Nintendo needs to pull out its thumb over DSiWare updates

Card-carrying members of the Nintendo fanclub probably still believe the company will fulfill its statements concerning the download-only DSi Shop.

These are Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Amie, telling us it would be a case of "quality over quantity"; while a statement within the DSi Shop itself says "New Nintendo DSiWare titles are added to the Nintendo DSi Shop regularly".

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mshope103535d ago

dsi has only been out a week and your mad they didn't update the dsi shop again yet holy shxt! they will soon, how about try any of the huge cartridge libary with so many hardcore r.p.g i couldn't even begin to list them, and birds's an beans might be small but it's fun and addictive as hell at only 2 bucks thats not bad!and sense they update the wiiware and v.c. every week i'am sure good stuff is coming if not play ds's huge libary gta chinatown wars is amazing!or the time consuming age of empires-mythologies is a great hardcore turn base strategy game with 4 player online modes some matches last 3-4 hours!but sense it's a nintendo system you'll still bxtch and say downloadable games ain't coming out fast enough,and if they added 2 updates a week then they won't be hardcore enough or they cost too much or the quality isn't good enough.cause if you are complaing a week into a service about not having enough games even though you got 4 games already and sometimes 4 don't even come out at retail in a week and they gave us all 1000 free dsiware point's you are just bxtching to bxtch you sound like my girlfriend if you don't like nintendo grow up and don't worry about there service and just enjoy who ever you really like!cause its way too early for a nintendo fan too bxtch about a service we barley had yet.