RPGFan: Demon's Souls Import Review

RPGFan writes: "Demon's Souls may well be 2009's Valkyria Chronicles; an impressive, original, fresh new PS3 RPG that ultimately has little impact. While belonging to less a niche genre than VC, the frustrating difficulty is sure to turn off many. Sound and graphics considered, the game is aesthetically a few notches below VC."

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wanderofys3166d ago

"Get good, or die"

Yes. Very yes.

rockleex3165d ago

Or has every Western website been reviewing Demon's Souls lately? O_o

ThanatosDMC3165d ago

"Journalists" use N4G to figure out what is news worthy for hits.

- Ghost of Sparta -3166d ago

Demon's Souls has really awesome creature designs. I imported it earlier, since I've been hearing a lot of good things about it lately.

LiquifiedArt3165d ago

hmmm... Friend invites into games would be a key feature.

raztad3165d ago

It's pretty sad this guy is calling VC "little impact". VC was pretty bad advertised. After Japan re-release and some price drop here and there, VC has been doing pretty well even better than a flagship RPG franchise like SO4. I hope many people jump into VC bandwagon, its such an AMAZING game.

On topic: To me is quite possible that From Software tone down Daemon Souls difficulty for the western market, ala Devil May Cry.

darx3165d ago

keep the difficulty as is.

SaiyanFury3165d ago

I seriously doubt From would tone down the difficulty. That would greatly reduce the appeal of the game. The game has been selling out online since it was released just because people want to be able to claim they beat it. It would be a real achievement considering the game is out to kill you, and WILL kill you. The point is, keep going against it and eventually prove victorious. In an era where too many games hold your hand and praise your every little triumph, a game like Demon's Souls is a real diamond in the rough.

3165d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.