BeefJack - VS!: The Legend of Zelda vs. Metroid: Part 1 - Epic Battle

Welcome to VS! In this feature we conjure up some of the most exciting rivalries out there. Whether it be games, characters, or something completely ridiculous, we're here to settle the conflict. Join Superzone and Cory Derry as they choose who will emerge victorious in these epic battles.

The Legend of Zelda and Metroid are two of the greatest series in gaming. Both are filled with enough action and adventure to please any fan of the genre, and both have their diehard fans that play each and every game that comes out. The question that we're asking here in VS!, though, is which series is better? In this eight part feature, we are going to analyze each series and pit them against each other game by game. Who will emerge victorious? Let the battle begin.

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