Why We Game

Gamer Limit writes "Not too long ago I watched a quasi-documentary called "Why We Fight", which detailed the story of the American War Machine, with the soldiers, politicians, generals and such all detailing why they think the military is essential in day to day life. It then got me thinking, not about war or the military, but about gaming. Why do we game?."

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Timesplitter143506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Brothers forever, man

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )


to own people online that talk sh1t.
to own my homeboys that talk sh1t.

Timesplitter143506d ago

That is not the right path, my son

Jinxstar3506d ago

I agree. I am a fanboy who takes it too far on many occasions. This article makes me feel more sane =D Game on everyone. 360, PS3, Wii, PSP , PC or even DS. As long as you play we have something in common.

rockleex3506d ago

Thanks to Sony for the Playstation, gaming was able to evolve from kid-like hobbies to adult-like hobbies.

Now, I'm not saying kiddy games like Mario or Little Big Planet isn't good. I'm just saying the Playstation mainstreamed a more mature type of games.

Such as Gran Turismo. Compare it to Mario Kart or Ridge Racer. Sure, all three are equally good games. But they're each a different TYPE of game, although they're all racers. And that's the beauty of it all. We want options. ^_^

Hopefully everyone understands what I'm saying and doesn't try to spin it as me saying "kiddy games are crap!!" or something stupid like that, since I love playing kiddy games too.

Its just that at different times, I want to play different types of games. Sometimes I wanna play Halo just for the pure fun. Sometimes I want to play COD4 for the tactics in Search and Destroy. Sometimes I want to play Little Big Planet for the laughs, etc.

And thanks to Sony, I now have a dedicated console that plays all those different types of games. Thanks to Microsoft I was able to play Halo. Thanks to Nintendo I was able to play Pokemon. Etc. ^_^

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Sunny_D3506d ago

Apparently on N4G, people play sales not games! This is News for Gamers! Get out of here you salesmen! I want to talk about games! Even though there might not be many games for some people... ;)

TheColbertinator3506d ago

I remember in 2006,several great games were released like Okami,Rainbow Six Vegas,Gears of War,Oblivion,and such.At the end of the year it turned out that the best selling games were Madden(EA) and Cars(Disney).I had no idea why other gamers picked it up besides both being typical franchise milking.

At that point I started choosing games for quality in story,graphics/art direction,replay value,sound/music,fun factor and concept which are the true undeniable traits that videogames must have.Whether they sold 4 copies or 4 million copies,videogames need to be measured on their individual strengths,not the reviews,sales,or other baseless traits like their boxart.

n to the b3505d ago

lol we get some REALLY BAD box art in the States though, don't we?

Ziriux3506d ago

Yea, for me it's a way to relax and forget about things for a few hours. It's good relief.

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The story is too old to be commented.