Out of Eight Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Out of Eight writes:

"Unfortunately, Wanted: Weapons of Fate's linear level design, elementary AI, and repetitive use of cover makes Wanted: Weapons of Fate wear out its welcome far too quickly. I initially had this rated a point higher, but the repetition sank in starting in hour number two and never let up during the course of the game. The sameness of each enemy encounter and the lack of unexpected level design wears on you. That is not to say that Wanted: Weapons of Fate can't be fun: curving bullets, moving between cover, and slowing down time are all enjoyable in small amounts, but the game continues to use these same three mechanics throughout the entire experience. The turret, sniper, and timed sequences meant to vary the game don't work well and are actually hindrances to the overall experience."

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