of your characters head throughout the game.

4. Gameplay. This isn't a deep RPG. I never played King's Field so I don't know if it relates. You earn souls to basically cash-in for magic, weaponry, armor, or to level up certain aspects of your character. That's about RPG as it gets. However, the actually gameplay is nothing more than a grind fest because the lack of checkpoints. Not to mention the fact that you will not be able to get past certain points if you haven't leveled up to a certain point. You start off with 8 or so classes to choose from. All of them are basically worthless except for the Royal class. This class starts you off with regenerative magic and a good amount of agility to run, dodge, block and counter. All the other classes have no available magic to start with except for the priest, I think, and you definitely need a long distance attack. Each class has certain armor and weaponry that can only be selected by that class. There are no combo's or chain links in this game. It is limited to a normal attack and strong attack. Each weapon attacks differently so that's where the variety comes in. Also, how you equip your character offers variety like equiping the left or right hand with a sword or shield; or two swords in each hand; or catalyst in one hand and sword or shield in the other. You can mix it up quite a bit. The A.I. is questionable. Most enemies will stay on you until they get stuck on a wall or fall off a high place or will just give up and head back. Some enemies just stand there like idiots. Some enemies are cheap as hell and can kill you with one hit even when you are blocking. The gameplay changes online. Enemies are random sometimes instead of spawning in the same area as they do offline. You can summon or be summoned by another player to fight through a level or a boss.

5. Audio. The audio is fantastic. No complaints about that.

Overall, I think Demon's Souls a good game. I think Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom is essentially the same game but done much better. I don't see why this game wouldn't be brought over to the US. It's by From Software and all their games see a stateside release. Not to mention that the Asian version is entirely in english except for the manual.

Check out this site if you have any questions or interest in the game:

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SaiyanFury  +   2491d ago
I am not a sensationalist. I spoke about the game based on my love of the King's Field series. I'm sorry you didn't agree with my review. I did this over a month ago, and I stand by my scores. I'm a big fan of the King's Field games, but of course you're entitled to your own scores. This is still my favourite RPG this gen, and no different review will change that. Yes there are negatives to the game, of that there is zero doubt. But for fans of the King's Field games and hardcore RPGs, this game delivers. I wrote that review just because the game appealed to me as much. I have been a fan of From Software's RPGs for well over a decade and this one just speaks to me.
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KidMakeshift  +   2491d ago
All I'm saying is if you overrate an average game like Demon's Souls then you're never going to get anything better because without the realistic criticism developers/publishers lack encouragement and inspiration to innovate.

Example: HALO, GTA
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SaiyanFury  +   2491d ago
I'm sorry, I don't think I overrated it. Demon's Souls is the one game this gen that really tests gamers. I didn't feel the need to criticize the developer because they delivered a great game. Demon's Souls has the mettle to contend with any hardcore RPG. It might not contend with online giants, but it has a great online mode in which a person can defeat a boss. It might not have the critical feedback, but Demon's Souls plays so well that it's not necessary. I don't think I overrated it, and I think that people that play it will love it. Demon's Souls is such an awesome game that most who give it a chance will love it.
hetz15  +   2491d ago
So u'r saying that no checkpoints is a cons? This is what makes the game more challenging man. It basically tests your gaming skill.This is as far one of the hardest game I've ever played.Can't wait for the new game+ mode..
INehalemEXI  +   2491d ago
9.2 seems fine to me, as a fan of the kingsfield games I'm let down a bit due to no 1st person view though.
DirtyLary  +   2491d ago
What is this new game mode?

sinny  +   2491d ago
You played it wrong, you can revive easily . So death is not such a great problem. Just go to a boss ( the easiest one beign 3-1 ) and then with a blue stone play against that boss in co op, 1 minute later you got you body back.

For what im reading Demon's Souls is not a game for you, obviously. For me it's a fantastic game and one of those rare gems that will be considered classics in the future.
The only cons so far :
-slowdowns in some areas of the game
-it can be addictive
KidMakeshift  +   2491d ago
Uh, maybe you should play the game first people instead of defending something you only read about.
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hetz15  +   2491d ago
It's a new mode after you beat the game where all the enemies become tougher. If you beat new game+,you will unlock new game++.
hetz15  +   2491d ago
Wow,I got a disagree for saying the right thing..We can get new game+ if we beat it once right???Because i want to play the harder mode..
sarshelyam  +   2490d ago
Sorry Kid!
But I'm going to have to side with Saiyan on this one. Loved the game myself and it's only overrated to you. That's the problem with reviews though, they're completely subjective while remaining objective. How do we do this? Well, we write about what the game does technically...then we write if we like that. Saiyan believes, as do I, that it deserves a quality score. Kid, you believe otherwise...but that doesn't make the review inaccurate, simply flawed when related to YOUR subjective stance of the game.

Then again, that is the beauty of the review system. We read it, and if we agree...we buy; if not, we pass it up or choose to ignore the review.

Saiyan, great review. I agree on all counts as this game has offered me far more enjoyment than most RPG's today. I can't count the number of broken experiences I've had on the highly anticipated 360 lineup (loved Vesparia & enjoyed Fable II), and the PS3 has been severely lacking quality RPG experiences as of yay!!

I should also say, Kid, that I can't disagree with YOUR subjective stance of the game. You have problems with a few aspects of it and, as a result, YOUR score would be lower...but that's what makes reviews so great, we get a collection of people with variations on the formula and we can successfully find a happy average if you don't believe in the over/under.
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MathiasT-s  +   2491d ago
You are seriously just jumping on the bandwagon here, I can assure you that the Halo series, GTA series is ANYTHING but average games.

When you look at content, voice acting, the incredibly solid action, the insane multiplayer modes and all the replayability you can seriously just go fck yourself if you haven't played any of them =(

Trying a game at a friends house for 10 mins is not playing it.
EvilChicken  +   2491d ago
So when did reviews become everyones cup of tea?
So are you saying that if a site like or some very big site gives a review for this game and gives it very high ratings because they (the writer/reviewer) likes what they played and that review is not to your liking then that site is jumping on the bandwagon and overrating the game?

Halo...overrated, every site gives it amazing reviews but all I see is another shooter with a decent story line...hey look now I am you!

See, everyone has an opinion but that fact is that this article states the plus and minus of the game, the writer enjoyed the game and wrote about why he did. It is a review by someone not biased but someone who enjoys a tough game that goes above any other game.

If you have a problem with the article and how it is an original article and not something repetitive like, "HALO, OMFG, HALO, SO AMAZING!" then back off and stop judging. At least he can put the time to review a game that not many have played and shown the real qualities of a game that can be considered, "The little man".
jaferris  +   2491d ago
brilliant review :)
just bought this on ebay hopefully be delivered soon :)
can not wait to play this :)
godkiller  +   2491d ago
You haven't played the game fully, to me. This one best RPGs I have ever played, and I've played them all.
Kid go back to your xbrick, I hardly ever use my xbox lately.
And yes unlike some , I have fully finished demons souls = 10/10 from me and I have platinum for it.
Anybody need help psn clearwaterunin.
Currently playing yakusa3 , which is everything gta4 should have been.
hetz15  +   2491d ago
damn,you got the platinum??Bubble for you then ;)
OmarJA  +   2491d ago
Better than Ninja Blade confirmed...

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