US Advent Children Complete Boxart Revealed

Square Enix have revealed the first glimpse at the US box art for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete on BluRay, set to be released in the West in June, with a Japanese release just around the corner.

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George Sears3508d ago

Looks better than the Japanese cover imo.

iamtehpwn3508d ago

the Jap cover is Cloud looking at you, seph in the background, and blank space.

This is pretty artistic.

sofresh2003508d ago

When is the U.S. release date?

Timberland2K93508d ago

Im so buying it, it better have a FFXXIII Demo with it

Bnet3433508d ago

This might be the only Blu-Ray movie I purchase. Can someone tell me what content this brings? Just the movie? Any good extras??

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AP3508d ago

If you're not interested in the movie this is fair enough, but I find a demo being a deciding factor if you are interested ridiculous and foolish, especially with how great the new cut of the movie looks.

slayorofgods3508d ago

To say you need video game demos on your movies is just weird. If you don't like movies then don't purchase them for some silly feature. Instead get the demo on your PSN or xbox live account for free.

nightelfmohawk3508d ago

yeah, I'm not interested in the movie at all. Nothing against FF VII. I actually loved the game (though FF III / VI will always be the best FF in my book), but I didn't care for the movie that much. FF VII was a good game, but Cloud and Sephiroth are overrated characters, IMO. Now if it was an animated movie with the FF III / VI characters including Kefka, I'd be all over it. But since it's not, I won't get it since it doesn't have the FF XIII demo.

Venomish3508d ago

import the japanese version that has demo
i'll be getting mine next week

slayorofgods3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Ah, that makes more sense now. SE did kind of oversell FF7 with anything that isn't the actual game. Anyway I'd still recommend waiting for a free version of a ff13 even though it may seem tempting to pay for it.

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CryWolf3508d ago

Final Fantasy VII cover looks awesome Cloud vs Sephiroth.

Blackcanary3508d ago

Don't care about the Demo that will appear on the PS store sooner than later.

Max Power3508d ago

better than the original, IMO that is.

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