Is the HipHopGamer Ruining Independent Games Journalism? Underground Hype 16 Writes: Right before Easter and the dream team is back for more of the realest talk you've ever heard in gaming. I hope you enjoy listening to your iPod during your Easter egg hunts because you won't want to delay on listening to this episode. The cast consists of Michael, Quentyn, Adrian, and Keem and they get together to discuss the week in gaming, as well as an extra bonus topic that everyone felt the need to touch on:

* Trailer Impressions and Analysis: Bioshock 2, The Secret World, Assassin's Creed, and more.
* Grand Theft Auto IV: Ecstasy Wars. Who would give a 10 year old drugs?
* In-Game Advertising: Will game publishers take advantage of gaming being a bigger prioritiy over primetime TV amongst games?
* Perfect Dark on the Xbox Live Arcade: Can it and will it happen?
* Reviews and Impressions: Senor Fresco gives us the goods on Godfather 2
* Exposure: The crew gives their opinion on the well-known Hip Hop Gamer.

There is a ton more to hear about, as well, and you absolutely cannot miss it! Check it out after the jump

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Straight Life3537d ago

O Cmon, it just his opinion, leave him alone.

Elvfam5113537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

It's his writers that just write flame bait articles and not concentrate on making really good articles i use to watch his show but just stop after it started and we should go against HHG because he's letting it happen

Edit: Below lol thanks for the laugh

snipermk03537d ago

I bet HHG is gonna reply with. "Yo biatch, I dine with da Jeff Rubenstein. I'm also Aaron Greenterd's biatch. So booyah!"

TheAntiFanboy3537d ago

Agree. Leave the man alone. If you don't agree with them, then go read another blog.

Microsoft Xbox 3603537d ago

HHG is ok, but his staff writers especially MattG, is what's ruining his site.

UltimateIdiot9113537d ago

HHG needs to control his staff from writing ridiculous articles. So, yes, he is ruining game journalism indirectly. But I also don't think HHG is the only one ruining indie game journalism.

Kushan3537d ago

His opinions are fine, they're as valid as anyone's, it's his outlandish headlines and baseless "predictions" that I (and most others) have a problem with.
Combining hip hop and gaming? Fine.
Going around interviewing people from the industry? fine.
Literally making up headlines in order to score hits? NOT fine. Not fine by a long shot.

original seed3537d ago

HHG = Great guy. Good opinions. He actually gets back to people.

HHG staff = Crap. He needs quality control on his site. Hydro is the worst. Matt G needs work. Agent-x has a lot of useless [email protected] [email protected] drawings from his friends. His "Singing". Australian idol?? Cmon.

sofresh2003537d ago

Devoting an entire article to bash someone's opinion is pretty ridiculous.

MakoXL3537d ago

Funny how you gotta use his name to get hits.

morganfell3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Anti fanboy you and anyone with you are absolutely wrong. Welcome to the real world. hhg is now receiving the attention he deserves for several reasons. First of all he has made himself a public figure. Here is a little rule to follow that will save such people a great deal of trouble.

"Don't stick it out there if you are afraid of getting it whacked off."

As you can see that has several applications...

But here it fits justly because he and those that bear his name have stepped onto a public forum. In fact by design they brought themselves onto a social network that existed before he began his ill gotten climb to so called fame. He and his people have intentionally attempted to force their opinions on us.

Now without thinking, someone is getting ready to write, "If you do not like it don't read it or listen to his show."

And I will respond with, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

If you do not like what analoghype had to say why comment on it as you have. Just move on. You are asking others to do something you above did not.

Who here hasn't left a negative comment on some news story in an instance where we could have done otherwise. We could have just moved on but we didn't. Let's not ask others to do something of which we have all shown ourselves incapable. Otherwise there would exist NO negative PS3, 360, PC, Wii, PSP, DS, etc etc comments. Everyone would have just moved on.

If you want to say what he and his site put out is just an opinion, well so are the articles giving him the smackdown. What makes his opinion better than articles that express an opinion OF his opinion? Answer? Nothing. There is no room to wiggle or to take the high road for those that attacked analoghype on this account. Shame.

Remember, the minute he decided to make himself a public figure he also became the news. Even more so in that he and his are attempting to have an impact on a hobby we all enjoy a great deal and one from which some visitors here derive income. Income which they use to feed their family. So you are also asking certain persons to shut up concerning an individual that is having an impact on the method most here use for enjoyment and a few here use to put food on the table.

The other reason everyone here has a right to attack this guy should be patently clear. If you can't see it, and apparently you do not, then your words were written with far less foresight than that of which you believe yourself capable.

By becoming a public figure and then attacking games and consoles he seeks to damage or assist the experience those consoles can offer. He and those under the banner of his ridiculous name seek to influence as much as possible the game world. Whether they can or do is not part of the equation that matters. In fact, though I believe their actions are intentional it is of no consequence if that is true either.

The fact is they are not throwing their opinion out without expectation. By acting as they have they are screwing with a pastime I enjoy and one from which I derive some side work. Do I need the money? No. Mainly it gives me early access to titles before they hit alpha. So sorry, or rather not, I am not going to stand by for that. No one here that enjoys gaming should put up with their haphazard actions.

Finally, and this is a reason everyone on any side in the platform war should take offense. The work at hhg is quite honestly little more than abhorrent writing and an insulting attempt at journalism all around. As human beings we should be offended. Particularly by some of the incredulous postulations. With insights that have all the depth of a kiddie pool, question mark journalism that is a thin disguise for website hit generation, and observations that are frankly insulting to even the low brow among us, no one should stand by and allow such idiocy to permeate our industry or society. It is an affront to common sense and good taste.

When we as gamers have spent so much time convincing the general public that we all are creatures of some intellect rather than the degenerate dropouts and inept social morons we have long been stereotyped to be then it is easy to see why hhg and his crew have to go the way of Cro-magnon man.

rockleex3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

"Games journalism" was going down the drain LONG before Hip Hop Gamer came along.

In fact, HHG was pretty cool when he came out. Most people liked his shows and wanted him to get big. But he started selling his integrity for hits... just like any other "games journalist" nowadays.

Only difference is, his headlines are 10 times more flamebaiting than 95% of the other "articles" on N4G. And we all know how flamebaiting N4G "articles" are. >_<

In fact, I still enjoy his video shows. I just don't like READING whatever's on his site.

xabmol3537d ago

I don't read the articles and junk on his site.

His shows however, are still awesome. That GDC footage made a lot of people shut there flap. I thought that was funny. Got another HHGS comin up here pretty quick too. Can't wait!

emitsomla3536d ago

i agree with these individuals, even though they sounded like they were Haters. hhg is a clown. he thrives off of SONY fans, and flame bait. example: He stated that XBOX 360 will never be able to produce games equal to the quality of killzone 2. This is pure unsupported, false flame bait! He rarely has any valid information to support his twisted flame bait views. But people (Sony fans) still support him. If you are going to thrive off of flame bait, at least back it up with facts.

PATthePlague3536d ago

I think all of the independent bloggers that have popped up in the last few years are ruining game journalism including analoghype. These bloggers are usually fanboys that create a site so their opinion could have a greater influence in the community.
I have watched the hiphopgamershow since he first started it, and I find his show entertaining. If you watch his earlier shows, you can tell that he was a very opinionated sony fanboy hurt by the ps3's bad press when it was released. I think he intially created the show to defend the sony platform. But as he gained more popularity and met aaron greenberg, he started catering to the xbox 360. This show has always been very rough around the edges and you could tell that he still needed lessons on grammar, organization, and delivery of the news during his show.
However, hhg is a very intelligent person and his ability to analyze information, social skills, and fearlessness towards the industry is the reason why his popularity has increased. What he needs to do is stay in school and he would be a better journalist. I say this because despite his gifts and passion, he doesn't know how to properly write. Also during an interview with one of the godfather developers I think he couldn't even pronounce the word "linear". The point is you can be intelligent and not knowledgeable. You see hhg is knowledgeable about what's going on in gaming but to be a journalist you have to first master the english language to be a better communicator of that information. This is reason why i feel that hhg gets flamed alot on the net. Another reason is that he is black and succeeding in a racist america but that is a whole other matter.
Also when hhg started becoming more popular, he started creating these misleading titles to his articles to get hits to his site. He should definitely change that because for a reader to click on an article out of curiosity and find something else is an insult and very unprofessional journalism. You don't want to be the gaming national inquiror site. If you lose crediblity, you will lose your popularity.

Fencefry3536d ago

Bubbles for writing a n4g comment that big.

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euchreprof3537d ago

yes Hip Hop Gamer is a "playa" and he totally embellashes everything but SO WHAT I AM NOT A CHILD and I can make up my own when I wanna believe him or just go with what he is saying for fun... who cares... HE IS ENTERTAINING!!!! TAKE NOTES!!! When I want REAL JOURNALISM I goto IGN.COM but when I want to be entertained each Sunday for an hour it's Hip Hop Gamer Time! CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!

PS: The guy tries his best WITH HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVE and is actually going to the yearly special events and getting many dev interviews to boot. So what if his titles are misleading... i think they are funny if you ask me and I think Hip Hop Gamer just has a sense of humor.

-EvoAnubis-3537d ago

No. HHG is fine.

Are his "writers" ruining it?

Damn right they are.

TiLL i DiE3537d ago

his writers write what they are assigned to write

Max Power3537d ago

that his writers write what ever they want, with out any direction from HHG, and the only problem he has is allowing it on his site.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3537d ago

The only thing he ruins is his own name. He gives great interviews, and event coverage and all. But he likes to flame and thats why i only watch his show during gdc and E3. And his bloggers shouldnt be allowed to post their crap on n4g. Speaking of flaming what do you think this article does?

ogwilson3537d ago

Whoever said anything about him flaming, though? Try listening to the podcast.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3537d ago

i dont have to listen to it. Out of all the topics listed why does the 1 about hhg make the headline? Cuz he's a controversial topic that causes alot of flame wars thats why.

TheColbertinator3537d ago

I would not put HHG and.

Journalism in the same sentence.He is just a gamer with a webcam .Not much more than that.

swiftshot933537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

bubbles for pointing out that FACT, he has zero credibility what so ever.

DelbertGrady3537d ago

If you want Hiphopgamer off the site, stop commenting on his posts and stop clicking the link to his site. Until you do that you will only see more and more of his crappy flamebait.

Bits-N-Kibbles3536d ago

I'll give him props for having a goal and trying to accomplish it (having his own tv show about gaming, something he enjoys)

But to say he is a reliable source or to take him seriously is hard to do especially with the way he presents himself.

I say: "Keep up the hard work and keep working toward the goal. You are who you are, so I'm not telling you to be someone else, but HHG maybe tone down the 'im a gangsta' feel. Give us your news or views (and those that hate, aren't forced to go to your website or read anything) but there is no need to dress it up in the way you do.

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