Joystiq: Lost Planet 2 hands-on gets us excited for ... getting our hands on it

Joystiq writes: "Traveling to Osaka, Japan has its perks. For one, it's the food capital of Japan, so there's that. On the other hand, it's possible to get your mitts on early code of Lost Planet 2, Capcom's upcoming sequel to its planetary labyrinth action-adventure 360 near-launch title, as GamesRadar discovered this week.

In horrifying detail, they describe as a giant lizard (currently named, "salamander") is taken down by a crew of folks: one person takes it's legs, another it's back, and another is intentionally eaten as to attack from the inside -- and eventually drop out of the monster's ... ahem ... nether quarters. According to them, this time we'll see a much bigger focus on co-op, larger and more varied environments and a general focus on "more" -- "more towering bugs, more bosses, more players, more stuff to do." Bigger, better, and more badass, you might say?"

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Straight Life3534d ago

I'll be playing the PS3 version..


Panthers3534d ago

Are they making this for PS3?

Hellsvacancy3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I hated the 1st game, the controls felt horrid the graphics looked poor and the gameplay was sluggish funnily enough i got thinkin of Lost Planet 2day whilst playin the Red Faction 3 demo,

Fair enough i only played about 3 levels of Lost Planet but that was enough 4me

Im not sayin i wouldnt play Lp2 if it turns out 2 b good - Great, but i havnt got high hopes 4 it

Its a case of each to there own i guess :-)

Blakzhuk3534d ago

YOU hated the 1st game. There's nothing else to understand.

boodybandit3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

check posting history N4G mods.

ThanatosDMC3534d ago

They have to hype it if it becomes a 360 timed exclusive. It seems to be the only shooter that people know that's coming within this year. No one really knows any definitive games that are exclusively going to the 360... unless it's that milk money Halo:ODST which is appalling since we're not MC anymore and the guy we'll be playing will do the impossible since he'll be the protagonist and will probably equal MC which kinda spits on of his heroics.

Like in DMC4 with Nero coming out of nowhere and stating that he has the blood of Sparda. Are they saying the Legendary Hero Sparda didnt love Eve enough that he had relations with another woman? WTF?! Also, being able to wield Yamato like it was his the whole time! It was BS after BS as i played the game. Not to mention the old man somewhat awakened the Sparda sword's power without Eve's Amulet, which Dante always wears.

tudors3534d ago

it's not on PS3 so I am not allowed to like it? and maybe the graphics on the PS3 version of LP1 were poor but there was nothing wrong with them on the 360, thats just bull.

terrandragon3533d ago

Actually, you will have to use stealth and tactics more because you are a human. You can't jump 20 feet in the air, do not have the strength or anything. Look it up before you talk.

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360Hater3534d ago

Seriously I bought a 360 and since then their isnt any games coming out. Just gears.. fun...

About to sell it to be honest. Already cancelled live for having worse service then my ps3 and at this time the only thing I like is the controller... To bad its annoying as heck with its stupid batteries.

360 failed it has nothing left it blew its load trying to get Sony to cancel the ps3? I really dont know what microsoft was thinking releasing so many good games in such a short period of time... Really came back to kick them in the but. Sony said from the start its not a race its a marathon, microsoft failed to realize that this generation.

Everything microsoft gained they essentially lost by either bad customer service, broken consoles, or being the only company to charge to play online..

They have Gears and that will remain the best game on that console.

xbollox3534d ago

here's something to fix the 360 2009 lineup:

lonz3583534d ago

hi haters, stop hating on the 360 because your games don't sell well after all the hype

DNAgent3534d ago

Yeah, the numbers of sales really hurt my feelings. How could I ever get over something such as a bunch of sales numbers? Oh, I know! I think I will have to cheer myself by playing the PS3's exclusive lineup for 2009. Wow, if I only had a 360 then I would still be sad as they have no games this year.

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