Independent Wii developement "not really justified" says id CEO

id Software, the original creators of the DOOM and QUAKE series is famous for kick-starting the FPS genre. But what do they think of the Wii??

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ChickeyCantor3534d ago

o shut your face and bring doom I and II to Wiiware.
the IR would work brilliantly, i mean if you make it for a HD console, why not for a Wiiware platform? it can't get more pixelated as it is.

SinnedNogara3534d ago

If they re-released DOOM 3 with online modes, Wii Remote support, Classic Controller support, and Wii Download Tickets for Doom 1 and Doom 2, that would be awesome.

TheIneffableBob3534d ago

They could probably release Doom 3 on the Wii, but it would likely look worse than the Xbox version. The Wii doesn't have the hardware features to use Doom 3's shadowing system. At least that's what I read.

FarEastOrient3534d ago

Well look at "The Conduit" it doesn't look better than Halo on Xbox (1) or Black, Killzone (1), and Medal of Honor(s) on PS2.

Now Dead Space for the Wii will be considered an independent project but I wonder how successful that one will be when the games that sell on the Wii are created by Nintendo, not third-party companies.

- Ghost of Sparta -3534d ago

The Conduit is, from a technical standpoint, way better looking than Halo 3 so I don't know why you're denying it.

ChickeyCantor3534d ago

" n the games that sell on the Wii are created by Nintendo, not third-party companies."

Its amazing how people think every damn game on the Ps2 sold around 100 million while in fact a normal amount is around 1 to 2 million.
Many third party games sold a million.

seriously the ignorance needs to stop.

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TheColbertinator3534d ago

I could understand that move by Id.They cater to a very hardcore group of the FPS genre which is why their games always lead on PC.

TheIneffableBob3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

They don't seem to be doing that with Rage, though. They say their primary platform is the Xbox 360--for what reason, I don't know. id have actually went on record to say that the 360 version would be inferior to the PC, Mac, and PS3 versions because of the storage medium.

Smacktard3534d ago

I can understand their reasoning. No hardcore FPS mature games have really sold well on the Wii (CoD excluded I guess) and they don't want to take the chance. At least High Voltage is. Maybe that'll get them to change their minds.

Ju3534d ago

"no hardcore fps". aehem, which 3rd party game actually sold on the Wii ? No Mario, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Zelda or whatever Nintendo throws at the market, but the remaining 3rd party - which is not a spin off of any PS3/360 game. With an install base greater then the 360, you'd assume Boom Blox would outsell KZ2. That's what he's basically saying. No need to add "hardcore FPS" here.

N4g_null3533d ago

I'm curious what make blom blox better than any most of the top selling games on the Wii?

id admitted they need tech to look good. They never made arcade games or true console games. Even HD tech is old news to them.

360Hater3534d ago

at least its selling? lol great.... Glad I didnt waste 300 on that stupid thing

Seferoth753534d ago

No just wasted 600 on a movie player that is gimped. Great choice.

Anon19743534d ago

I don't even know why you bother. No one, and I mean no one, could possibly take comments like that seriously.

I personally did waste $400 on the Wii and after a year of having it collect dust despite owning some of the best reviewed games in years I couldn't bring myself to play. Thankfully I found another sucker, I mean, co-worker, who was looking for a Wii before Christmas and I happily sold him mine.

The main problem for me was the controller. I couldn't stand it. As a gamer I don't need to point my controller at the screen the entire time I'm playing. Could you imagine how irritating a PC would be to use if you had to point your mouse at the screen the entire time to move your cursor around? Madness, in my opinion.

It's underpowered, overpriced and the lack of HD is unacceptable at this stage in the game.

There. See how it's done. I offered an opinion and gave examples to back it up. Care to explain your opinion?
Bet you can't.

Jadaking3534d ago

Why is it that the Wii's 3rd games sell like crap when theres almost 50 million people that own it?

Smacktard3534d ago

...They don't sell like crap.

Boom Blox and de Blob are nearing or have passed 1 million units.
RE4 has sold around 2 million.
No More Heroes is Suda's best selling game and made the producers "weep with joy"
Apparently CoD:WaW is doing well too (don't have the numbers -- just wiki them)
Okami sold better or near the same on the Wii as it did on the PS2.

The thing with Wii games is that they have "legs." They may not sell 500,000 the first week, but their sales are pretty consistent.

SinnedNogara3533d ago

Ubisoft succeeded with Red Steel, which sold like around 2 million. Umbrella Chronicles sold 1.24 million (or around there). The Force Unleashed sold 1.18 million units.

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