New Mafia 2 screenshots

New screenshots from highly anticipated game Mafia 2

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osamaq3537d ago

this game is promising, I have a lot of hopes on this, and GTA does not stand on this not even graphically or in the story or in the casting or even in the physics, this gonna be rock !!

Ghoul3537d ago

Mafia 1 was allready my personal gta killer
mafia 1 is a masterpiece and one of the best games still.

Shane Kim3537d ago

Agreed. And as a fan of Goodfellas, Godfather, and Al Capone, Mafia was nr1 in my book too.

Hydrolex3537d ago

and I cried when tommy died lmao !! God MaFIA 1 WAS AWESOME ! Best story in the world, they shoulda make a movie

Nastycrew3537d ago

If you dont buy this game your an complete asshole. This game screams QUALITY >click TRAILERS


DevilsJoker3537d ago

It does look pretty good. Never played Mafia 1, but this looks to sway me big time.

Hellsvacancy3537d ago

Im holdin judgement until i c sum REAL gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.