The Bender - Ep 36 - DLC on Disc + Review Scores - Do they Matter?

Binge Gamer writes - Show notes:

WCG's Ultimate Gamer - "Halo 3? Episode Recap

Couple of Sony tidbits - Rag Doll Kung Fu has no online multiplayer + no speaking Negative on the Home Beta (which is a "Game" btw)

EDGE Online's Negative N64 article..

.. which some how brings us back to the topic of Review Scores for Video Games.. good or bad?


"Sim City" Creator Will Wright Leaves Maxis, Electronic Arts (only to join back EA)

Yu Suzuki Leaves SEGA (only to join back SEGA)

Capcom is now on Scamco level.. .. or do you think DLC that is on your disc okay?

Tim Schafer sez… Gamers Worry Too Much 'bout Sales

Konami Announced Game Based on Iraq War. Naturally, People are Pissed

G4 to air GDC Awards on April 10th

Outrun Online Arcade hits Xbox LIVE, Euro PSN

Rock Band Unplugged on PSP

Harmonix Not Ruling Out Rock Band on DS, Either

Perfect Dark on XBLA?

Xbox LIVE: 2.5 Billion Achievements and Growing

Xbox LIVE Now Has an Amazon Store

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition Announced - Join the Myspace or Facebook

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